105 Best Seattle Puns & Seattle Jokes for Instagram Captions

cityscape of Seattle puns

Seattle puns and Seattle jokes, two ingredients that bring a little flavor to your Instagram game when you’re cruising the Pacific Northwest! Who wouldn’t love to sprinkle their social media posts with funny Seattle Instagram captions and witty quotes about Seattle?

Not to brag, but I’ve frequented Seattle more times than the seagulls have raided Ivar’s chips.

There’s something so captivating about this city that keeps me coming back. From weekend trips from my Vancouver base to spontaneous road trips, I’ve gathered the quirkiest Seattle sayings and inside jokes that’ll surely make your friends double-tap faster than you can say “Space Needle.”

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Best Seattle Puns

Bring the Pacific Northwest charm to your Instagram feed with these best Seattle puns. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a seasoned Seattle traveler, these puns are sure to light up your captions game! Embrace the emerald city with these seattle-tastic wordplays. Let’s dive in!

  1. “Having a brew-tiful day at the first Starbucks in Seattle.”

2. “I told my friend to meet me at the Space Needle, he said he’ll ‘Pike Place’ it on his map!”

3. “I have so ‘mush-room’ in my heart for Seattle.”

4. “Feeling a little ‘Sound’ on Puget today!”

5. “Nothing ‘Rainier’ than a day in Seattle!”

6. “Feeling ferry excited about my Seattle trip!”

7. “Seattle, I’m in love. I guess it’s ‘Sound’ serious!”

8. “I didn’t ‘Chihuly’ over my Seattle trip, I swear!”

Witty Seattle Puns Captions for Instagram

Let’s brew up some fun with these witty Seattle puns captions for Instagram. Get ready to win over your followers with these captivating and downright clever captions. Here are some zingers to put the “Sea” in your Seattle moments:

9. “Going ‘Pike’ or go home!”

10. “Nothing brews better than a Seattle Coffee Scene.”

11. “Feeling a little ‘Spacey’ in Needle today.”

12. “On cloud ‘Wine’ in Washington’s vineyards.”

13. “Finding my ‘Porpoise’ in Seattle’s waters.”

14. “Brew and View – that’s what Seattle do.”

15. “‘Pier’ joy is a day spent in Seattle.”

16. “Seattle, I’m just not that ‘Ferry’ into you!”

looking up at the space needle in seattle jokes

Short Seattle Puns Instagram Captions

Brevity is the soul of wit, and these short Seattle puns Instagram captions are proof! Sprinkle some Seattle charm in your captions and make your followers grin with these puns:

17. “Sip, Seattle, Repeat.”

18. “Feeling ‘Sound’ today.”

19. “Seattle – Rain or Shine!”

20. “Space Needle? More like Space Nifty!”

21. “Life’s a ‘Ferry’tale in Seattle.”

22. “Seattle state of mind.”

23. “Got Pike-d up today!”

24. “Rainier than ever.”

Best Seattle Jokes

Want to bring some humor to your feed? These Seattle jokes are just the ticket! Pair your snapshots of this dynamic city with a hearty dose of laughter. Try these funny Seattle Instagram captions, perfect for sharing the lighter side of the Pacific Northwest.

25. “Why don’t Seattleites trust the Seahawks? Because they always pass when they need to run!”

26. “Why was the Seattle coffee shop called ‘Brewed Awakening’? It served ‘espresso’ly strong coffee!”

27. “What’s Seattle’s favorite exercise? The brew-pees!”

28. “Why did the hipster refuse the Seattle freeze? He liked his coffee hot!”

29. “What’s the Space Needle’s favorite game? High-stakes poker!”

30. “Why are Seattleites great at social media? They have outstanding posts!”

31. “Why do Seattleites always carry a map? Because it’s easy to get lost in the Rain!”

32. “Why is Bigfoot rumored to live near Seattle? He heard about the ‘Sasquatch-ino’ at Starbucks!”

Short Jokes about Seattle

These short Seattle jokes are sure to brighten your day and your Instagram feed! A punchy caption can deliver the perfect dose of humor. From Starbucks giggles to Space Needle chortles, enjoy these snippets of Seattle-themed comedy.

33. “What’s a Seattleite’s favorite spice? Space Season-all!”

34. “Why don’t Seattleites mind the rain? Because mist-haps happen!”

35. “What’s the city’s favorite chord? The Sea Major!”

36. “Why did the Seattle coffee go to therapy? It had too many ‘grounds’ for complaint!”

37. “Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad ‘Seahawk’ dressing!”

38. “How does a Seattleite hold up their pants? With a ‘Rainier’ belt!”

39. “What do you call a lost wolf in Seattle? A ‘where-wolf’!”

40. “What does a Seattle football player do when he loses his eyesight? Becomes a ‘Sea-hawk’!”

sign for pike place market at sunset in Seattle, Washington

Funny Seattle Quotes from Famous People

Ready for some laughs from the rich and famous? These funny quotes about Seattle from well-known personalities bring a bit of stardom to your Instagram feed. Match your beautiful pictures of Seattle with these captivating and amusing lines.

41. “In Seattle, we live among the clouds.” – Bill Gates with his head in the cloud software.

42. “Seattle is for people who love culture, but refuse to sacrifice their wild nature to attain it.” – Kimberly Kinrade, probably after a forest hike.

43. “In Seattle, you haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running.” – Jeff Bezos, possibly after his 5th cup of the day.

44. “Seattle is like a global gumbo, a melting pot with all kinds of people – the rich, the poor, white people, some Chinese, Filipino, Jewish and black people – they’re all here.” – Quincy Jones, making a musical note.

45. “I think Seattle is one of the most active and vibrant theater towns in the country.” – Tom Skerritt, with drama in his voice.

46. “The best thing about Seattle is the wonderful people.” – Gary Larson, no doubt drawing inspiration.

47. “In Seattle, the ‘sky’s the limit’ – but it’s a low ceiling.” – Kurt Cobain, likely with a smirk.

48. “Seattle – you have to get your sunshine from the people you meet!” – Miranda Lambert, singing praises.

Funny Seattle Captions for Instagram about the Space Needle

Punch up your iconic Space Needle shots with these hilarious captions. Your Seattle Instagram will be as high-flying as the landmark itself with these witty quips.

49. “Space Needle? I barely know her!”

50. “My head’s in the clouds, just like the Space Needle.”

51. “Space Needle, helping me reach new heights!”

52. “Hanging out at the Space Needle – no point arguing about it.”

53. “Elevating my pun game at the Space Needle!”

54. “Space Needle: the ultimate ‘point’ of interest.”

55. “I ‘Needle’ little more time in Seattle.”

56. “Seattle: where even the buildings are reaching for the stars.”

Funny Seattle Instagram Captions for Rainy Day

A Seattle rain is no reason to feel gray. These funny quotes about rain make perfect Instagram captions for those drizzly Seattle days. These are sure to make your followers smile even on the wettest of days. Not going to lie, I didn’t experience a lot of sun on my trips to Seattle, but I’ll leave these sun quotes here, just in case (?) But what I do love about how rainy it is in Seattle, is that these lush nature captions always come in handy.

57. “Feeling ‘mist’-ified by Seattle’s weather.”

58. “Just in Seattle, singing in the rain!”

59. “Drizzle in Seattle? I didn’t even notice.”

60. “I came to Seattle for the coffee and stayed for the rain.”

61. “Rainy days in Seattle – good thing I didn’t forget my coffee.”

62. “Just ‘puddle’-ing around Seattle.”

63. “Seattle weather forecast: 99% chance of coffee.”

64. “Rain, Rain, don’t go away, Seattle loves you anyway!”

seattle skyline with ferry terminal in front

Witty Starbucks Captions for Instagram

There’s no shortage of Starbucks coffee in its birthplace! Amp up your coffee game with these witty Starbucks captions for Instagram. Whether you’re at the first Starbucks store in Pike Place Market or another one of the countless branches, these captions will hit the spot.

65. “Sipping on Seattle, one Starbucks at a time.”

66. “Espresso yourself, Seattle style.”

67. “First Starbucks visit – ‘Bean’ there, done that!”

68. “Seattle: Where every corner is a Starbucks and every Starbucks is a corner.”

69. “Seattle runs on Starbucks.”

70. “Brew-tiful moments at Starbucks in Seattle.”

71. “Starbucks: Brewing up some Seattle love.”

72. “In Seattle, we trust in Starbucks.”

Jokes about Washington State

Get your followers chuckling with these hilarious jokes about Washington State. From clever jests to playful banter, these captions will make your posts unforgettable. Making a road trip through western USA? You might find these funny long drive quotes, puns about California, witty SF puns, Grand Canyon puns and Las Vegas jokes for Instagram handy.

73. “Why do Washingtonians only do their laundry in small loads? They heard it’s better to wash-it-ton.”

74. “Why did the tree go to Washington State? It wanted to become a Washington branch!”

75. “Why does Washington State have the most studious cats? Because it’s full of Washington ‘purr’due scholars!”

76. “Why are Washingtonians always calm? Because they live in a state of ‘pacific’!”

77. “Why do vampires avoid Washington State? Too much Garlic, Washington!”

78. “Why do all the bakeries in Washington State have a yeast problem? Too many ‘buns’!”

79. “Why don’t the seasons ever get lost in Washington State? Because they always fall into place!”

80. “Why does Washington State have so many twins? Because it’s a ‘pair’-adise!”

Jokes about Seattle Seahawks

For the sports fans out there, these Seattle Seahawks jokes will be a touchdown! Show off your Seattle spirit with a touch of humor. Traveling for an away game? Try on these travel jokes for your social media post.

81. “Why don’t the Seahawks need to pay their electric bill? They’re always stealing ‘Watts’!”

82. “Why did the Seahawk go to school? To get a little more ‘pass’ time!”

83. “Why do Seahawks fans make terrible detectives? They’re always missing the pass!”

84. “Why did the Seahawk bring a ladder to the game? It wanted a few more ‘runs’!”

85. “Why are the Seahawks like a possum? They play dead at home and get killed on the road!”

86. “Why don’t the Seahawks ever have ice in their field drinks? The guy with the recipe went to the Super Bowl!”

87. “What’s a Seahawk’s favorite type of music? ‘Run’ B!”

88. “Why don’t the Seahawks eat cereal? They keep losing the ‘bowl’!”

mount rainier outside of Seattle Washington

More Funny Seattle Puns

Can’t get enough of Seattle’s humor? Let’s sprinkle more of it into your Instagram captions with these additional funny Seattle puns. These will surely add a dash of laughter to your social media posts.

89. “Feeling like a Seattle ‘lite’ with all these lattes.”

90. “Seattle, I’m ‘Pike’ing what you’re putting down!”

91. “Seattle – where every day is ‘Brew’sday.”

92. “‘Ferry’ impressed with Seattle’s charm!”

93. “Seattle, where I’m always ‘Pike’ing my interest.”

94. “I ‘Sound’ off on how much I love Seattle!”

95. “Raining cats and dogs in Seattle? Purr-fect for a coffee date!”

96. “Seattle’s weather is like my ex – unpredictable!”

Seattle One Liners

Delight your followers with these Seattle one-liners, the perfect blend of wit and humor. They’ll make your Instagram feed as vibrant as a Seattle sunset. Heading out east? These are the perfect funny NYC puns.

97. “Seattle – where the forecast is always ‘coffee with a chance of rain.'”

98. “In Seattle, the only time it doesn’t rain is when it pours.”

99. “Don’t like the weather in Seattle? Wait five minutes.”

100. “Espresso may not be the answer but it’s worth a ‘shot’!”

101. “Feeling ‘overcast’? Grab a coffee!”

102. “In Seattle, caffeine is the other food group.”

103. “Seattle – where ‘cloud’ is a location, not a service!”

104. “Seattleites know rain like the back of their hand – because that’s where they usually feel it.”

105. “Seattle – where our coffee is as strong as our umbrella game!”

Seattle Puns & Seattle Jokes Conclusion

Congratulations! You’ve made it through my handpicked list of 105 best Seattle puns, jokes, and quotes perfect for Instagram captions. This compilation of funny Seattle Instagram captions, Seattle puns, Seattle sayings, and Seattle jokes is your golden ticket to ace the social media game on your next visit to the Emerald City.

So, the next time you’re looking for the perfect words to capture your Seattle moments, remember to have fun, be creative, and let the spirit of this vibrant city shine through your posts! Here’s to your amazing Seattle adventures!

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