90 Best Las Vegas Puns & Las Vegas Jokes for Instagram Captions

roulette table with white ball in Las Vegas puns

This collection of Las Vegas puns and Las Vegas jokes is a jackpot of humor. If you’re looking for a hearty laugh, you’re in luck.

There’s something about the glitz, glamour, and unapologetic eccentricity of Las Vegas that inspires some truly hilarious quips. As a seasoned traveler, I’ve been on plenty of adventures, but my road trip through the western USA, with a pitstop in Vegas, was especially unforgettable, and not just because of the neon lights and roulette wheels.

In this guide, I’ve rounded up some of the funniest Las Vegas Instagram captions, witty quotes about Las Vegas, and Las Vegas sayings to add a dash of humor to your Sin City snapshots.

So, whether you’re hitting the Strip or marveling at the desert vistas, read on for some Vegas-style chuckles!

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Best Las Vegas Puns

Las Vegas, the city of lights, casinos, and of course, an endless stream of puns! If you’re feeling lucky, or just want to light up your socials with some ‘reel’ good humor, these best Las Vegas puns are just the ticket.

Perfect for turning your photos into funny Las Vegas pictures or crafting those clever Las Vegas Instagram captions, these puns are sure to add some Vegas-style sparkle to your posts:

  1. “Having a ‘reel’ good time in Vegas!”

2. “I’m ‘flush’ with excitement in Las Vegas.”

3. “What’s a poker player’s favorite song? ‘Deal It Like It’s Hot!'”

4. “‘Bet’ you can’t handle all this Vegas fun!”

5. “Vegas, where all your ‘chip’ dreams come true.”

6. “Las Vegas, it’s ‘craps-tacular!'”

7. “In Vegas, we ‘pair’ well with fun and games.”

8. “Vegas: where you can get a full ‘house’ of entertainment.”

Witty Las Vegas Jokes

Who doesn’t love a good joke, especially when it’s about the ever-entertaining Sin City? These witty Las Vegas jokes are just the thing to bring a smile to your face and your followers’. Ready to share some laughter on your Instagram feed? Let’s roll:

9. “Why don’t they serve poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs!”

10. “Why are cards like a nosy neighbor? They always want to know your deal.”

11. “What’s the best way to get a poker player off your front porch? Pay him for the pizza.”

12. “Why did the scarecrow become a successful Vegas poker player? He was outstanding in his field!”

13. “Why did the poker chip go to school? To work on its ‘chipping’ skills.”

14. “What’s the difference between a poker player and a skydiver? A skydiver has missed a jump.”

15. “Why did the football team go to the bakery while in Vegas? They needed a good ‘roll’.”

16. “How do you know you’re in Vegas? Even your dreams are up for a gamble.”

statue of liberty and tall hotel buildings in Las Vegas jokes

Funny Las Vegas Captions for Instagram

Looking for that perfect caption to capture your Vegas vibe? We’ve got you covered. These funny Las Vegas captions for Instagram are the ultimate sidekicks to your Sin City snapshots. Let’s add a dash of humor to those unforgettable moments. If you are traveling around western USA like I did, and want to keep the funny up, try these puns about California, San Francisco jokes or puns for the Grand Canyon for your social media post.

17. “In Vegas, I bet on myself.”

18. “Vegas, you’re worth every dime.”

19. “Woke up today. Decided to rule Vegas.”

20. “In Vegas, we trust the process… and by process, I mean poker.”

21. “Keep calm and go to Vegas.”

22. “Vegas vibes and neon lights.”

23. “Making (mis)takes in Vegas.”

24. “Did it for the Vegas memories.”

Funny Quotes about Las Vegas and Gambling

The thrill of Las Vegas and gambling go hand in hand, much like these hilarious quotes. Each one captures the essence of Las Vegas, sprinkling a little humor on the unpredictability of Sin City. Let’s ‘deal’ into the fun:

25. “Las Vegas: where you can flip a coin for a meal, a show, or just your next breath.”

26. “When in Vegas, remember, money talks. Mine usually says ‘goodbye’.”

27. “What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but thankfully my wallet didn’t get the memo.”

28. “Vegas: The only place where ‘over the top’ is just the starting point.”

29. “If you think slots are loose in Vegas, you should see my vacation plans!”

30. “Las Vegas, the city where your neon dreams and credit card nightmares collide.”

31. “Vegas: Where your bucket list and do-not-repeat list become one.”

32. “In Vegas, the house always wins, but the buffet never loses.”

Funny Las Vegas Quotes for Instagram from Famous People

Celebrities and Vegas, they share a sparkly and often funny bond. Check out these funny quotes about Las Vegas by famous people. They’re perfect for spicing up your Vegas Instagram captions with some star-powered humor:

33. “I shouldn’t be near Vegas and have money in my pocket.” – Zach Galifianakis

34. “Las Vegas is sort of like how God would do it if he had money.” – Steve Wynn

35. “The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.” – Bret Harte

36. “In Vegas, I got into a long argument with the man at the roulette wheel over what I considered to be an odd number.” – Steven Wright

37. “No wife can endure a gambling husband unless he is a steady winner.” – Thomas Dewar

38. “Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks—it says, ‘Goodbye.'” – Frank Sinatra

39. “I love Las Vegas. I like that Las Vegas has everything. Everything and anything you want to do, you can do it in Las Vegas.” – Drew Carey

40. “Man, I really like Vegas.” – Elvis Presley

welcome to Las Vegas sign

Funny Vegas Captions with Friends

Vegas with friends is always a laugh-out-loud adventure. These funny Vegas captions capture those wild moments, perfect for an unforgettable Instagram post. Here are some of the best for your crew’s next unforgettable escapade. Still looking? These smiling quotes could be just the ticket.

41. “Vegas with friends: Because bad decisions make the best memories.”

42. “Friends don’t let friends go to Vegas alone!”

43. “What’s said in Vegas, stays with friends!”

44. “Friends, Vegas, and a touch of bad behavior – what more could you want?”

45. “In Vegas, we trust in the power of friendship…and blackjack!”

46. “Friends are the family you go to Vegas with.”

47. “Cheers to friends and Vegas nights.”

48. “Vegas: Where friend codes reach a whole new level.”

Funny Vegas Puns about Casinos

A little humor goes a long way, especially when it’s about the heartbeat of Las Vegas – the casinos. These funny Vegas puns about casinos will certainly add a chuckle to your Instagram captions:

49. “In Vegas, we don’t hold grudges. We hold poker hands.”

50. “Feeling like a high ‘roller’ in Vegas.”

51. “Casinos: Vegas’s answer to ‘show me the money!'”

52. “Vegas casinos: where wallets go to diet.”

53. “Vegas: Where you learn that money does grow on trees, just not your trees.”

54. “In Vegas, the ‘stakes’ are high, and so is everyone else.”

55. “Casinos: The Vegas way to ‘chip’ in!”

56. “Vegas casinos: You can’t win if you don’t play.”

Funny Las Vegas Sayings

Las Vegas is full of surprises, just like these sayings that can add a humorous twist to your Instagram captions. Here are some funny Las Vegas sayings for your amusement:

57. “Las Vegas – where everyone’s a winner, at least until they check out.”

58. “Vegas, baby: The best excuse for questionable decisions.”

59. “Las Vegas: Turning adults into kids since 1905.”

60. “Vegas: It’s not all glitz and glam, there’s also room service.”

61. “Vegas: Where the lights are as bright as your next wild idea.”

62. “Las Vegas: Your ticket to unforgettable stories… and unforgettable debt.”

63. “Vegas: The city where time stands still, and your cash disappears fast.”

64. “Las Vegas: Where you can go from hero to zero, and back to hero in one night.”

venetian buildings and gondolas in Vegas

Funny Las Vegas One Liners from Movies

Movies about Las Vegas often come with unforgettable one-liners. These humorous quotes from some famous films are sure to light up your Instagram posts. I also love these famous puns for Maui or Hawaii quotes, if you happen to be heading to the islands.

65. “Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That sh*t’ll come back with you.” – The Hangover

66. “You probably get this a lot. This isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace, is it?” – The Hangover

67. “They’re not gonna make a schmuck out of me.” – Casino

68. “Vegas, baby, Vegas!” – Swingers

69. “Is this hotel pager-friendly?” – The Hangover

70. “I have a problem? You’re the one married to a stripper.” – Hangover Part III

71. “I’m gonna go get one of those ‘ta-da!’ breakfasts.” – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

72. “Welcome to Vegas: the odds are, you won’t leave a winner.” – 21

Best Vegas Puns for the Desert

Sure, the bright lights of the Strip are intoxicating, but let’s not forget the mesmerizing desert landscape that cradles the city. Here are some of the best Vegas puns that pay homage to the desert. If you want a more extensive list, check out these desert jokes for Instagram. You are also bound to get some really great tans while in the desert, try a sunshine caption for that. On my travels through western USA, I also make really good use of these Joshua Tree quotes and Palm Springs captions.

73. “Vegas: It’s ‘sand-sational’.”

74. “The desert heat ain’t got nothing on these Vegas nights!”

75. “Vegas: Where the only thing drier than the desert is the humor.”

76. “Here’s to sandy toes and Vegas shows.”

77. “In the desert, I found a city I didn’t ‘desert’ for a week.”

78. “Vegas: More than just a mirage in the desert.”

79. “Vegas: Turning ‘desert’ into ‘dessert’ with its sweet thrills.”

80. “Sand, sun, and slot machines: Vegas, you’ve stolen my heart.”

Pool Puns about Las Vegas

The poolside is a paradise in the desert city of Las Vegas. Lighten up your poolside Instagram photos with these Las Vegas pool puns. Looking to take another trip this year? This is a pretty cool list of travel puns to share with your family and friends.

81. “Vegas pools: Where the ‘swim-up’ blackjack is.”

82. “Sipping ‘pool’ side in Vegas!”

83. “Vegas pool days: Dive in, the water’s fine!”

84. “In Vegas, we don’t skinny dip, we chunky dunk!”

85. “Making waves in Vegas.”

86. “Floating the day away under the Vegas sun.”

87. “Sun’s out, fun’s out in Vegas!”

88. “Vegas: Where the only thing hotter than the pool parties is the temperature.”

89. “Taking the ‘plunge’ in Vegas, and I’m not talking about marriage!”

90. “Making a ‘splash’ in Vegas, no chips required!”

desert landscape in Las Vegas at sunrise

Las Vegas Puns & Las Vegas Jokes Conclusion

Whether you’re chuckling at a one-liner from a Vegas movie, laughing at a pun about the desert, or capturing the hilarity of a pool day in Sin City, a good dose of humor can make your Las Vegas Instagram posts stand out. There’s a funny side to everything in Las Vegas, from the casinos to the unique desert landscape, and these puns and jokes capture that spirit.

In this neon city where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, your captions can too. So, go ahead and sprinkle your posts with these Las Vegas puns, jokes, and sayings. They’ll not only tickle the funny bone of your followers but will also encapsulate your fun-filled journey in this city that never sleeps.

Remember, Las Vegas is not just a destination, it’s a vibe, an experience, and, with these funny Las Vegas Instagram captions, a whole lot of laughs. Now, go out there and paint the town red, Vegas-style!

Happy traveling, and remember, “What happens in Vegas, stays on Instagram!”

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