190 Funny Travel Puns & Vacation Puns for Instagram Captions

funny travel puns and vacation puns with a map and passport

In the realm of Instagram captions, travel puns and vacation puns reign supreme. They add the perfect dash of humor to your wanderlust-infused posts, turning them from simple trip updates into sources of joy and laughter.

As a travel writer and an expert in crafting Instagram captions, I’ve traversed over 40 countries, unraveling the humor tucked away in each journey. What I’ve learned from living abroad is that every step can inspire a giggle and every scenery, a joke.

That’s why, in this post, I’ve rounded up 190 of the most hilarious travel jokes, vacation jokes, and jokes about traveling to add that funny bone to your Insta game. These aren’t your average dad travel jokes but they are full of wit and creativity.

Brace yourselves, your Instagram captions are about to board a flight of hilarity.

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Funny Travel Puns

Ready to embark on a journey filled with funny travel puns? These quips are more than just cheap flights of fancy—they’re first-class tickets to humor that will leave your followers in stitches. Buckle up as we journey through ten of the funniest puns about travel, crafted to lighten up your travel diaries.

Traveling to the USA? I’ve written up a comprehensive list of the best California puns, jokes about San Francisco, funny Hawaii puns and NYC puns for your reading delight.

  1. “I’m Havana great time in Cuba!”

“2. You Rome around and end up in the most ‘pasta-tively’ amazing places!”

3. “Feeling ‘Finntastic’ in Helsinki!”

4. “I can’t ‘Belize’ how beautiful this place is!”

5. “Eiffel in love with Paris at first sight.”

6. “Venice to meet you, beautiful city!”

7. “You’d Bay-k-u to be as lucky as me in Azerbaijan!”

8. “Having a ‘whale’ of a time in Norway!”

9. “Fjord to choose one favorite spot, it would be Norway!”

10. “Beaches love my sunny personality.”

Short Travel Jokes

There’s a subtle art to crafting short travel jokes that pack a punch. It’s all about finding the funny in the fleeting moments, the unexpected stops and the bumpy flights. They are the condensed versions of our travel dad jokes, offering mirthful reflections on our shared wanderlust.

11. “Why don’t we ever play hide and seek with mountains? They always peak!”

12. “Why did the tourist get cold at the equator? He left his windows ‘polar’ open!”

13. “Why don’t secrets work on a vacation? Because even a suitcase can’t keep its lips sealed.”

14. “Why did the tomato turn red on vacation? Because it saw the salad dressing!”

15. “Why don’t airplanes ever get lost? They always take flight paths!”

16. “Why do travelers trust their cars? They always take them on road ‘trips’!”

17. “What’s a globetrotter’s favorite exercise? Cardio-van!”

18. “Why do tourists go to bakeries? They knead a break.”

19. “Why are road trips the best form of therapy? They help you find your route!”

20. “Why don’t globetrotters get tired? They always follow their wander-rest.”

yellow van driving on a road through organic red rocks make a great travel joke

Catchy Traveling Jokes

There’s something irresistibly contagious about traveling jokes. Perhaps it’s how they encapsulate our shared experiences, turning the quirks of our journeys into hearty laughter. These catchy traveling jokes are the perfect companions for your next adventure, adding a spark of humor to your shared experiences.

21. “How does a globe-trotter say goodbye? ‘Alpaca my bags!'”

22. “Why did the backpacker carry a map? He didn’t want to go off on a tangent!”

23. “Why don’t travelers get old? They keep going on new trips!”

24. “Why do globetrotters make great detectives? They always get the ‘route’ of the problem!”

25. “What do you call a country that only serves fast food? A ‘fast-paced’ nation!”

26. “Why did the photographer carry a clock on his journey? He wanted to ‘watch’ the world!”

27. “What do you call a well-organized traveler? Someone who ‘packs’ a punch!”

28. “Why are comedians the best travelers? They always crack up on their trips!”

29. “Why don’t tourists in Egypt ever get lost? They always follow their ‘mummy’!”

30. “What do you call a traveler who never sleeps? A ‘knight’ wanderer!”

Jokes about Traveling and Food

Travel and food are the perfect recipe for laughter. Stirring up humor from our culinary escapades, these jokes about traveling and food are a delectable addition to your Instagram captions, adding flavor to your mouthwatering images and stories.

31. “Why don’t we tell secrets at a campground? The potatoes have ‘eyes’, the corn has ‘ears’ and the beans ‘stalk’!”

32. “Why was the bread on vacation a ‘roll’ model? It never loafed around!”

33. “What’s a tourist’s favorite type of pasta? ‘Travel’-oni!”

34. “Why did the traveler bring yeast on his journey? He wanted everything to ‘rise’ to the occasion!”

35. “What’s a globe-trotter’s favorite type of party? A ‘tea’-party!”

36. “Why did the burger take a vacation? It wanted to ketchup on life!”

37. “Why are tacos the best travel companions? They always spice things up!”

38. “Why do travelers love a good brew? It makes them feel ‘hoppy’!”

39. “What’s a foodie’s favorite part of a journey? The ‘taste’ of adventure!”

40. “What do you call a well-traveled piece of bread? A ‘crust’-world traveler!”

colorful homes on the side of a rock cliff with water below
Cinque Terre, Italy

Funny Vacation Jokes

Vacations are the perfect time to unwind, relax, and share a hearty laugh. From the funny mishaps to the surprising discoveries, these funny vacation jokes encapsulate the lighter side of taking a break. So sit back, enjoy the humor, and get ready to LOL on your next holiday.

41. “Why don’t vacations ever get lost? They always follow the ‘holiday’ road!”

42. “Why are vacations the best comedians? They always crack you ‘up’!”

43. “What do you call a snowman on vacation? A ‘melt’-away!”

44. “Why did the traveler go on a diet during his vacation? He didn’t want any ‘extra baggage’!”

45. “Why did the sand blush on vacation? The sea waves!”

46. “What’s a vacation’s favorite type of math? ‘Sum’-mer math!”

47. “Why do vacations make great actors? They’re always in the ‘holiday’ spirit!”

48. “Why did the sun go on a vacation? It needed to lighten up!”

49. “What’s a tourist’s favorite type of music? ‘Trip’ hop!”

50. “Why was the beach the best vacation spot? It always waved ‘hi’!”

Best Vacation Puns

The best vacation puns are like the perfect travel snapshots – they capture the spirit of a place with a dash of humor. These pun-tastic vacation highlights are your secret ingredient for an Instagram caption that stands out. Visiting a hot destination? These are the perfect sunshine captions for your next post. Or perhaps a desert like the Sahara or Death Valley? These witty desert puns have you covered.

51. “Sea you at the beach!”

52. “Life’s a beach, enjoy the ‘waves’!”

53. “I’m in a serious ‘re-lake-tionship’!”

54. “Having a ‘shell’ of a time at the beach!”

55. “Keep palm and carry on!”

56. “Don’t ‘desert’ me now!”

57. “I’m all about that ‘beach’ life!”

58. “Beach, please!”

59. “Tropic like it’s hot!”

60. “Sandy toes, sun-kissed nose!”

bright blue water with green trees on an island puns

Airplane Puns

Up in the skies, there’s no shortage of humor. These airplane puns will take your Instagram captions to new heights, making sure your humor is flying high as you cruise through the clouds.

61. “Having a ‘plane’ awesome time up here!”

62. “I’m on ‘cloud nine’!”

63. “This trip is really ‘taking off’!”

64. “Just ‘winging’ it on this flight!”

65. “I’ve got that ‘jet-set’ mindset!”

66. “In-flight meals are really ‘plane’ food!”

67. “Life is better in the ‘sky-lane’!”

68. “Just ‘air-living’ my best life!”

69. “Feeling ‘first-classy’ up here!”

70. “This flight is absolutely ‘fly’!”

Witty Jokes about Flying

The miracle of flight is not just awe-inspiring—it can be downright hilarious, too! These witty jokes about flying will make sure your Instagram captions never have a layover from laughter.

71. “Why did the airplane get a timeout? It had a bad ‘attitude’!”

72. “Why don’t planes ever get tired? They have a lot of ‘fans’!”

73. “Why was the airplane always happy? It always took things ‘lightly’!”

74. “Why do birds not use Facebook? They already tweet in the sky!”

75. “What do you call a plane that’s afraid to fly? A ‘scared-e-cat’!”

76. “Why don’t planes ever get lost? They always ‘wing it’!”

77. “Why was the airplane always cold? It left all its ‘windows’ open!”

78. “What’s an airplane’s favorite game? ‘Runway’ or the highway!”

79. “Why did the plane go to school? It wanted to improve its ‘landing’ skills!”

80. “Why did the airplane bring sunscreen? It didn’t want to catch a ‘flair’!”

vintage camera and polaroid photos on a map puns

Map Puns for Travel

There’s something uniquely amusing about cartography, and these map puns capture that hilarity in the most delightful way. Navigate your way through these puns for an Instagram caption that charts a course to laughter.

81. “You ‘meridian’ my mind!”

82. “This adventure is ‘off the charts’!”

83. “Just ‘longitude’ and latitude!”

84. “Map my words, this trip is incredible!”

85. “Globe-trotting and ‘map’ plotting!”

86. “Finding my ‘latitude’ in life!”

87. “Life is ‘map’nificent!”

88. “Just ‘scale’-ing new heights!”

89. “I’m on top of the ‘map’!”

90. “Chart-ing my own path!”

Island Jokes for Vacation

Island life is the perfect setting for some beachy humor. These island jokes for vacation capture the fun, sun, and surf of a tropical getaway. They’ll make your Instagram captions as refreshing as a cool sea breeze. Heading to the beautiful Hawaiian islands? These Hawaii puns, inspiring Hawaii quotes or Maui jokes for Instagram have you covered.

91. “Why did the sand go to school? To become a little ‘brighter’!”

92. “Why was the beach so good at calming people down? It always waved ‘hi’!”

93. “Why do islands never get lost? They always ‘follow the current’!”

94. “Why did the island win an award? It was outstanding in its ‘field’!”

95. “What do islands use to make a call? A ‘shell’-phone!”

96. “Why was the ocean friendly to the island? It gave it a ‘wave’!”

97. “Why don’t islands ever go out of style? They always keep it ‘shore’!”

98. “Why was the island so popular? It was a ‘hot spot’!”

99. “Why did the island become a gardener? It loved ‘plantations’!”

100. “Why did the island go on a diet? It wanted a ‘beach body’!”

white lighthouse on rocks with ocean below

Hotel Puns

A stay at a hotel can be an experience full of fun, comfort, and yes, humor! These hotel puns are ready to check-in to your Instagram captions, providing a suite touch of laughter.

101. “Having a ‘suite’ time at the hotel!”

102. “This hotel stay is ‘room-arkable’!”

103. “Life is ‘maid’ better with room service!”

104. “At the hotel, I feel like a ‘guest’ star!”

105. “Feeling ‘inn’credible at this place!”

106. “I’ve got ‘lofty’ ambitions for this vacation!”

107. “Just ‘bed-ding’ down for the night!”

108. “Life is ‘suite’ at the top!”

109. “In a ‘roomantic’ getaway!”

110. “Having a ‘rest’-ful vacation!”

Puns about Countries

Travel is an opportunity to immerse oneself in diverse cultures, and these puns about countries are here to celebrate this vibrant tapestry of experiences. They’re a passport to laughter, ready to stamp their humor onto your Instagram captions.

111. “This country has stolen a ‘pizza’ my heart!”

112. “I ‘Russia’d to see this beautiful sight!”

113. “I’m ‘China’ have a good time here!”

114. “This place is ‘Egyp-tacular’!”

115. “India-ed, this journey is amazing!”

116. “Nothing can ‘matcha’ the beauty of Japan!”

117. “It’s ‘Swede’ to be traveling again!”

118. “Can’t ‘Belgium’-ine how lovely this is!”

119. “Greece-ing the wheels of my wanderlust!”

120. “I’m ‘Finland’-ing my travel groove!”

woman walking through at night through a city puns

Travel Jokes about Cities

Exploring the urban landscape can bring out some unexpected humor. Bright lights, bustling streets, and towering skyscrapers create a playground for laughs. These city-centric travel jokes, infused with metropolitan wit, will make your Instagram captions a hit in the concrete jungle. Heading to sunny San Francisco or LA? Grab one of these fun San Francisco quotes or LA captions.

Is London calling? Of course, I have you covered with the best London captions for Instagram, too.

121. “Cities have a lot of ‘paved’ achievements under their belt!”

122. “Urban planning is no ‘concrete’ science. It’s always evolving!”

123. “Ever notice how cities are always ‘up’ to something?”

124. “In city life, everything is ‘sky’-high, even the rent!”

125. “Cities can be quite ‘street’-smart when they want to be!”

126. “Metropolitan areas sure love their ‘grid’-locks!”

127. “Tall buildings are the city’s way of ‘reaching’ out!”

128. “City folks are always ‘rushing’, even when they’re not in a hurry!”

129. “Cities never ‘sleep’, they just take power naps!”

130. “Every city is a ‘boulevard’ of broken dreams and shiny new ones!”

Cute Tourist Jokes

Being a tourist often means embracing the unexpected, funny moments that make each trip unique. With these cute tourist jokes, your travel and puns infused Instagram captions will be as captivating as your holiday snaps.

131. “Tourists always have a ‘world’-wind romance with their destinations!”

132. “Every traveler has a ‘point’ of interest – the next adventure!”

133. “Tourists can really ‘map’ out their happiness!”

134. “Vacation photographs always have a ‘shutter’-fly effect on me!”

135. “Tourists often ‘fall’ for the charm of autumn travels!”

136. “Travelers are just ‘plane’ crazy about new adventures!”

137. “Tourists love to ‘sea’ the world, don’t they?”

138. “Globetrotters are the ‘reel’ deal when it comes to spinning travel tales!”

139. “Who else ‘beaches’ about the end of a vacation?”

140. “Tourists are always on a ‘roll’, especially when it involves sushi in Japan!”

sunlight through green trees on to a road trip puns

Road Trip Puns

Hitting the open road is a quintessential part of the travel experience. Here, every turn and detour is an opportunity for a giggle or two. With these road trip puns, your Instagram captions about long drives will cruise through the laughter highway in style.

141. “Taking the ‘scenic route’ to happiness!”

142. “This road trip is ‘driving’ me crazy with joy!”

143. “I’ve got the ‘travel bug’, better ‘car’-antine myself!”

144. “Highway to ‘hell-o’ beautiful landscapes!”

145. “Just ‘road’-mancing the world!”

146. “Feeling ‘tire’-d, but the journey is worth it!”

147. “Living life in the ‘fast lane’!”

148. “I’m on a ‘roll’, nothing can ‘brake’ me!”

149. “Car trips always ‘fuel’ my sense of adventure!”

150. “I’ve got a ‘street’ sense for adventure!”

Fall Travel Puns

Autumn brings a cornucopia of color and charm to our travels. Here are some fall travel puns that will add a bit of seasonal humor to your Instagram captions, making them as crisp and delightful as an autumn day. I particularly love NYC in the fall with the beautiful orange leaves. If you happen to visiting, make sure to have one of these Central Park puns or Brooklyn Bridge captions in your back pocket.

151. “Having a ‘gourd’ time on my autumn travels!”

152. “I ‘fall’ for travel every time!”

153. “This journey is ‘unbe-leaf-able’!”

154. “I’m so ‘ready’ for sweater weather!”

155. “I ‘autumn’-atically feel happier when traveling!”

156. “Taking the ‘scenic route’ to fall in love with autumn!”

157. “Travel during fall? ‘Yes, I ‘leaf’ can!”

158. “Fall travels leave me ‘pumpkin’-d!”

159. “Autumn voyages really ‘rake’ in the fun!”

160. “Oh my ‘gourd’, this fall trip is amazing!”

man standing on a road and in the distance are mountain puns

Winter Travel Puns

Winter travels carry their own charm, with snow-laden landscapes and cozy firesides. These cool winter travel puns will add some seasonal sparkle to your Instagram captions, making them as inviting as a mug of hot cocoa on a frosty day.

161. “I’m ‘snow’ excited about this trip!”

162. “This journey is ‘flake’-ing awesome!”

163. “Winter travels always ‘melt’ my heart!”

164. “Having an ‘ice’ time on my winter getaway!”

165. “I’m ‘freezing’ these memories in time!”

166. “My travel spirit never ‘frosts’ over!”

167. “Ice to meet you, Winter Wonderland!”

168. “Winter vacations? ‘Snow’ problem!”

169. “I ‘sleigh’ when it comes to winter travels!”

170. “Stay ‘frosty’, my winter adventure has just begun!”

Spring Vacation Puns

Spring is a time of renewal, and what’s better than rejuvenating your senses with a lovely vacation? These spring vacation puns are as refreshing as a spring breeze, ready to blossom in your Instagram captions.

“171. I’ve got a ‘spring’ in my step on this trip!”

172. “This journey is ‘blooming’ marvelous!”

173. “Spring travels always ‘grow’ on me!”

174. “I’m ‘be-leaf-ing’ in the magic of travel!”

175. “This trip has ‘sprung’ me to life!”

176. “Time to ‘blossom’ in the city of love!”

177. “Having a ‘bud’-iful time this spring!”

178. “Spring vacation is a ‘breath’ of fresh air!”

179. “I’m ‘petal’-ing my way through this beautiful city!”

180. “Spring travels? ‘Yes, I ‘bud’ do!”

blue domed white building with flowers and ocean in the distance

Jokes about Summer Vacation

The sunny season of summer is the perfect time for travel and humor! These jokes about summer vacation will make your Instagram captions as hot as a day at the beach. So, get ready to dive into the laughter pool! There’s just something really special about watching the sundip below the horizon on a sandy beach. These sunset quotes are your ticket to social media fame.

181. “Summer vacations always ‘sun’d me good vibes!”

182. “I’ve got a ‘tan’-talizing tale from my beach travels!”

183. “The sea and I are ‘shore’ to be best friends!”

184. “Summer vacations? Always a ‘bright’ idea!”

185. “I can ‘beach’ about travel all day long!”

186. “Summer trips always ‘heat’ up my adventurous spirit!”

187. “This trip is a ‘ray’ of sunshine in my travelogue!”

188. “I’m always ‘shore’ of a good time on summer vacations!”

189. “Beach trips ‘sand’ me straight to happiness!”

190. “This summer vacation is ‘sun’-thing special!”

Best Travel Puns & Vacation Puns Conclusion

As we conclude this whirlwind tour of travel puns, vacation puns, and every conceivable form of hilarity in between, remember that the best trips are the ones that make us laugh at the journey as much as we marvel at the destination.

Whether it’s puns about countries, jokes about cities, or road trip dad jokes, the world is brimming with funny vacation jokes that can turn your next travel post into a landmark of wit and whimsy.

So, keep exploring, keep laughing, and most importantly, keep sharing the joy. Your Instagram followers, like eager tourists, await the next fun-filled update.

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