225 Funny Hawaii Puns & Hawaiian Jokes for Instagram Captions

funny Hawaii puns about green coastline with blue water
Beautiful Hawaiian Shoreline by Luke McKeown on Unsplash

If you’re hunting for the perfect Hawaii puns and Hawaiian jokes to express your island experience on Instagram, you’ve sailed to the right spot.

With this treasure trove of funny Hawaiian sayings and clever Hawaii captions, your social media game will be as refreshing as a Maui sunrise.

I remember the first time I visited Hawaii, hopping between the beautiful islands of Maui (I have fun captions for Maui, too!) and Kauai. The sandy beaches, the aloha spirit, the picturesque trails, it was truly paradise. But when it came to sharing my experiences on Instagram, I was at a loss for words.

That’s when I decided to put together this list of hilarious Hawaii jokes and jokes about Hawaii that are as cheesy as a pineapple pizza but will guarantee smiles across your feed.

So, grab your lei, and let’s dive into the world of Hawaii humor!

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Clever Hawaii Puns

Rolling waves and towering palms might dominate your mind when thinking about Hawaii, but let’s not forget the endless pun potential this Pacific paradise offers. Here are 15 clever Hawaii puns to make your Hawaii Instagram captions stand out like a vibrant hibiscus flower in full bloom:

  1. “Shell-ebrating the good life in Hawaii!”

2. “Having a whale of a time!”

3. “Aloha my old life, Hawaii have a new one now!”

4. “Don’t be salty; be beachy.”

5. “This place is lava-ly!”

6. “No lei-way, we’re in Hawaii now!”

7. “Waves for days.”

8. “Hawaiian’t you love this place?”

9. “In Hawaii, I find my porpoise in life.”

10. “Not just beach bumming, but beach blooming.”

11. “Going coconuts over this island!”

12. “This place is simply un-Bay-leaf-able!”

13. “Seas-ing the day, Hawaiian style.”

14. “Life is beachy when you’re in Hawaii.”

15. “A pineapple a day keeps the worries away.”

Hawaiian Island Puns for Vacation

No matter which island you visit in Hawaii, you’ll find a breathtaking fusion of culture, history, and nature. To help you commemorate your journey through these stunning landscapes, or simply lounging poolside at your Hawaii hotel. Here are some funny Hawaii sayings and island puns perfect for your vacation memories:

16. “Kauai didn’t you tell me how beautiful this place is sooner?”

17. “Feeling Maui-velous on this sunny day!”

18. “Lost in paradise, or as they call it here, Oahu!”

19. “In Hawaii, we Lanai around all day.”

20. “My heart is Big Island big for Hawaii.”

21. “Molokai? More like Molokai-high from these views.”

22. “Big Island, big dreams.”

23. “Maui me? Well, if you insist…”

24. “In Oahu, we ‘oahu’ over the sights!”

25. “I’m not Oahu’n you anything!”

26. “Gettin’ lei’d on all islands!”

27. “Lanai’ll see you at the beach!”

28. “Feeling fine, on cloud Kauai-ne.”

29. “Maui made me do it!”

30. “Living the dream in Oahu-land.”

line of surfboards in Hawaii jokes
Surfboards in Hawaii by tatonomusic on Unsplash

Funny Hawaiian Sayings

These funny Hawaiian sayings will take your Instagram captions for Hawaii to a new level. They’re all about the fun side of island life, adding that extra “aloha” spirit to your social media posts. So whether you are getting some R&R at your Big Island Hawaii resort or trekking through the rainforest, I’ve got you covered.

31. “Taking life one wave at a time.”

32. “Life is better with a little sand between your toes and a lot of Hawaiian sun on your nose.”

33. “Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.”

34. “Keep calm and aloha on.”

35. “Living the dream under the Hawaiian sun.”

36. “Doing the hula in the heart of Hawaii.”

37. “When in Hawaii, just go with the ‘flo-ha’.”

38. “Life’s a beach, especially in Hawaii.”

39. “No problem can’t be solved with a beach walk.”

40. “Hawaii, where every hour is happy.”

41. “Aloha to all, and to all a good beach.”

42. “In Hawaii, every day is flip flop day.”

43. “What happens in Hawaii stays in our hearts.”

44. “Feeling like a sun-kissed hibiscus.”

45. “In Hawaii, we wear leis, not ties.”

One Liner Hawaii Jokes

Ready to tickle your funny bone? These one-liner Hawaii jokes are short, snappy, and perfect for injecting a bit of island humor into your Instagram feed. From the hilarious to the downright groan-worthy, here’s a selection of the best Hawaii one-liners that will keep your followers laughing:

46. “Why don’t you find money on Hawaiian beaches? Because the sand is coin-free!”

47. “What do you get when you cross a hula dancer and a boxer? A Hawaiian Punch!”

48. “Why do Hawaiian pies cost so much? Because they’re on aloha budget!”

49. “Why don’t basketball players go to Hawaii? Because they’d get caught in the net!”

50. “What do Hawaiians take for quick energy? A volcanic ash-shot!”

51. “Why did the beach blush? Because the sea-weed!”

52. “What do you call a crazy volcano? Loco-motive!”

53. “Why are Hawaiian fish so smart? Because they swim in schools!”

54. “Why don’t seagulls fly over the bay? Because then they’d be bagels!”

55. “Why did the tomato turn red on the beach? Because it saw the salad dressing!”

56. “What’s a shark’s favorite sandwich? Peanut butter and jellyfish!”

57. “What did the Pacific Ocean say to Hawaii? Nothing, it just waved!”

58. “How do you make a pineapple turn over? Try a little hula!”

59. “Why did the sand get a promotion? Because it’s so fine!”

60. “What does a Hawaiian bee make? Bee-sch juice!”

turtle swimming in Hawaii island puns
Turtle in Hawaii by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Hawaiian Jokes about Food

Everyone knows that food is a huge part of Hawaiian culture. From poi to poke, there’s plenty to savor and even more to joke about. These Hawaiian food jokes are a tasty treat for your Hawaii Instagram captions, guaranteed to leave your followers hungry for more:

61. “Why did the tomato turn red at the luau? It saw the salad dressing!”

62. “Poke me, I must be dreaming – this food is too good to be true!”

63. “I asked the waiter for a quick bite. He brought me a shark!”

64. “Poi-fect meal for a day in Hawaii!”

65. “Pineapple pizza – a little slice of controversy!”

66. “My diet in Hawaii: coconut for breakfast, coconut for lunch, and for dinner… poke!”

67. “Went to a Hawaiian restaurant – they gave me the cold shoulder. Literally, it was a Kalua pork dish!”

68. “Keep palm and carry on eating.”

69. “My favorite Hawaiian dish? Hands down, the plate lunch!”

70. “Knead more poi in my life.”

71. “Spam Musubi: Hawaii’s sushi!”

72. “In Hawaii, we wrap up our fish in a poke bowl, not a newspaper!”

73. “Eating my weight in Shave Ice. No regrets!”

74. “I’m in a serious relation-chip with Hawaiian taro chips.”

75. “What do you call cheese that isn’t yours in Hawaii? Nacho Cheese!”

Hilarious Jokes about Hawaii Weather

Hawaii’s weather is as unpredictable as it is beautiful. One moment, it’s all sunshine and rainbows; the next, it’s pouring tropical rain! These hilarious jokes about Hawaii’s weather will make your Hawaii Instagram captions a hit, rain or shine. Use these sunshine captions if it’s a particularly sun-filled day.

76. “In Hawaii, you can’t predict the weather, but you can always predict a good time!”

77. “The only ice you’ll find in Hawaii is in a shave ice!”

78. “Why don’t we have snowball fights in Hawaii? Because the snow always flakes out!”

79. “Hawaii: where the weather forecast is either ‘sunny’ or ‘extra sunny’.”

80. “Rain or shine, the Hawaiian vibe is always fine.”

81. “The weather may be tropical, but my love for Hawaii is eternal.”

82. “Caught in a tropical rain shower. Hair ruined, spirits high!”

83. “Forecast for today: 100% chance of aloha.”

84. “What do Hawaiians use to keep their hair in place? A rain-bow!”

85. “In Hawaii, the forecast is always partly cloudy with a chance of paradise.”

86. “Hawaii: Where the only thing falling from the sky is liquid sunshine!”

87. “I checked the weather forecast. It said, ‘Hawaii is calling!'”

88. “Rainbows love Hawaii. That’s why they’re always here!”

89. “In Hawaii, we don’t tan, we rust!”

90. “When life gives you rain, just hula through it.”

beautiful sunset in Hawaiian jokes
Beautiful Hawaiian Sunset by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

Funny Hawaii Sayings

Hawaii’s charm doesn’t just lie in its breathtaking landscapes or in its hula dances but also in its unique language and sayings. Here are some funny Hawaii sayings to show off your love for the island’s laid-back lifestyle in your Hawaii captions for Instagram. Any of these are especially good if you reporting from your lazy day at your Waikiki oceanfront hotel.

91. “There’s no ‘we’ in beach… but there’s a ‘me’!”

92. “In Hawaii, the only kind of saucy we get is BBQ.”

93. “You had me at Aloha.”

94. “In Hawaii, every day is a flip-flop kind of day.”

95. “Keep calm and hula on.”

96. “A pineapple a day keeps the worries away.”

97. “Getting lei’d and loving it!”

98. “Hawaii: Where every hour is happy.”

99. “Hawaii is the perfect place to lose your shoes and find your soul.”

100. “Aloha: the only hello that comes with a hug.”

101. “Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun-kissed hair. That endless summer, take me there.”

102. “Hawaii: Where stress slips away, and the Aloha spirit takes over.”

103. “Doing the hula in the heart of Hawaii.”

104. “You can take the girl out of Hawaii, but you can’t take Hawaii out of the girl.”

105. “Sunsets, palm trees and another slice of Hawaiian pizza, please!”

Beachy Hawaiian Puns

Beach, please! You can’t talk about Hawaii without bringing up its gorgeous coastlines. These beachy Hawaiian puns are just what you need for an Instagram caption that’ll make your followers wish they were sunbathing by the Pacific too. And for that perfect sunset at the beach, try these clever sunset quotes.

106. “Having a beachin’ time in Hawaii!”

107. “Shell-ebrate good times, come on!”

108. “I’m shore you’d love it here in Hawaii.”

109. “Sea you on the next wave!”

110. “Aloha beaches!”

111. “Sandy toes, sun-kissed nose.”

112. “Living on salt time.”

113. “Tropic like it’s hot!”

114. “Ocean air, salty hair, not a care.”

115. “Beach, don’t kill my vibe.”

116. “Seas the day!”

117. “Life’s a beach, I’m just playing in the sand.”

118. “Keep palm and carry on.”

119. “Water you doing, not being here in Hawaii?”

120. “Beach more, worry less!”

white sand beach in Hawaii tropical puns
Hawaii Beach by Genevieve Perron-Migneron on Unsplash

Hawaii Tropical Puns

Hawaii is nothing short of a tropical paradise. Let the island’s beauty inspire your Instagram captions with these Hawaii tropical puns that are as fresh as a coconut cocktail. If these aren’t enough, try a smiling caption to encapsulate your happiness.

121. “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts!”

122. “Life is simple, just add water.”

123. “Palm in love with Hawaii.”

124. “Feeling frond of Hawaii.”

125. “Stay salty, my friends.”

126. “Resting beach face.”

127. “Let’s get tropical.”

128. “Don’t worry, beach happy.”

129. “We mermaid for each other, Hawaii.”

130. “In Hawaii, I’m having the time of my life…buoy!”

131. “I’m coconuts about you, Hawaii!”

132. “Tropic like it’s hot in Hawaii.”

133. “Sea’sing the day in this tropical paradise.”

134. “In Hawaii, the palm trees sway to the beat of my heart.”

135. “Feeling fin-tastic in this tropical paradise!”

Hawaii Hiking Puns

Hiking in Hawaii is no joke, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little pun-filled fun with it! From verdant valleys to awe-inspiring volcanoes, Hawaii’s natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop for adventure and of course, some punny humor. These Hawaii hiking puns are sure to take your captions to new heights:

136. “These views are un-Bay-leaf-able!”

137. “Having mountains of fun hiking in Hawaii.”

138. “In Hawaii, every trail leads to a paradise.”

139. “Valley glad I went on this hike.”

140. “Hawaii: The hill-iest place I’ve ever loved!”

141. “The views atop this Hawaii volcano are lava-ly!”

142. “I’ve peaked in Hawaii.”

143. “Hawaiian hiking has me on cloud nine.”

144. “This hike is a hill of a time!”

145. “Rocky road? You must be talking about my hike!”

146. “Leaf me alone, I’m hiking!”

147. “Hawaii is the ‘height’ of my happiness.”

148. “Having a ‘peak’ experience in Hawaii!”

149. “What a ‘re-leaf’, we made it to the top!”

150. “I’m feeling quite ‘overlooked’ on this mountain top!”

hawaii lava puns with fiery volcano and black ash
Lava Flow from Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park by Jack Ebnet on Unsplash

Hawaii Lava Puns

Hawaii is home to some of the world’s most active volcanoes, Kīlauea, making it the perfect hot spot for some fiery puns. Heat up your Hawaii Instagram captions with these Hawaii lava puns that are as sizzling as the islands’ lava flows:

151. “Some like it hot – I prefer it volcanic!”

152. “I lava good adventure in Hawaii!”

153. “Feeling eruptive in Hawaii!”

154. “Hawaii is really igniting my wanderlust.”

155. “Having a blast – it’s just another volcanic day in paradise!”

156. “I’m lava-ing every minute in Hawaii!”

157. “No pressure, but this Hawaiian volcano rocks!”

158. “Taking life for granite in the Hawaiian islands.”

159. “You magma fall in love with Hawaii!”

160. “I lava you to the volcano and back!”

161. “This volcano isn’t the only thing getting ready to blow – my mind is too!”

162. “Hawaii, I can’t resist your magnetic pull.”

163. “I’ve got molten feelings for you, Hawaii!”

164. “Don’t be a ‘basalt’- Hawaii’s beauty is rock solid!”

165. “Feeling a bit ‘volcanic’ today, nothing some lava can’t handle!”

Maui Puns

Maui, the Valley Isle, is a paradise that inspires both awe and puns! With its stunning beaches, lush landscapes, stunning Maui hotels and the iconic Road to Hana, it’s a source of endless wordplay. Add some humor to your Maui Instagram captions with these Maui puns. If you plan to explore Maui’s nature, pop one of these nature captions into your post.

166. “Maui taught me to whale-y love life.”

167. “There’s no place I’d ‘roather’ be than on the Road to Hana!”

168. “Maui-n’ in the moonlight.”

169. “I can’t ‘Maui-t’ to be back!”

170. “Having a Maui-velous time!”

171. “Maui’s got me feelin’ beachy!”

172. “Maui made me do it!”

173. “Life is a beach, and I’m just playing in the Maui sand.”

174. “Aloha from Maui, my happy place.”

175. “Feeling Maui-tiful today.”

176. “Just Maui’d to vacation mode!”

177. “I left my heart in Maui.”

178. “Took the Road to Hana, found the road to happiness.”

179. “Every wave in Maui tells a story.”

180. “Maui – the island of the rainbows and my dreams.”

Kauai puns with rugged coastline and bright blue ocean
Kauai Coastline by Jelle de Gier on Unsplash

Kauai Puns

Kauai, the Garden Isle, is a paradise of lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls (yes I have waterfall captions for you, too!), and pristine beaches. With its breathtaking beauty and incredible Kauai boutique resorts, there’s no shortage of fun Kauai puns to add to your Hawaii Instagram captions:

181. “Kauai, I think I love you!”

182. “Finding my ‘watervall’ in love with Kauai.”

183. “Living the Kauai dream!”

184. “In Kauai, every day is a sun-Kissed day.”

185. “Kauai not enjoy this paradise?”

186. “Kauai-ted for a vacation this good!”

187. “Every day in Kauai is a beach day!”

188. “Life is simple: Just add Kauai.”

189. “Kauai is just my ‘sand’wich of paradise.”

190. “Feeling at ‘peace’ in Kauai.”

191. “Kauai or not Kauai – that’s not a question!”

192. “E Komo Mai to Kauai – Welcome to paradise!”

193. “Just another Kauai-utiful day in paradise.”

194. “I have a ‘pier’ fascination with Kauai.”

195. “There’s no time to be ‘board’ in Kauai!”

Luau Puns

Ah, the luau – a classic Hawaiian party complete with hula dancing, tropical drinks, and luau puns for Instagram captions that are as tasty as the feast you’re enjoying. Unleash the fun at your next luau with these pun-tastic sayings:

196. “Having a lava-ly time at this luau.”

197. “Life’s a party, but a luau is a Hawaiian party!”

198. “At this luau, we’re just here for the hula!”

199. “It’s not a party until the luau starts.”

200. “This luau is on fire, just like a volcano!”

201. “Aloha from the luau, where the fun never sets.”

202. “Luau today, diet tomorrow.”

203. “Keep calm and luau on.”

204. “Having a shell of a time at the luau!”

205. “This luau is coconut-ty!”

206. “Don’t be a party ‘pooper’, join the luau!”

207. “Luau: where the grass skirts sway and the pork stays roasting.”

208. “At this luau, we don’t say goodbye, we say ‘A hui hou’!”

209. “Pigging out at the luau, Hawaiian style!”

210. “In a Hawaiian state of mind at this luau.”

Hawaii cityscape with buildings along a coastline with green blue ocean
Hawaii Cityscape by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Aloha Puns

‘Aloha’ is more than a greeting; it’s a way of life in Hawaii, expressing love, peace, and compassion. Whether you’re saying hello or goodbye, these Aloha puns will add a dash of Hawaiian charm to your Instagram captions:

211. “Aloha, beaches!”

212. “You had me at Aloha.”

213. “Aloha – the hi and bye that comes with a hug!”

214. “Aloha my good vibes.”

215. “Living that Aloha lifestyle.”

216. “Feeling those Aloha Friday vibes!”

217. “Every day is Aloha day in Hawaii.”

218. “Sending you Aloha from the land of rainbows.”

219. “Aloha: the sweetest hello and the hardest goodbye.”

220. “Life’s a beach when you’re living in Aloha.”

221. “Aloha to new adventures in Hawaii.”

222. “My heart says Mahalo, but my soul says Aloha.”

223. “Aloha is my love language.”

224. “It’s Aloha o’clock somewhere!”

225. “In Hawaii, we don’t keep calm, we Aloha on!”

Hawaii Puns & Hawaii Jokes for Instagram Conclusion

As our journey through the pun-filled paradise of Hawaii comes to an end, I hope these Hawaii puns, Hawaiian jokes, and clever Hawaii captions have left you feeling inspired and ready to add that extra sprinkle of humor to your next Instagram post. Remember, life is a grand adventure, especially when you’re exploring the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

So, whether you’re enjoying a fiery sunset on Maui, hiking up a volcanic trail on the Big Island, sipping a tropical cocktail at a lively luau, or simply soaking up the Aloha spirit, these Instagram captions are here to help you share your Hawaiian adventures in the most amusing way.

After all, a day without laughter is a day wasted. So keep laughing, keep exploring, and as the Hawaiians say, “E malama i ka ‘aina,” – take care of the land. Until our next journey, Mahalo and Aloha!

Remember, your Hawaiian adventure is never complete without a funny caption to accompany your picturesque snaps! From hawaii jokes, Hawaiian puns, to clever Hawaii captions, these are the key to capturing the spirit of the islands. And don’t forget to use those trending Hawaii hashtags to connect with fellow travelers!

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