121 Best Alaska Puns & Alaska Jokes for Instagram Captions

Denali National Park in Alaska puns
Denali National Park in Alaska by Hari Nandakumar on Unsplash

From the ‘bear necessities’ to the peak of ‘Mt. Punmore’, if you’re searching for the best Alaska puns and Alaska jokes to brighten up your Instagram posts, you’ve hit the motherlode.

This epic guide to the best Alaska Puns and funny Alaska jokes for Instagram captions will have you howling with laughter like a lone wolf on a moonlit night. As a seasoned traveler who once took the epic road trip from Vancouver to Alaska, I’ve picked up more than just a fondness for its stunning landscapes and friendly caribous.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of knee-slapping Alaska captions and jokes about Alaska that are just as vibrant and entertaining as Alaska itself. Let’s dive into this icebreaker of hilarity with these rib-tickling Alaska dad jokes (my husband loves these), funny Alaska Instagram captions, and catchy Alaska sayings that’ll make your followers scroll back in mirth.

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Best Alaska Puns

Hop aboard the sled of laughter as we mush through a wild trail of Alaska puns inspired by Alaska‘s raw beauty, diverse wildlife, and unique culture. These chuckle-inducing wordplays capture the spirit of the Last Frontier in the most hilarious way. Perfect for adding that witty punch to your Alaska Instagram posts or tickling your follower’s funny bone, these puns truly reflect the humorous side of Alaska.

Featuring everything from funny Alaska puns about frosty winters to puns on awe-inspiring Alaskan nature, and even clever plays on classic Alaska sayings, this collection is as expansive as the Alaskan tundra! Don’t forget to check out my puns for travel, too.

  1. “Guess what I saw in Alaska? Bearly anything!”
  2. “What do Alaskans become in the winter? Brrr-itos!”
  3. “Why do Alaskans make terrible DJs? They always break the ice!”
  4. “Alaska may be cold, but it’s ‘snow’ joke!”
  5. “I told an Alaska pun at the dinner table… It broke the ice!”
  6. “Why was Alaska voted the coolest state? It couldn’t keep its ice to itself!”
  7. “Went on an Alaskan cruise… it was an ‘ice’ idea but I got cold feet!”
  8. “In Alaska, you can never trust the weather… It can glacier over at any moment!”
  9. “I was going to make a pun about Alaska’s mountains, but it was too ‘peaky’!”
  10. “Why do Alaskans carry a map? Because they don’t want to get caught in a cold ‘sack’!”
  11. “Alaska, a state where the people are even warmer than the weather is cold!”

Best Alaska Puns about Wildlife

Ready to take a walk on the wild side with some Alaskan wildlife humor? We’re about to venture into a territory where the laughs are as big as the bears! From hilarious Alaska captions about moose on the loose to funny Alaska Instagram captions capturing the antics of the arctic fox, these puns are a guaranteed ‘roar’ of a time. Let’s dive in and explore the wild side of Alaskan humor!

  1. “Why don’t Alaska bears use social media? They prefer to keep things ‘bear’ minimum!”
  2. “What’s a moose’s favorite type of music? Alaskapella!”
  3. “Why did the Alaskan fox cross the road? To prove he wasn’t chicken!”
  4. “Why did the seal sit on the glacier? It had a ‘crushing’ day!”
  5. “How do Alaskan bears start a race? ‘Ready, teddy, go!'”
  6. “What’s an Alaskan bear’s favorite exercise? ‘Cub’-bells!”
  7. “Why do Alaskan birds never get lost? They always ‘tweet’ their location!”
  8. “What do you call a lazy Alaskan wildlife? A ‘paws’!”
  9. “Why did the Alaskan moose go to school? To improve its ‘elk’-ucation!”
  10. “Why do Alaskan wolves make terrible comedians? Their jokes are ‘howl’-ing!”
  11. “How does an Alaskan animal hide money? In a ‘snow’ bank!”
tail of a whale in the ocean off the coastline of Alaska jokes
Alaska Wildlife by Deon van Zyl on Unsplash

Funny Alaska Captions for Instagram

Ready to spice up your Instagram game with some Alaskan humor? These funny Alaska captions for Instagram will have your followers hitting that like button faster than a husky in the Iditarod! From hilarious reflections on Alaskan weather to clever plays on Alaska’s vast landscapes, you’re sure to find the perfect caption for that stunning shot of the Northern Lights or the majestic Mount McKinley. And if you love a good play on words, don’t miss my Alaska one liners!

  1. “Feeling ‘peaky’ at the top of Denali!”
  2. “Alaska – where even the mosquitoes hit ‘peak’ fitness!”
  3. “Dressed for an Alaskan summer… I’ve only worn my heavy jacket twice today!”
  4. “Chillin’ in Alaska, literally!”
  5. “In Alaska, we only sunbathe at midnight!”
  6. “They call it the Last Frontier, but it feels like the first in stunning views!”
  7. “Alaska, where every day is a ‘brrr’-eath of fresh air!”
  8. “Ice to meet you, from Alaska with love!”
  9. “Feeling ‘in-tents’ while camping in Alaska!”
  10. “Alaska, the only place I wouldn’t mind getting lost in!”
  11. “Turned my out-of-office on, it’s time for Alaskan adventures!”

Witty Alaska Instagram Captions

In Alaska, the scenery is not the only thing that’s ‘cool’. Inject some of that coolness into your Instagram captions with my collection of witty Alaska Instagram captions. From wry comments about the cold to tongue-in-cheek observations about Alaskan wildlife, these captions will add a quirky touch to your feed. And if you’re a fan of dad humor, don’t forget to check out my Alaska dad jokes! I’m also partial to my jam-packed lists of funny California puns, jokes about NYC, Florida puns for Instagram and witty Seattle puns.

  1. “Alaska: Come for the wildlife, stay because your car won’t start.”
  2. “This is Alaska. We don’t do sunburns, we do frostbite.”
  3. “Alaska, where the state bird is a mosquito!”
  4. “‘Bear’ with me, I’m in Alaska!”
  5. “Alaska, where ice coffee means something entirely different!”
  6. “Alaska – giving ‘chill out’ a whole new meaning!”
  7. “Took the scenic route, ended up in Alaska.”
  8. “Do I live in an igloo? Well, that’s an ‘ice’ question!”
  9. “Having a ‘whale’ of a time in Alaska!”
  10. “In Alaska, we don’t tan, we rust.”
  11. “Alaska: It’s ‘snow’ problem!”

Best Alaska Jokes

Are you in the mood for laughter as cold as Alaska? You’re at the right place! We have gathered some of the most hilarious jokes about Alaska to warm your hearts. From funny Alaska sayings about the weather to comical remarks about daily life, this collection is sure to tickle your funny bone. Let’s take a funny trip through the frosty Alaskan humor!

  1. “Why don’t Alaskans trust the weather reports? Because it’s always changing ‘degrees’!”
  2. “Why don’t Alaskans ever play hide and seek? Because good luck hiding when you’re snowed in!”
  3. “Why was the Alaskan football team bad at the game? Because every time they got a ‘rush’, they fell on the ice!”
  4. “What do you call an Alaskan cat on ice? Purr-ma-frost!”
  5. “Why did the Alaskan wear sunglasses to the bank? He had frosty funds!”
  6. “Why do Alaskans like to tell dad jokes? Because they’re ‘ice-breakers’!”
  7. “Why do Alaskans always carry a map? Because you don’t want to get lost when there’s ‘snow’ way out!”
  8. “Why did the Alaskan never argue? Because you can’t reason with ‘cold’ logic!”
  9. “Why don’t Alaskans tell secrets outdoors? Because the snow-drifts might hear!”
  10. “Why was the Alaskan book so popular? Because it had ‘ice’ reviews!”
  11. “Why was the Alaskan music concert so cool? Because it had a chilling performance!”
snow capped Mount Denali in Alaska USA
Mount Denali, Alaska by Patrick Federi on Unsplash

Jokes about Alaska Nature

Alaska, with its stunning wilderness and breathtaking landscapes, provides a great backdrop for some side-splitting humor. Whether it’s joking about the frozen lakes or the towering mountains, these Alaska funny jokes about its natural wonders are sure to lighten up your mood and bring a smile to your face. Let’s plunge into the wilderness of Alaskan humor! I also have a decent list of nature puns and funny hiking puns, too.

  1. “Why did the Alaskan river never get lost? Because it always follows a ‘stream’ of consciousness!”
  2. “What do Alaskan trees use to knit? Pine-needles!”
  3. “Why don’t Alaskan mountains catch colds? They always wear ‘caps’!”
  4. “Why was the Alaskan lake so good at decision making? Because it always goes with the ‘flow’!”
  5. “Why did the Alaskan tree go to the dentist? It needed a ‘root’ canal!”
  6. “Why did the Alaskan flower bring an umbrella? It heard there would be showers in the ‘springs’!”
  7. “Why was the Alaskan meadow always gossiping? Because the ‘grasses’ were always whispering!”
  8. “Why are Alaskan forests so noisy? Because all the pines ‘needle’-little attention!”
  9. “Why did the Alaskan glacier break up with the mountain? It thought they had a ‘rocky’ relationship!”
  10. “Why don’t Alaskan flowers ever fight? They always ‘blossom’ it out!”
  11. “Why did the Alaskan plant stay in school? It wanted to grow into a ‘tree’-cher!”

Jokes about Alaska Winter

In Alaska, winter isn’t just a season; it’s a state of mind. I take my snow and ice seriously – so seriously (I’m Canadian after all!), in fact, that I’ve compiled a collection of chuckle-worthy jokes solely about Alaska winters. From tales of frosty escapades to amusing quips about the chill, we have got some of the funniest Alaska Instagram captions that capture the lighter side of the long winters. Ready to break the ice?

  1. “Why are Alaskan snowmen bad liars? You can always see right through them!”
  2. “How do Alaskan snowmen get around? By riding an ‘icicle’!”
  3. “What do Alaskans use to tie together winter narratives? Snow-telling!”
  4. “Why did the Alaskan cookie cry? Because its mom was a wafer too long… in the snow!”
  5. “What does an Alaskan snowman eat for breakfast? Frosted Flakes!”
  6. “Why was the snowflake so popular? Because it was really ‘cool’!”
  7. “Why do Alaskans like winter jokes? Because they’re ‘flakey’!”
  8. “What do Alaskans use to catch fish in winter? An ‘ice’ rod!”
  9. “How do Alaskans communicate in winter? By using ‘ice’-mail!”
  10. “Why was the Alaskan igloo so good at school? It always stayed ‘cool’ under pressure!”
  11. “Why do Alaskan dogs sit in the shade in winter? Because they don’t want to be a ‘hot’ dog!”

Alaska Dad Jokes

Alaska dads know how to keep the humor flowing even when the temperatures are dropping. Whether it’s a punny remark about moose crossings or a light-hearted jab at the freezing temperatures, these Alaska dad jokes are guaranteed to bring a chuckle. If you’re looking for the perfect joke to complement your Alaska captions, you’re in the right place.

  1. “Why don’t Alaskans use bookmarks? Because the page always freezes over!”
  2. “Why did the Alaskan refuse to play cards with the jungle cat? Because he thought the cat was a ‘cheetah’!”
  3. “How do Alaskan dads make dinner? On an ‘ice-olated’ grill!”
  4. “Why don’t Alaskan dads need haircuts in winter? They’re always wearing ‘caps’!”
  5. “Why did the Alaskan dad bring a ladder to the bar? He heard the drinks were on the house!”
  6. “How do Alaskans turn up the heat? They install a moose-ical thermostat!”
  7. “Why was the Alaskan traffic light red? It was changing in the cold!”
  8. “Why don’t Alaskan dads tell secrets on a farm? The potatoes have ‘eyes’, the corn has ‘ears’, and the beans stalk!”
  9. “How did the Alaskan dad get his baby to sleep? He told him to count jumping salmon!”
  10. “Why was the Alaskan computer cold? It left its Windows open!”
  11. “Why did the Alaskan dad bring a map to the ice rink? He heard he might ‘skate’ lost!”
colorful northern lights in Portage Alaska one liners
Northern Lights in Portage, Alaska by McKayla Crump on Unsplash

Funny Alaska Sayings

Alaska is home to a unique blend of humor woven into everyday sayings. They capture the charm of living in the Land of the Midnight Sun, tickling your funny bone while providing a glimpse into life in Alaska. From remarks about the chilly weather to the friendly wildlife, these funny Alaska sayings are sure to add a dash of humor to your day. Enjoy these chilly wisecracks!

  1. “In Alaska, you don’t lose your girlfriend, you lose your turn!”
  2. “We don’t dial 911 in Alaska, we dial .357!”
  3. “In Alaska, we only feed the tourists to our bears.”
  4. “Keep Alaska beautiful – put a parka on!”
  5. “I’m from Alaska, where men are men and women win the Iditarod.”
  6. “Alaskans don’t get lost, they get off the beaten path.”
  7. “Alaska: Where the odds are good but the goods are odd!”
  8. “Visit Alaska, it’s not as cold as you think – it’s colder!”
  9. “Alaska, where even the wildlife is freezing!”
  10. “Our state bird? Mosquitoes!”
  11. “In Alaska, if the bugs don’t get ya, the bears will!”

Alaska One Liners

A one-liner can make all the difference, especially when it’s as cool as the Alaskan breeze. My collection of sharp, witty Alaska one liners will bring a smile to your face faster than you can say “Brrr.” These short, snappy phrases are perfect for those looking to inject a dash of humor into their social media captions or simply share a laugh about life in The Last Frontier.

  1. “Alaska: Come for the beauty, stay because your car won’t start!”
  2. “I asked my Alaskan friend how long their day was. They replied, ‘Six months!'”
  3. “Why does everyone in Alaska seem perky? They have ice in their veins!”
  4. “Alaska, the only place where you start a six-pack by breaking an ice block!”
  5. “In Alaska, even the sun needs a coffee break!”
  6. “Alaska: Where layers are the new black!”
  7. “Alaska – where ‘on the rocks’ is taken literally!”
  8. “Alaska: The only state where frostbite is considered a hickey!”
  9. “Living in Alaska is like being on a never-ending episode of Ice Road Truckers!”
  10. “Alaska, where our version of rock-paper-scissors is bear-moose-mosquito!”
  11. “You know you’re in Alaska when ‘cold coffee’ means it’s just below boiling point!”

Juneau Alaska Puns

In the spirit of keeping the laughs local, let’s dive into Juneau Alaska puns. Juneau, as the capital city of Alaska, lends itself to some fun pun-based humor. If you’re planning a trip or have just returned from Juneau, these puns will make for the perfect funny Alaska captions. Get ready for a pun-derful ride!

  1. “Juneau what I love about Alaska? Everything!”
  2. “I’m not sure if Juneau, but it’s pretty cool here in Alaska.”
  3. “Juneau the way to the glacier? It’s un-brr-lievable!”
  4. “Juneau it’s time for another Alaskan adventure?”
  5. “I can’t bear to leave Juneau!”
  6. “You Juneau you’re in love with Alaska when you can’t mind the cold.”
  7. “Juneau what’s the best thing about Alaska? The pawesome wildlife!”
  8. “Juneau, the capital of puns!”
  9. “I whale always love Juneau!”
  10. “I Juneau it’s chilly, but I’m having an ice time!”
  11. “Juneau how much I love Alaska puns? A tonne…au!”
bears looking at a large blue lake with green covered shoreline in the distance
Bear at Naknek Lake in Alaska by Paxson Woelber on Unsplash

Alaska Puns & Alaska Jokes Conclusion

We’ve taken you on a wild ride through my favorite Alaska puns, Alaska jokes, one-liners, and sayings that accurately capture the humor of the Last Frontier. They’re perfect for spicing up your Alaska Instagram captions or entertaining friends with some chilly humor.

So, next time you’re sharing your Alaskan adventures, don’t forget to sprinkle in some of my funny Alaska Instagram captions and see the likes roll in! After all, laughter is the best way to keep warm in the cool Alaskan breeze!

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