A Little About Me

Hi! I’m Haley, a full-time world traveller. 

In 2020 I sold all of my belongings, packed up my life in a suitcase and bought a one-way ticket out of Canada. 

I’ve lived in some of the best beach destinations on earth, including Bali, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka and Mexico and in some of the most desired vacation spots in Europe, like Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Turkey

My goal is to travel slowly with my camera in hand, soak up the local culture, eat all of the street-side cuisines, and try all of the top tourist spots as well as the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track activities.

All of this travel expertise helps me write comprehensive and detailed travel itineraries for every country I travel to, plus advice on the best areas and where to stay in some of the world’s top cities, including my favourite boutique hotels. I also include the best day tours to maximize your holiday time.

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My Favourite Countries

As a full-time traveller and digital nomad, I’ve lived or spent plenty of time on 5 continents and 40+ countries, some of my favourites include:


Sri Lanka

Middle East & Africa



Czech Republic

Central America

Costa Rica


New Zealand

North America


This Travel Blog is For…

Millennials or anyone who flips through Architectural Digest to see beautiful interiors. Religiously follows Conde Nast or Travel + Leisure for the next best travel destination

They go out of their way to find trendy cafes with the latest coffee obsession. 

They want boutique hotels that aren’t large chains, with personalized experiences and amenities – trendy progressive art on the walls and local snacks or beverages with cool branding. They don’t mind spending more to get this unique experience. 

They are also sustainably minded – they like trendy linen clothing (heck no to fast fashion), dabble with veganism, but still eat meat (everything in moderation!) and would prefer hole-in-the-wall food created with local ingredients instead of large global restaurants.

Haley Blackall Travel About Me

My Favourite Travel Experiences

I absolutely love renting a car to explore a country and some of my most popular itineraries are best done this way. 

But no matter what, whether walking through a large European city or driving on the desolate roads of Tasmania or Western Australia, these were some of my top travel experiences:

Europe Travel

  • Spending time perusing the streets of Venice, Bologna, Florence, Tuscany and the eternal city of Rome on a leisurely Italian journey by train
  • Road-tripping through the white-washed towns of Puglia
  • The ruin bars of Budapest and the stunning architecture (and beer!) of Prague
  • Picnicking in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

Asia Travel

  • Feeling the spiritual energy in India including the ghats of Varanasi, the Taj Mahal in Agra, the pink city of Jaipur and the water palaces in Udaipur

Central America Travel

Oceania & Australia Travel

  • Gourmet-driven Tasmania road trip full of incredible natural wonders
  • The incredible white sand beaches of Esperance in Western Australia
  • Driving the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne

North America Travel

  • Taking a street food tour of Oaxaca City’s incredibly rich and beautiful local cuisine
  • The tree-lined park-filled streets of Roma Norte and Condesa in Mexico City
  • The surfing and ease of life in Puerto Escondido
  • Cafe hopping in LA’s coolest neighbourhoods
  • Road-tripping Southwest USA including all of its epic national parks
  • Munching on fish tacos in Hawaii

I use and recommend these travel resources to plan your next stress-free trip!

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