Best Tasmania Itinerary 10 Days: A Detailed Self-Drive Itinerary for Tasmania (2024)

man with white hat walking along a sandy beach with large orange lichen boulders, green grasses and blue ocean in the distance on day 6 of this tasmania itinerary 10 days
Bay of Fires Conservation Area, Tasmania

Looking for a comprehensive Tasmania itinerary 10 days long?

My Tasmania road trip itinerary was one of my favourite parts of my 2-month trip to Australia in 2022. I spent 18 days on a lap of Tasmania with my mom and while I most definitely could have spent longer, I’ve put together this 10 day Tasmania itinerary that will have you hitting all the highlights of this nature-packed isle.

This 10 days in Tasmania itinerary is jam-packed with stunning wild nature, scenic hikes, unique coastlines and cool, quaint towns. And, you can’t talk about an itinerary for Tasmania without mentioning the food (a day on Bruny Island was my favourite for this)! 

Every nook and cranny of Tasmania has something special to offer. From the red rocks of Bay of Fires, and the sprawling vineyards of Tamar Valley, to the scenic Tasman Island cruise, this self-drive Tasmania 10 days trip covers it all. 

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My detailed Tasmania 10 day itinerary starts in the Tasman capital of Hobart but can be joined anywhere along its route. Unlike most places where you can get from A to B in varying ways, renting a car in Tasmania is by far the best way to see the island. 

I’ll cover my recommended stops, things to do, where to stay (including some lovely boutique hotels) and travel tips to make your 10 days Tasmania itinerary a fun and stress-free experience.

Alright, buckle up, and let’s dive into this 10 day Tasmania self drive itinerary.

10 Day Tasmania Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Hobart – Battery Point, CBD/Harbour, Mount Wellington
Day 2: Hobart – Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Richmond + MONA
Day 3: Bruny Island – Gourmet + Lighthouse Day Tour
Day 4: Port Arthur – Tasman Island Cruise + Port Arthur Historic Site
Day 5: Freycinet National Park – Wineglass Bay Lookout Hike
Day 6: Bay of Fires – Binalong Bay + St Helens
Day 7: Launceston – Cataract Gorge
Day 8: Tamar Valley – Winery Tour
Day 9: Cradle Mountain National Park – Dove Lake Hike
Day 10: Strahan – Gordon River Cruise

10 Day Tasmania Itinerary Road Trip: Route Map

map of tasmania road trip with overnight stops marked along the way

Starting Your 10 Days Tasmania Itinerary

I’ve made the assumption in this 10 days in Tasmania that you will be arriving the night before the 10 day itinerary begins (day 0) and will be well rested to begin on day 1 in central Hobart.

Starting in Hobart

This 10 day Tasmania itinerary starts and ends in Hobart. If it’s convenient for you, you can pick up your rental car at the Hobart airport when you land and start your self-drive adventure on day 1 of this itinerary. 

My mom and I decided to make our way into Hobart for the first few days without a car, and complete the activities either on our own or through guided day trips. We then picked up our car from Hobart Airport before heading to Port Arthur.

This worked out well for us.

Starting in Launceston

If you happen to be taking the ferry over from Melbourne and find yourself starting your 10 days in Tasmania in Launceston, you can start from day 8 of this Tasmania itinerary and end your journey on day 7. 

This will take you on a lap of Tasmania starting and ending in Launceston.

panoramic view overlooking an ocean inlet with a spattering of colourful houses on a green hillside with Cradle Mountain looming in the distance
Cradle Mountain overlooking the outskirts of Hobart

Renting a Car in Tasmania

Exploring Tasmania via a self-drive itinerary truly allows you to capture the spirit of this remarkable island. A rental car offers the flexibility to venture off the beaten track, linger at sights that captivate you (we stopped a lot!) and set your own pace on your 10-day Tasmania itinerary.

Most major car rental companies have desks at Tasmania’s airports, including Hobart and Launceston. However, it’s a good idea to book your rental car in advance (this is what I did!), especially during peak tourism season. This ensures you secure the vehicle of your choice at the best rates. 


Discover Cars works with local Australian companies and large international companies to find you the cheapest price based on your needs. Plus, some providers even offer a free additional driver! 

The great thing about Discover Cars is you can add full car rental insurance for under $11 AUD a day. Super affordable >> BOOK NOW

I booked my Tasmania rental car through Discover Cars and have used them multiple times throughout my global travels, including 3 times along my Australia adventures with zero issues. 

a white Tasmania rental car sits in a gravel parking lot in the foreground with green Tamar Valley vineyards beyond
Exploring the Tamar Valley wineries in our Tasmania rental car

Tips for Driving in Tasmania

When planning your Tasmania self drive 10 days adventure, consider the following tips for driving in Tasmania

Check out this detailed guide on renting a car in Tasmania (plus tips!)

4WD Isn’t Necessary

For the adventurous, a 4WD may be the best fit for your Tasmania driving itinerary, especially if you plan on exploring some of Tasmania’s rugged terrains. However, a standard vehicle will serve you just fine for most of the routes on your Tasmania road trip itinerary. 

Do note that there are sections of this Tasmania road trip that will take you along some very winding roads.

Driving in Tasmania is on the left side of the road

Check the Car Rental Policy

When renting a car for your 10 day Tasmania self drive, make sure to check the rental policies

Most companies include a basic insurance cover, but it’s wise to consider additional insurance for peace of mind. I always purchase the full coverage car insurance through Discover Cars with my rental car reservation. It makes it easy peasy.

Also, be sure to check the fuel policy and whether you will need to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. 

Do note, that you and any other drivers along your 10 day Tasmania itinerary can only drive your car hire on roads that are properly formed and sealed. It is prohibited to drive on beaches or through water sources like rivers and flood waters.


Finally, a GPS will be helpful (whether purchased with your car rental or your smartphone) for your 10 days Tasmania itinerary. While Tasmania may be a small island, its scenic routes can sometimes be confusing, especially in more remote areas. I can attest to this since we ended up on a very bumpy dirt road driving from Port Arthur up to Bicheno.

TIP | Download an offline Google Maps for Tasmania before starting your road trip. This will allow you to always stay on track even when the internet is spotty.

Book your Tasmania car hire now.

image from the perspective of a car driving on a paved road with hilly green landscape with a blue sky on a road trip in tasmania
The roads between Strahan and Hobart in Tasmania

Taking an Organized Tasmania Tour Instead

This Tasmania itinerary outlines a 10 day self-drive adventure by rental car from Hobart. 

But if fussing with renting a car in Tasmania and driving around the island sounds like a headache to you, there are some really great, well-reviewed organized tours of Tasmania. 

Each Tasmania tour comes with transportation, accommodation and an experienced tour guide. All of the recommended tours below start and end in Hobart.

an blue adventure cruise boat with people wearing red jackets sits on the ocean in front of a dramatic rock cliff on their way to Tasman Island
Tasman Island Cruise

Tasmania National Parks Pass

Visiting the national parks is a highlight of any Tasmania trip itinerary, and rightly so. These natural wonders offer some of the island’s most breathtaking views, unique wildlife, and exciting outdoor activities. To enter these protected landscapes on your Tasmania 10-day self-drive itinerary, you’ll need a Tasmania National Parks Pass (it is required!).

This pass is not only your ticket to nature’s playground, but it also contributes to maintaining the pristine state of these parks. The revenue from the pass helps with conservation efforts, maintaining facilities and improving visitor services.

24 Hour or 2 Month Tasmania National Parks Pass?

You can purchase a pass that lasts for 24 hours or opt for the 2 Month Holiday Pass if you’re planning a longer Tasmania holiday itinerary (like this one). 

Where Can You Purchase a Tasmania National Parks Pass?

Passes can be purchased online, from visitor information centres, National Park visitor centres, or Service Tasmania shops. You can also buy them from some Tasmanian travel agents and the Spirit of Tasmania ferry from Melbourne to Tasmania.

Remember, some activities like camping, or tours like the Bruny Island Cruise or Gordon River Cruise, may have additional costs, so it’s essential to budget for these in your Tasmania travel itinerary 10 days long.

Tasmania Itinerary 10 Days: Days 1 + 2

looking over a harbour with a bright red boat on the left and modern buildings lining the harbour in the distance with 2 wharfs in downtown Hobart

Day 1: Hobart (Battery Point, CBD/Harbour, Mount Wellington)

About Hobart

Serving as the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart is an intriguing blend of vibrant culture, rich history, and remarkable scenic vistas. 

With its location on the edge of the Derwent River, Hobart is cherished for its stunning waterfront vistas, architectural beauty, and pulsating food scene that’s deeply intertwined with its local produce. 

This city’s distinctive charm lies in its effortless fusion of the old with the new – heritage buildings lining the streets, contemporary art spaces, and bustling markets. As a cultural hotspot with nature’s bounty at its doorstep, Hobart makes an ideal kick-off point for your Tasmania self-drive itinerary 10 days. 

Discover its colonial past, sample gastronomic delights, and immerse in its lively arts scene – Hobart has something for everyone.

And, if you happen to be visiting the city for the weekend, it has plenty of really easy day trips from Hobart.

Don’t have a car? These are the best day tour from Hobart

Where to Stay in Hobart

Top Pick | Moss Hotel
Boutique | MACq 01 Hotel
Mid-Range | Vibe Hotel
Economy |
Alabama Hotel

Breakfast in Battery Point Neighbourhood

Begin your Tasmania trip itinerary with a blissful morning in the historic Battery Point neighbourhood, often considered as Hobart’s crown jewel. The old-world charm of this place is evident in its quaint streets and beautifully preserved colonial architecture

Leave your Hobart boutique hotel and start your day with a freshly brewed cup of artisan coffee at Ozus Coffee. Loved by locals and visitors alike, this café is a small slice of coffee heaven that you can’t miss on your Tasmania road trip 10 days. 

Next, indulge in a delightful breakfast at Jackman & McRoss, an iconic bakery renowned for its delectable range of pastries and baked goods. Made with locally-sourced Tasmanian produce, their offerings provide a sumptuous start to your Tasmanian exploration.

My recommended list of beautiful boutique hotels in Hobart

Morning in CBD & Harbour District

sail boats float in front of a mid of heritage and modern buildings in Hobart
Hobart’s picturesque harbour

Post breakfast, gear up for a cultural exploration of Hobart’s CBD and Harbour District. 

Your 10 day road trip Tasmania starts to heat up as you amble through the bustling Salamanca Arts Centre, a central hub for artists and craftsmen. This creative space, housed in historic sandstone buildings, offers an array of local craft shops, galleries, and theatres – a perfect spot for art enthusiasts. I really loved having a wee whisky and gin tasting at Spirited Tasmania.

Following your cultural immersion, meander along the picturesque harbour, marvelling at the boats bobbing in the clear blue water. 

No morning in Hobart is complete without sampling some delicious Tasmanian ice cream. Grab a scoop or two from Van Diemens Land Creamery, savouring their distinct flavours as you soak up the scenic beauty of this vibrant harbour city. I had Van Diemens multiple times along this Tasmania trip with zero regrets.

To save your legs, you can always opt for the popular Hobart hop-on hop-off bus to take you around to all of the city’s top attractions.

Save your legs and use the hop-on hop-off bus instead

Optional: Salamanca Market on Saturdays

If you happen to be starting your itinerary for Tasmania on a Saturday, make sure to leave time to peruse the island’s biggest outdoor market – the Salamanca Market. 

Chock full of stalls housing impeccably made Tasman produce and products, you could easily spend an entire morning or afternoon roaming through. 

Lunch at the Historical Cascade Brewery

As the clock strikes noon on your Tasmania 10 day self drive itinerary, it’s time for a lunch break at the iconic Cascade Brewery. 

Established in 1824, it’s Australia’s oldest continually operating brewery, making it an essential pit stop on your Tasmania holiday itinerary. Its Gothic architecture, sprawling gardens, and the backdrop of majestic Mount Wellington will have you reaching for your camera before you even step inside. 

The brewery is also home to the historic female factory site which was built to reform female convicts in the 19th century. You can take a tour of the site if you are interested, but this itinerary for Tasmania is chocker block full, so I couldn’t say it’s a must-do.

Once within the restaurant, indulge in their impressive lunch menu featuring local Tasmanian produce that pairs perfectly with their wide range of beers. I enjoyed their Cascade Pale Ale, the longest continuously brewed beer in the country.

If you’re a beer enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to join a brewery tour

You’ll learn about Cascade’s brewing process, heritage and maybe even discover your new favourite ale or lager. It’s a gastronomic journey that adds a unique flavour to your Tasmania self-drive adventure.

Mount Wellington Lookout

a far away panorama of Tasmania's eastern coastline with autumn coloured bushes in the foreground and organic shaped inlets in the distance with blue water
Beautiful Tasmanian landscape from the road to Mt Wellington Lookout

After a satisfying lunch at Cascade Brewery, your 10 day Tasmania self drive itinerary takes you to one of Hobart’s most breathtaking attractions: the Mount Wellington lookout. 

This majestic mountain’s summit promises awe-inspiring panoramic views over Hobart, the Derwent River, and beyond. Embarking on the Pinnacle Road towards the peak is an adventure in itself, with scenic vistas at every turn that will leave you spellbound. 

Yes, the roads up to Mt Wellington are very twisty! If you aren’t super comfortable with driving winding roads with blind corners, I would recommend leaving the rental car at your Hobart hotel and boarding the Mt Wellington Explorer Bus

The popular 2.5 hour Mt Wellington/Kunanyi explorer bus departs from the Hobart harbour 5 times daily at 9:30AM, 11AM, 12:30PM, 2PM and 3:30PM (make sure to double check times). 

Purchase your Mt Wellington Explorer Bus tickets

a blue orange and white bus sits in a parking lot to take passengers up to Mt Wellington
You can find the Mt Wellington Explorer Bus at Brooke Street Pier

The best time to visit is late in the afternoon when the sun drapes the landscape in a warm, golden glow (also the best time for photos!). This magical experience will serve as a memorable highlight of your Tasmania driving itinerary, offering the perfect spot for some stunning photos of your Tasmania adventure. 

Dinner in Downtown Hobart

Conclude your first day in Tasmania with a culinary delight at Peppina or Aloft

Peppina is a haven for lovers of Italian cuisine, offering a menu bursting with authentic flavours and traditional recipes. Cozy up in a booth and sip on a beautiful Tasman wine.

If you’re seeking a more contemporary Tasmanian culinary experience, Aloft offers an innovative menu featuring locally sourced ingredients prepared with modern techniques. Make sure to reserve in advance, since Aloft’s location in the Brook Street Pier makes it a hot spot for harbour views at sunset.

Savour the flavours and the ambience as you conclude the first day of your Tasmania 10 day tour.

Day 1 of 10 Days in Tasmania Itinerary – Top Attractions

  • Hobart – Battery Point
  • Hobart – CBD & Harbour District
  • Historic Cascades Brewery
  • Mount Wellington Lookout

Day 2: Hobart (Wildlife, Richmond & MONA)

Morning Coffee at Pigeon Whole Bakers

Wake up and welcome day two of your Tasmania 10 day self-drive itinerary with a refreshing morning coffee at Pigeon Whole Bakers

This bakery-cafe located in the heart of Hobart is highly acclaimed for its artisanal bread, delicious pastries and, of course, a robust coffee menu. Sink your teeth into one of their heavenly bagels, freshly baked and generously filled. I loved the one with poppy seeds on top.

It’s an experience not to be missed on your Tasmania road trip 10 days.

Day Trip to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

a middle aged woman with blonde hair bends over to feed a Tasman kangaroo on a green lawn

Following your hearty breakfast, embark on an enriching day trip to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, a safe haven for Tasmanian wildlife. This is where your Tasmania self-drive itinerary takes a delightful turn into nature. 

Bonorong is home to various native animals, including kangaroos, wombats, and of course, the infamous Tasmanian devils. Don’t miss the opportunity to hand-feed kangaroos or engage in a personal encounter with a wombat. Bonorong is not just a sanctuary; it’s a place to fall in love with Tasmania’s unique wildlife.

Grab your Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary entry ticket

TIP | Take the included tour of the grounds where they will talk about each of the native Tasman animals.

Late Morning in Historic Richmond

Next, travel back in time to the historic town of Richmond. 

Steeped in heritage, this town is a treasure trove of well-preserved Georgian architecture

Park near the iconic Richmond Bridge, Australia’s oldest stone span bridge, and take a leisurely walk around its arches, soaking in the scenic riverside views. 

Your journey into Richmond’s past continues at Richmond Gaol, the oldest intact gaol in Australia, offering a glimpse into the convict era. 

charming heritage building with white paint and intricate facade behind a small area of lavender plants and a sign that says Tasmanian lavender company
Tasmanian Lavender Company in Richmond

Lunch in Richmond

Post exploration, satiate your hunger at either Czeg’s Cafe or Wattlebanks Cafe

Czeg’s offers a relaxed atmosphere with a menu filled with delectable lunch options, while Wattlebanks Cafe is known for its locally sourced produce and enticing dishes. 

Either choice will provide a delightful dining experience on your second day of Tasmania self-drive 10 days.

If you haven’t picked up your rental car yet or would like the addition of a knowledgeable guide, you can opt to take this popular 9-hour Bonorong Sanctuary, Richmond & Mt. Field organized day tour instead of self-driving.

Optional: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

An optional but highly recommended addition to your Tasmania holiday itinerary is a visit to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. Home to a collection of significant trees, beautiful flowers and plants, the gardens provide a tranquil escape for nature lovers.

The gardens are free to enter.

Afternoon at the MONA

a modern architectural building with green lawn over a curved cement roof overlooks a harbour of water with homes on the hillside
MONA just outside of Hobart

Conclude your day with an afternoon visit to the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). An art experience unlike any other, MONA offers thought-provoking exhibits that will challenge your perception of art and life. This was one of the best museums I’ve visited in the world

Dive deep into contemporary pieces, antiquities, and interactive displays as you explore this intriguing space. 

Do note that you will see some very progressive pieces that might be shocking to some travellers. Go in with an open mind and you are bound to really enjoy it!

As the sun sets on the second day of your Tasmania trip itinerary, reflect on the artful end to a memorable day.

Day 2 of Tasmania 10 Day Itinerary – Top Attractions

  • Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Historical Town of Richmond
  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • MONA – Museum of Old and New Art

Tasmania Itinerary 10 Days: Day 3

rugged Bruny Island coastline with cool climate shrubbery
Southern Coast of Bruny Island, Tasmania

Day 3: Bruny Island (Day Tour or Self-Drive)

About Bruny Island

Bruny Island, an enchanting gem in the Tasman Sea, is a must-include in any Tasmania 10 day tour. This small yet diverse island, split into North and South Bruny by a narrow isthmus known as ‘The Neck’, offers a unique blend of spectacular landscapes, rich wildlife, and a thriving local food scene (believe me, it’s absolutely drool-worthy).

Whether you’re hiking through its ancient rainforests, spotting white wallabies, or savouring the freshest oysters you’ll ever taste, Bruny Island captures the heart of every traveller. 

Its breathtaking beaches and rugged cliffs make for fantastic photo opportunities (I couldn’t put my camera down), while the tranquil bays are perfect for unwinding after a day’s exploration.

I found Bruny Island to be a microcosm of the greater island of Tasmania making it an essential stop in your Tasmania self-drive itinerary 10 days.

How to Get from Hobart to Bruny Island (Self Drive)

Day three of your Tasmania 10 day self-drive itinerary brings you to the natural haven of Bruny Island. A road trip Tasmania 10 days wouldn’t be complete without this must-visit spot. If you’re opting for self-drive, the route is straightforward. 

Just a 40-minute drive south of Hobart to Kettering, followed by a 20-minute ferry ride across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, lands you on Bruny Island. Keep an eye out for dolphins during the crossing, as they’re often seen accompanying the ferry!

The Bruny Island Ferry

The Bruny Island Ferry departs regularly (every 20 minutes) from Kettering starting at 6:10AM and is the primary means of reaching the island. Tickets can be purchased on arrival at the terminal

Note that during peak periods, particularly during the summer months, the ferry can be quite busy, so arrive early to ensure a spot for your vehicle. We left Hobart around 8AM and caught the 8:50AM ferry and it worked out well.

Check the Bruny Island ferry timetable before departing.

a blue and white passenger ferry with the logo Sealink on the side passes through calm waters on the way from Hobart to Bruny Island
Bruny Island Ferry

Best Bruny Island Organized Day Tour

Alternatively if you prefer to sit back and relax, consider joining an organized Bruny Island day tour. Several operators offer comprehensive packages that cover the island’s highlights, such as Get Shucked Oyster Farm, The Neck Lookout, and Bruny Island Cheese Company. 

Plus, these tours often include transport and meals, ensuring a hassle-free excursion on your Tasmania 10 day tour.

These are my recommended guided Bruny Island day tours that are popular and highly reviewed:

Read my detailed selection of Bruny Island Tours from Hobart

wooden boardwalk curves through a coastline green landscape toward a white sand beach with blue water
The Neck Lookout track on Bruny Island

Explore Bruny Island 

Once on Bruny Island, you’ll be spoilt for choice with attractions. 

For nature lovers, South Bruny National Park is a must, home to towering cliffs, lush rainforests, and serene beaches. Don’t miss The Neck Lookout, a narrow isthmus providing panoramic views of the island on your way down to the Cape Bruny Lighthouse (my favourite non-gourmet attraction on the island).

Foodies will love Get Shucked Oyster Farm and Bruny Island Cheese Company, both offering mouth-watering local produce. This is a Tasmania east coast itinerary delight!

Check out this comprehensive list of things to do on Bruny Island and the perfectly structured one-day Bruny Island itinerary.

Comprehensive guide to what to do on Bruny Island

Evening Drive from Hobart to Port Arthur

After an adventurous day, the evening drive from Bruny Island to Hobart and Hobart to Port Arthur will take you approximately 2 hours (depending on traffic). This drive is a great time to unwind, take in the landscapes, and maybe take a few nibbles of your Bruny Island culinary souvenirs. 

Arriving in Port Arthur, check in to your accommodation and rest up for the upcoming exploration on Day 4 of your Tasmania road trip itinerary.

I stayed at the Port Arthur Villas and can recommend it.

Day 3 of 10 Day Tasmania Itinerary – Top Attractions

  • Bruny Island Oysters & Culinary Delights
  • The Neck Lookout
  • Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Tasmania Itinerary 10 Days: Day 4

ruins of a large rectangular brick building at the Port Arthur Historic Site sit on a green plain of land with water in front
Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania

Day 4: Port Arthur (Historical Site & Tasman Island Cruise)

About Port Arthur

Port Arthur, an intriguing chapter of Tasmania’s past, is an essential stop on your Tasmania holiday itinerary. 

The town of Port Arthur was built around a former convict settlement, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a captivating blend of history and natural beauty. Surrounded by wild bushland and dramatic coastlines, Port Arthur is a silent storyteller of Australia’s early convict history. 

Museums, restored houses, and the haunting ruins of the prison make this location an immersive historical experience. It’s not all history, though – the area also boasts excellent hiking trails and is home to the popular cruise to Tasman Island, making it a dynamic part of your Tasmania 10 day self-drive itinerary.

Detailed Review of the Tasman Island Adventure Cruise

Where to Stay in Port Arthur

Top Pick | Port Arthur Villas
Boutique | Stewarts Bay Lodge
Mid-Range | Ruby’s Cottage Farm Stay
Economy |
NRMA Port Arthur Holiday Park

Morning on a Tasman Island Cruise 

Energize your Tasmania itinerary 10 days with a morning Tasman Island Cruise. Pennicott Wilderness Journeys run this adventurous 3-hour journey, a chance to skirt the edge of the Tasman National Park. 

The towering sea cliffs here are among the tallest in the world, while the diversity of marine wildlife is sure to amaze. From frolicking dolphins and sunbathing seals to nesting seabirds, the cruise offers plenty of photo opportunities, promising a memorable start to your 10 day Tasmania road trip.

Do note, this is an adventure cruise so don’t expect a leisurely sailing pace. There were a few times I was splashed with sea water because of the large waves and the fast pace of the boat.

This 3-hour Tasman Island Cruise is the one I took and highly recommend.

Afternoon at the Port Arthur Historic Site

The Port Arthur Historic Site is a highlight of the best Tasmania itinerary. Roam the well-preserved ruins and grand estates from the convict era, and understand Australia’s colonial past through interactive exhibits. 

Don’t miss the guided walking tour, a short harbour cruise, and a visit to the Isle of the Dead. This peek into history is a profound and evocative experience that sets Port Arthur apart on your Tasmania self-drive itinerary 10 days. You could spend an entire day here, but because we are hitting all of the highlights of the island, I recommend a maximum of 2 hours.

Reserve and purchase your Port Arthur Historic Site entry tickets in advance

Remarkable Caves

The Remarkable Caves, aptly named, are another fascinating addition to your Tasmania east coast itinerary. These natural formations, carved by the relentless Southern Ocean, boast intriguing shapes and cavernous spaces.

Time your visit for low tide, and you can see the cave’s mouth resemble the map of Tasmania. The surrounding area also offers some lovely walks and a beautiful beach, making it a worthwhile stop on your Tasmania road trip 10 days.

Optional: Port Arthur Lavender

Relax and rejuvenate at the Port Arthur Lavender farm. This oasis of calm, nestled amongst lush greenery, houses an extensive lavender field, a gift shop, and a café. 

The picturesque setting is perfect for a leisurely stroll, or you could sample the café’s lavender-infused menu for a unique culinary delight. This sensory stopover is a delightful addition to your 10 day Tasmania itinerary.

turbulent ocean water laps over tiered rocks on the shoreline with large cliffside on the left on a sunny day on a itinerary for Tasmania
Scenery along the Tasman Island Cruise

Optional: McHenry’s Distillery Tasting

Cap off your day at McHenry’s Distillery, the southernmost whisky distillery in Australia.

 A staple on any Tasmania suggested itinerary, the distillery uses pure Tasmanian ingredients to craft a range of spirits, including gin, vodka, and whisky. Join a guided tour to learn about the distillation process and enjoy a tasting session as you revel in the distillery’s serene surroundings. 

It’s an excellent way to wrap up your day in Port Arthur during your self-drive Tasmania 10 days adventure.

Day 4 of 10 Days Tasmania Itinerary – Top Attractions

  • Tasman Island Cruise
  • Port Arthur Historic Site
  • Port Arthur Lavender
  • Remarkables Caves

Tasmania Itinerary 10 Days: Day 5

Day 5: Freycinet National Park

Devil’s Kitchen + Tasman Arch

large arched rock structure spans over the ocean far below
Tasman Arch near Port Arthur, Tasmania

Experience the power of nature on day 5 of your Tasmania self-drive itinerary 10 days by visiting Devil’s Kitchen and Tasman Arch. These spectacular natural rock formations, found within Tasman National Park, have been crafted by erosion over millions of years. 

Devil’s Kitchen, a deep trench carved by the sea, and Tasman Arch, an incredible natural bridge, provide striking coastal vistas. Ensure you’ve acquired your Tasmania National Parks Pass for access to these amazing sights, a key tip for your Tasmania road trip planner.

Tesselated Pavement

Your 10 day Tasmania road trip itinerary should include the Tesselated Pavement, a unique geological marvel near Eaglehawk Neck

This naturally formed ‘pavement’ features a series of interlocked rectangles, a result of erosion by sea waves. An easy, quick walk takes you to this intriguing spectacle, another aspect of Tasmania’s rich and diverse geology.

Tasman Bay National Park Lookout and Coffee at Cubed Espresso

faraway scenic coastal landscape in the Tasman Bay National Park
View from Tasman Bay National Park Lookout

Begin your day at the Tasman Bay National Park Lookout, an idyllic spot to drink in panoramic views of the bay. Pair the beautiful vistas with a delicious coffee from Cubed Espresso, a small kiosk serving up expertly brewed coffees. 

This peaceful, picturesque morning routine sets the perfect tone for your Tasmania east coast itinerary. It was such a spectacular view!

Drive from Port Arthur to Kate’s Berry Farm

Take a leisurely 2-hour drive up Tasmania’s charming countryside and coastline from Port Arthur to Kate’s Berry Farm, as part of your Tasmania 10 day self-drive itinerary. 

Along this route, you will pass by Maria Island, an optional excursion along your road trip. Here you will find a desolate island with native wildlife and convict settlement ruins. A cruise around the island allows you to see sea lions and plenty of marine life. 

If you decide to stop here, make sure to add an additional 0.5 – 1 day onto your itinerary. 

The most popular tour of Maria Island leaves Triabunna at 8:30AM and runs for a duration of 8 hours.

Kate’s Berry Farm

Kate’s Berry Farm

Indulge your sweet tooth at Kate’s Berry Farm, a delightfully quaint destination on your Tasmania suggested itinerary. Enjoy scrumptious scones served with rich clotted cream and homemade mixed berry jam

If time allows, stroll around the farm and pick your own fresh berries, an ideal fun-filled activity for your Tasmania itinerary 10 days for families.

Devil’s Corner Cellar Door

Don’t miss a visit to Devil’s Corner Cellar Door, a highlight of the best Tasmania itinerary. 

Sample a selection of their acclaimed cool climate wines, savoring each sip while taking in the stunning views of the Hazards mountain range, a unique sensory experience for your Tasmania trip itinerary.

I really enjoyed their wine tasting paddle and I picked up a bag of truffle potato chips (crisps) for the road.

Late Lunch at Freycinet Marine Farm

a stop at Freycinet National Park isn't complete without tasting a dish of roasted Tasmania salmon with coleslaw and a cold local beer
Fresh Tasmania Salmon at Freycinet Marine Farm

Dine at Freycinet Marine Farm for a late lunch during your drive around Tasmania itinerary. Known for their fresh, locally-sourced seafood, this eatery provides a perfect chance to sample the island’s rich marine bounty, especially their oysters and mussels.

My mom and I each had a dish of Tasman salmon with coleslaw, which was a nice light but satisfying meal before hiking in Freycinet National Park.

About Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park, a gem in the network of Tasmania’s national parks, features rugged pink granite peaks, pristine white beaches, and crystal-clear turquoise waters

It’s also home to Wineglass Bay, consistently ranked among the world’s top 10 beaches, a must-visit location in your Tasmania tour itinerary. 

Where to Stay near Freycinet NP

Top Pick | Freycinet Resort
Luxury | Edge of the Bay Resort
Mid-Range | Freycinet Lodge
Economy |
BIG4 Iluka on Freycinet

a woman with a black shirt and white pants looks off in the distance from a boardwalk down to Wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay Lookout in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Hike to Wineglass Bay Lookout

Undertake a moderately challenging hike to Wineglass Bay Lookout as part of your 10 day tour of Tasmania. This rewarding trek, integral to any Tasmania suggested itinerary 10 days, offers breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Freycinet Peninsula, a sight that makes the effort worthwhile.

The hike follows a well-beaten track at a consistent incline for about 1.5 hours

Alternative Option: Wineglass Bay Cruise

To experience Wineglass Bay up close and personal and for those who would prefer not to hike, opt for a Wineglass Bay cruise from Coles Bay (with an option to include lunch) for something more leisurely.

The cruise-only option runs for 4.5 hours and departs at 9:45AM. So if you want to include this I would add a half day to your itinerary for Tasmania. 

Alternatively, you can start the morning of day 6 with the cruise and skip the stops in Bicheno and St. Helens making your way straight to the Bay of Fires in the afternoon.

The most popular Wineglass Bay Cruise

Cape Tourville Lighthouse

Visit Cape Tourville Lighthouse, a historic beacon offering sweeping views over the Freycinet National Park. It’s a top spot for winter whale watching during your Tasmania in winter itinerary. The surrounding coastal walk is an added bonus, providing even more fantastic views.

When we visited, it was very windy. Keep a windbreaker on you and hold on to your hat! The boardwalk circling the lighthouse was incredibly scenic.

Dinner in Coles Bay

Cap off day 5 of your Tasmania itinerary 10 days from Hobart with an early dinner at Geographe Restaurant in Coles Bay. Here, you can sample a variety of dishes, all created from locally sourced ingredients. It’s the ideal way to end an adventurous day on your Tasmania travel itinerary 10 days.

For something more romantic and upscale, opt for a reservation at Saffire Resort’s Palate Restaurant. 

Cozy up in your luxurious Coles Bay accommodation for the night.

My favourite and memorable Freycinet hotels

Coles Bay with 3 white boats and large rugged mountains in the background on a lap of Tasmania
Coles Bay Harbour

Day 5 of Self-Drive Tasmania 10 Days Itinerary – Top Attractions

  • Tasman Bay National Park Lookout
  • Devil’s Corner Winery
  • Freycinet National Park
  • Wineglass Bay Lookout

Tasmania Itinerary 10 Days: Day 6

girl with blue shirt and black shorts walks across orange coloured boulders on the oceans edge in Bay of Fires
Enjoying The Gardens in the Bay of Fires Conservation Area

Day 6: Bay of Fires

Travel from Coles Bay to Bicheno (30 minutes)

Start your Day 6 of the best Tasmania itinerary with a scenic drive from Coles Bay to Bicheno. 

The road winds through Tasmanian countryside, and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes along the C302 and A3 highways.

Bicheno Blowhole

water splashed out of a crevice in the rock in a Tasmania harbour in Bicheno
Bicheno Blowhole

Next stop on your Tasmania 10 day tour is the Bicheno Blowhole. A natural sea fountain formed due to coastal erosion, this popular attraction can create a spectacular display when the waves are high. It’s an exciting spot for photography and a must-visit destination on your Tasmania road trip 10 days.

Lunch at Lobster Shack

Just a 2 minute down the road from Bicheno Blowhole, visit the Lobster Shack for lunch, a well-loved food joint in Bicheno. Known for its fresh and flavorful seafood, especially the lobster, it’s a perfect spot to refuel on your Tasmania road trip planner. I had the lobster roll and it was delicious.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to an ice cream from Van Diemen’s Land, they’re renowned for their creamy, flavorful scoops made with Tasmanian dairy.

Drive from Bicheno to St. Helens (1 hour)

curved white sand beach with turquoise water and green farmland
One of my favourite sections to drive on this Tasmania road trip

Continue your Tasmania 10 day self-drive itinerary with a one-hour drive from Bicheno to St. Helens. This leg of the journey takes you through some of Tasmania’s most scenic landscapes, making the drive an experience to cherish on your 10 day Tasmania road trip.

We stopped many times along this route to take in the beautiful rugged coastline and have a few quick beach walks. So if you are like us, give yourself some grace time.

If you need a pick-me-up, grab a coffee from Swims East Coast Coffee in Scamander.

Explore St Helens Conservation Area

Upon arrival in St Helens, spend early afternoon exploring the St Helens Conservation Area. Take the bush walk to Beerbarrel Beach or for something a bit more adventurous you can tackle the Peron Dunes. St Helens is also home to a great fish and chips shop right on the water called Skippers, a tasty stop along your north east Tasmania itinerary. 

If you’d prefer to spend more time exploring Bay of Fires, head straight to your accommodation in Binalong Bay, drop your bags and head out to the conservation area. We stayed in a great home with views of the entire bay – stunning!

Along the coastal drive from Binalong Bay to Bay of Fires, make sure to leave time for a beach walk along one of the many pristine white sand stretches. A great spot to have a dip in the clear azure waters on my Tasmania suggested itinerary.

I loved my peaceful Binalong Bay accommodation

About Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires, known for its vibrant orange lichen-covered rocks, is a place of remarkable natural beauty. This gem of your Tasmania 10 day self-drive itinerary stretches from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north. 

The area was named by Lonely Planet as the world’s hottest travel destination in 2009. This is truly a must-see on your Tasmania road trip itinerary 10 days.

Where to Stay near the Bay of Fires

St Helens

Top Pick | Pelican Point Villa
Boutique | Bayview Lodge
Mid-Range | Anchor Wheel Motel
Economy |
Georges Bay Apartments

Binalong Bay

Top Pick | Bay of Fires Bush Retreat
Boutique | Binalong Beach Cottage
Mid-Range | Sea Eagle Cottage
Economy |
Bay of Fires Seachange

Explore Bay of Fires Conservation Area

Next on your Tasmania 10 day tour, spend time at Cozy Corner and The Gardens, two stunning locations within the Bay of Fires. Cozy Corner‘s secluded beach is perfect for a leisurely afternoon stroll, while The Gardens, with its granite outcrops and colourful lichen, is ideal for photo ops. 

Don’t miss these destinations on your Tasmania self drive 10 day itinerary.

Dinner in Binalong Bay

End your day with dinner in Binalong Bay to cap off day 6 of your Tasmania itinerary 10 days from Hobart. There is only one restaurant offering dinner in Binalong Bay – Meresta. Enjoy a meal overlooking the stunning bay, as you look forward to more experiences on your drive around Tasmania itinerary.

Binalong Bay white sand beach with green shrubbery and two people walking
Binalong Bay

Day 6 of 10 Day Tasmania Self Drive Itinerary – Top Attractions

  • Bicheno Blowhole
  • St. Helens Conservation Area
  • Bay of Fires – The Gardens & Cozy Corner

Tasmania Itinerary 10 Days: Day 7

overlooking the downtown core of Launceston Tasmania with colourful low lying buildings and trees
Downtown Launceston in Tasmania

Day 7: Launceston (Cataract Gorge)

Travel from Binalong Bay to Launceston with Optional Stops

Day 7 of your Tasmania self drive 10 days itinerary commences with a scenic drive from Binalong Bay to Launceston. 

This part of your Tasmania 10 days itinerary is a beautiful route, filled with beautiful countryside and quaint little towns. We stopped in Derby for a lunch break and grabbed a burger from Trails Espresso.

The drive takes approximately 2.5 hours, but with stops included, you’ll want to allocate a good portion of your day to this journey.

Bridestowe Lavender Farm

Your Tasmania 10 day trip won’t be complete without a stop at the enchanting Bridestowe Lavender Farm. The sight of endless lavender fields stretching out to the horizon is quite mesmerizing. 

You can also explore their distillery, enjoy lavender-infused food, beverages and ice cream (yum!), and shop for lavender products in their gift shop. My mom picked up some lavender oil to bring back to Canada.

Optional: Stop at Clover Hill Winery for a Cheese Board

Your Tasmania suggested itinerary can also include an optional stop at Clover Hill Winery. This esteemed winery is recognized for its exceptional sparkling wines. Pair your wine tasting with a gourmet cheese board for a quintessential Tasmanian gourmet experience, a perfect complement to your Tasmania road trip itinerary.

Cataract Gorge Cruise or Walk

Spend your late afternoon at the Cataract Gorge where you will explore the unique natural formation just minutes from central Launceston. Opt for a leisurely Cataract Gorge cruise along the Tamar River into the Gorge, or take a walk along its scenic trails. 

If you’d rather opt to get your legs moving after a long day in the car, the walk into Cataract Gorge was well worth it. The moderately challenging stroll will take approximately 2 hours to complete on a 5km loop. 

a white buildings with red roof overhangs the side of a canyon that has a river meandering off into the distance to Cataract Gorge
Entrance to the Cataract Gorge Walk

Where to Stay in Launceston

After a nice dinner in the harbour, end your day in the heart of northern Tasmania, Launceston. 

This charming city is teeming with grand Georgian buildings, excellent dining venues, and culture-filled galleries. As part of your Tasmania 10 day itinerary, book your stay at one of the many boutique Launceston hotels in the centre of downtown (The Verge is a good pick).

Or opt for a rural retreat resort in Tamar Valley to get an early start to your self-drive winery tour the next morning.

Best central boutique hotels in Launceston

Where to Stay in Launceston

Top Pick | Hotel Verge
Boutique | Peppers Silo
Mid-Range | The Dragonfly Inn
Economy |
Auldington Hotel

historical three story buildings with red brick and intricate white painted balconies lies behind a rose garden in Launceston
Auldington Hotel in Launceston

Day 7 of your 10 Day Itinerary for Tasmania – Top Attractions

  • Bridestowe Lavender Farm
  • Cataract Gorge Cruise or Walk

Tasmania Itinerary 10 Days: Day 8

rows of green vines growing on a vineyard in Tamar Valley
Tamar Valley Wineries

Day 8: Tamar Valley Wine Tour

Full-Day Tamar Valley Wine Tour

Continue your Tasmania 10 day tour on Day 8 in the Tamar Valley, Tasmania’s leading wine-producing region. The region is known for cool climate varietals like Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. 

The Tamar Valley Wine Route is clearly marked, making it easy for self-drive visitors if you so choose.

We decided to take the day off driving and put our winery visits in the hands of an experienced guide and we are very happy with our decision. I took this full-day Tamar Valley Wine Tour that starts at 11AM. They provide complimentary pick up from your hotel anywhere in Launceston.

My recommended wine tour of Tamar Valley

The tour ends around 5:30-6PM just in time for a leisurely dinner.

With over 30 wineries nestled amongst picturesque landscapes, it’s a haven for wine lovers on along a Tasmania road trip 10 days adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Day 8 of 10 Day Tasmania Driving Itinerary – Top Attractions

  • Winery Tour through Tamar Valley (Self-drive or guided)

Tasmania Itinerary 10 Days: Day 9

a girl with white hat and green rain jacket walks along Dove Lake with a looming Cradle Mountain peak in the background
Hiking around Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain National Park

Day 8: Cradle Mountain National Park

Drive to Cradle Mountain National Park with Optional Stops

Day 9 of your Tasmania self drive 10 day itinerary begins with a drive from Launceston to the magnificent Cradle Mountain National Park. This roughly 2.5-hour journey weaves through some of Tasmania’s most beautiful landscapes. 

Be prepared to make a few stops along the way, whether to admire a stunning vista or explore a charming country town like Sheffield (check out the murals!). This stretch of your Tasmania road trip planner promises to be an adventure on its own.

Today will be the longest and most jam-packed day of your 10 days in Tasmania, so please get an early start.

Optional: Stop along the Tasting Trail from Launceston to Sheffield

heritage murals painted on the side of a historic building in Sheffield Tasmania
Stop in Sheffield to check out the murals

Your Tasmania trip itinerary is not just about visual splendours; it’s a gastronomical adventure too. Along your route, take a detour on the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail. A collection of farmers’ markets, artisan producers, and wineries, the trail offers a feast of local delicacies. 

One noteworthy stop is Ashgrove Cheese, where you can taste their award-winning cheeses.

About Cradle Mountain National Park

Cradle Mountain National Park is a jewel in Tasmania’s crown and a must-include in any best Tasmania itinerary. Renowned for its striking landscapes, ranging from alpine heathland, and ancient rainforests to the iconic Cradle Mountain itself, the park is a paradise for nature lovers. 

The park is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, and it teems with a diverse range of flora and fauna.

Where to Stay in Cradle Mountain
(optional additional night)

Top Pick | Cradle Mountain Hotel
Boutique | Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge
Mid-Range | Cradle Mountain Highlanders

Hike around Dove Lake

One of the most rewarding experiences in your Tasmania 10 day self drive itinerary is the hike around Dove Lake. The well-marked trail offers breathtaking views of Cradle Mountain and the surrounding wilderness. 

The 6km loop is reasonably flat (do expect a few small elevation climbs) and can be comfortably completed in 2-3 hours. Be sure to capture the famous boat shed, an iconic spot along the track. 

Logistically, you will need to park your rental car at the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre, purchase your ticket or show your park pass and board the shuttle. The shuttle with make multiple stops within the Cradle Mountain National Park including a final stop at Dove Lake (the most popular stop). Here is where you will start your walk.

My mom and I had a bit more time on our hands so we got off at the Ronny Creek shuttle stop to spot wombats and boy did we ever! These cute furry balls are easy to spot along the Ronny Creek path. 

Another highlight for us was the easy walk along the Enchanted Walk trail.

Evening Drive from Cradle Mountain to Strahan

If you have longer to spend in Tasmania than this 10 day itinerary, you can opt to spend longer in the park and grab yourself a luxurious Cradle Mountain retreat (this is what we did!). There is so much to explore here, especially for avid hikers and trail walkers and it’s nice to spend a night or two in nature.

For purposes of hitting all the highlights of Tasmania within 10 days though, you will be spending the evening travelling to Strahan – a 2 hour drive.

Once you’ve dropped your bags at your Strahan accommodation, make sure to get some much needed rest since day 9 of this itinerary for Tasmania has been chock full.

Day 9 of 10 Day Tasmania Driving Itinerary – Top Attractions

  • Tasting Trail (optional)
  • Cradle Mountain National Park
  • Hike around Dove Lake
  • Spotting Wombats

Tasmania Itinerary 10 Days: Day 10

harbour view of historical downtown of Strahan with sailboat in the foreground
Downtown Strahan, Tasmania

Day 10: Strahan (Gordon River Cruise)

About Strahan

Strahan, often touted as one of the best wilderness frontiers in Tasmania, is a quaint harbour-side village nestled on the edge of the sprawling Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Its unique blend of history and natural beauty make it a must-visit location in any Tasmanian itinerary. 

The village is a gateway to the vast and untouched wilderness of the west coast, including the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, home to the majestic Gordon River. This enchanting river can be explored through a serene cruise, a popular activity for visitors. 

Strahan is also renowned for the West Coast Wilderness Railway, a journey that offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s past, and the struggles and resilience of its early pioneers. 

In the heart of Strahan, you’ll find a selection of cosy cafes, artisan shops, and fine dining options. The village offers a perfect blend of Tasmanian hospitality and wilderness adventure, making your stay in Strahan an unforgettable part of your Tasmania 10-day self-drive itinerary.

Where to Stay in Strahan

Top Pick | Salt Box Hideaway
Boutique | Franklin Manor
Apartment | Aloft Boutique Accommodation
Mid-Range | Strahan Village

Morning Gordon River Cruise

Start the last day of your Tasmania itinerary 10 days from Hobart with an unforgettable Gordon River Cruise. This award-winning cruise explores the pristine wilderness of the UNESCO-listed Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. 

As you glide through the calm, reflective waters of the Gordon River, make sure to take a moment to appreciate the vast beauty. I was so trigger-happy with my camera because of how insane the reflections were, but I needed to remind myself to just enjoy the experience. And truly, this experience was really beautiful and peaceful.

The knowledgeable guides offer fascinating and sometimes humorous insights into the region’s ecology and history. Remember to keep an eye out for the local wildlife.

You can choose to splurge on the upper deck seats, but we opted for the lower deck window seats which was the mid-tier experience. The buffet lunch that comes with your ticket is full of great Tasmanian seafood and products. 

I took this specific well-rated Gordon River cruise and loved it

The cruise leaves the harbour at 8:30AM sharp so you will return around 2:30-3PM. 

Since this is technically the last day of your Tasmania adventure, you can head straight to the Hobart airport to return your rental car and hop on your flight home, a 4.5 hour drive. Make sure to schedule your flight for later in the evening to account for travel time.

bright sunny day with lime green fields and rugged peaks in the distance with blue sky on a Tasmania driving itinerary
Scenery on the drive from Strahan to Hobart

Day 10 of Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary 10 Days – Top Attractions

  • Gordon River Cruise

Alternative Day 10 of your Tasmania Itinerary (Option 1)

This option requires you to have a half day allocated to travel on day 11 in Tasmania back to Hobart from Strahan.

Walk to Hogarth Falls in Strahan

If you aren’t in a rush, after the cruise, take a leisurely walk to Hogarth Falls. Nestled within People’s Park in Strahan, this short and easy trail leads you through lush rainforest to the picturesque waterfall. The walk is a haven for birdwatchers, so keep your binoculars at hand. If you’re lucky, you might spot a platypus in the creek. 

The flat trail will take 40 minutes return.

This simple, serene experience is one of the highlights of a Tasmania 10 day self drive itinerary and is listed as one of the ‘60 Great Short Walks of Tasmania’.

Stay in Strahan

If you have time to spare, end your day 10 in Tasmania at your accommodation in Strahan before making the 4.5 hour journey back to the Hobart airport the next morning. If you have an evening flight on day 11, opt to stop off for a short walk to the picturesque cascading Russell Falls.

Book your night’s stay in Strahan

Alternative Day 10 of your Tasmania Itinerary (Option 2)

This alternative day 10 option requires you to have a half day allocated to travel on day 11 in Tasmania back to Hobart from Mount Field National Park at mid day.

Drive to Mount Field National Park

For this optional ending to Day 10 on your itinerary, embark on the drive to Mount Field National Park, the oldest national park in Tasmania. The drive from Strahan to Mount Field is about 3 hours and is incredibly scenic. 

As part of your road trip Tasmania 10 days itinerary, this journey offers beautiful contrasts from the coastal beauty of Strahan to the verdant wilderness surrounding Mount Field.

Make sure to fill up your fuel tank before leaving Strahan since this route does not provide ample options for fuel stations. My mom and I made the embarrassing mistake of almost running out of fuel on this stretch of the itinerary.

Stay in Mount Field National Park

End your day 10 by nestling down in the serenity of Mount Field National Park. The Park offers various accommodation options, from well-equipped campsites to cozy cabins and lodges (some very cute options here that we really enjoyed).

Walk to Russell Falls (morning of Day 11)

thundering Russell Falls in Mount Field National Park
Russell Falls in Mount Field National Park

Begin the extra day of your Tasmania road trip 10 days itinerary by visiting one of Tasmania’s most adored natural wonders, Russell Falls. A leisurely walk through towering tree ferns and moss-covered giants of the forest brings you to the base of this tiered–cascade waterfall

The walk wheelchair accessible and suits all fitness levels. I was so awe-struck by this waterfall (and I’ve seen a lot of waterfalls in my day!) that I stood there mesmerized by it for quite some time. 

It’s a sight to behold, especially after a good rainfall when it’s in full flow. A perfect inclusion in a Tasmania itinerary 10 days for families.

Optional: Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls

If you are up for a slightly more strenuous walk, the short path continues uphill to Horseshoe Falls. This cascading waterfall set amid the dense Tasmanian rainforest is well worth the extra effort (yes, there are several sets of stairs). 

Drive to Hobart Airport

Following your waterfall adventures, it’s time to make your way back to Hobart. The drive from Mount Field National Park to Hobart Airport takes approximately 1.5 hours, so ensure you allow plenty of time to return your rental car and check-in for your flight. 

The scenic drive is a fitting conclusion to your fly drive Tasmania 10 days adventure.

Depart Tasmania

And just like that, your incredible Tasmania 10 day self drive itinerary comes to an end. With memories of stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, rich history, and scrumptious local produce, you’ll depart Tasmania with a longing to return. 

Whether you were on a Tasmania honeymoon itinerary, a family holiday, or a solo adventure, the experiences and encounters in this amazing corner of the world are sure to stay with you forever – that’s definitely what happened to me!

quiet curving road into the distance with green farm land and shrubbery to each side

2 Week Tasmania Itinerary Option

Based on my experience on my lap of Tasmania, I have put together a recommended 2 week itinerary for Tasmania. Generally speaking, you will see the same attractions as the 10 day Tasmania itinerary but have more time to enjoy them.

Options to extend your 10 day itinerary for Tasmania to 2 weeks:

  • Stay one night in Cradle Mountain instead of driving to Strahan
  • Stay one night on Bruny Island
  • Stay an additional night in Freycinet for more hiking
  • Stay an additional night in Bay of Fires for a beach day
  • Stay one night near Mount Field National Park
  • Explore Northwest Tasmania & Stanley for 1 – 2 nights

My recommended Tasmania 2 week itinerary based on my time on the island would be:

  • Day 1 & 2: Hobart
  • Day 3: Bruny Island
  • Day 4: Port Arthur
  • Day 5 & 6: Freycinet National Park
  • Day 7 & 8: Bay of Fires
  • Day 9 & 10: Launceston & Tamar Valley
  • Day 11: Cradle Mountain National Park
  • Day 12: Strahan & Gordon River
  • Day 13: Mount Field National Park
  • Day 14: Fly home
boulders of many different sizes scattered along a coastline with calm tidal pools and orange lichen in Bay of Fires Conservation Area
Bay of Fires Conversation Area, Tasmania

7 Days Tasmania Itinerary Option

If you only have a week in Tasmania, I recommend cutting Cradle Mountain National Park and Strahan with the Gordon River cruise from your trip.

Following the 10 day itinerary, instead of travelling onward from Launceston, you can head straight to the Launceston Airport to drop off your rental car and fly out from here.

Do note, there may be an additional fee to start and end your rental car contract in different locations.

  • Day 1 & 2: Hobart
  • Day 3: Bruny Island
  • Day 4: Port Arthur
  • Day 5: Freycinet National Park
  • Day 6: Bay of Fires
  • Day 7: Launceston & Tamar Valley

Detailed guide to a Tasmania east coast road trip

overlooking the small town of Bicheno with a mounted landscape in the middle and ocean in the distance on a road trip in Tasmania
Town of Bicheno on Tasmania’s East Coast

Best Time to Visit Tasmania

When planning your Tasmania self-drive itinerary 10 days long, one of the key considerations is the time of year. Tasmania, with its temperate maritime climate, offers unique experiences across all seasons. Here’s a breakdown:

Spring (September to November) – When I Visited

Tasmania blooms in spring, transforming the landscape into a colourful spectacle of wildflowers. 

This time is ideal for outdoor activities, such as hiking in Cradle Mountain NP and exploring the Tamar Valley. Note that the weather can be a bit unpredictable, so pack layers. Spring could be an excellent time for your Tasmania east coast itinerary.

I completed my Tasmania driving itinerary in November and it was really lovely weather. Yes, you will get a few cloudy days and some days where you will need a warm jacket to break the wind but overall the weather was great and sunny for our trip to Tasmania.

Do note, that the hike around Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain was very chilly (around 3°C) with blustery winds and rain and my mom and I really regretted not bringing warmer layers for this specific activity.

Summer (December to February)

Summertime is when Tasmania sees the highest tourist influx, thanks to long, sunny days and warm temperatures – perfect for a Tasmania 10 day self-drive itinerary. You can enjoy the stunning beaches of Bay of Fires or go on a wine tasting tour. 

Summer also sees numerous festivals, like Taste of Tasmania. 

Autumn (March to May)

Autumn in Tasmania is a sight to behold, with hues of red, orange, and gold blanketing the landscape

The mild climate makes it perfect for exploring the outdoors. Also, with fewer tourists around, you might have some iconic spots, like Wineglass Bay, almost all to yourself in your Tasmania trip itinerary.

cold day and wintery climate along a road outside of Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania
Highway just outside of Cradle Mountain National Park in November

Winter (June to August)

For those who don’t mind the cold, a Tasmania winter road trip offers a unique charm. Snow-dusted landscapes, roaring log fires, and winter festivals, like the Dark Mofo, add to the island’s allure. 

Winter is also a great time to visit the museums and galleries like MONA.

To sum up, there’s no definitive best time for your Tasmania 10 day tour. It depends on your preferences, be it warm beach weather or cosy winter vibes, bustling festival season or peaceful off-peak exploration. 

No matter when you choose to visit, Tasmania’s natural beauty and cultural experiences promise a memorable adventure.

Tasmania 10 Day Itinerary FAQ

Is 10 Days Enough for Tasmania?

A 10-day road trip around Tasmania can be quite comprehensive, allowing you to experience a vast range of what the island has to offer. From exploring Hobart’s history and culture to hiking in the renowned Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, 10 days gives you a solid introduction to Tasmania.

Can you Drive around Tasmania in 10 Days?

Absolutely. A Tasmania 10 day self-drive itinerary is a popular choice among travelers. This timeframe lets you tour significant parts of the island, from the east coast’s breathtaking beaches to the rugged wilderness of the west coast. Always remember to allow time for unexpected detours and adventures!

Do I Need a Car in Tasmania?

While public transportation is available, having a car provides unparalleled flexibility to explore Tasmania. A car is especially beneficial if you plan to venture beyond the main towns. It is essential for a Tasmania self drive 10 day itinerary, allowing you to discover hidden gems at your own pace.

How Do I Rent a Car in Tasmania?

Renting a car in Tasmania is straightforward. Numerous international and local car rental companies are available, particularly at airports in Hobart and Launceston. Online booking is typically the easiest way to secure a rental, especially during the peak summer season.

What Side of the Road does Tasmania Drive on?

Tasmania, like the rest of Australia, follows the left-hand driving rule. This is an important detail to remember when planning your Tasmania 10 day self-drive itinerary, particularly for those accustomed to driving on the right.

Is it Worth Going to Tasmania?

Absolutely, Tasmania is a treasure trove of unique experiences. Its diverse landscapes, fascinating wildlife, rich history, and vibrant food and wine scene make it a must-visit destination. A Tasmania road trip 10 days long allows you to soak in its stunning natural beauty and local culture.

Why is Tasmania so Famous?

Tasmania is famous for its untouched wilderness, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and extraordinary wildlife, including the iconic Tasmanian devil. Its rich convict history, charming colonial architecture, and burgeoning food and wine scene also draw visitors. The 10 day Tasmania self drive itinerary has become a popular way to experience these attractions.

How Do I Plan a Trip to Tasmania?

Planning a trip to Tasmania involves considering the time of year, deciding the duration of stay, choosing locations to visit based on interests, and booking accommodation and transportation. A 10 day Tasmania itinerary from Hobart or Launceston can cover most top attractions. Researching and booking activities in advance is also recommended.

Is Tasmania Expensive?

Tasmania can be a moderately priced destination, depending on your travel style. While certain experiences, like fine dining or guided tours, can be expensive, there are also plenty of free and affordable activities, such as hiking in national parks or visiting public museums. Accommodation costs also vary widely.

Do I Need a Visa for Tasmania?

Tasmania is part of Australia, so international travelers will need a valid Australian visa to visit. The specific type of visa depends on your nationality, purpose of visit, and intended duration of stay. Please consult the Australian Department of Home Affairs website for the most accurate information.

Do I Need a Tasmania National Parks Pass?

Yes, a Tasmania National Parks Pass is necessary if you plan on visiting any of the national parks in Tasmania during your Tasmania 10 day self drive itinerary. The pass helps contribute to the maintenance and preservation of these stunning natural areas. You can purchase a pass online or at visitor centers.

What is the Best Way to Get Around Tasmania?

The best way to get around Tasmania is by car, offering flexibility and the ability to cover more ground. A Tasmania road trip planner would come in handy. There’s public transportation available in larger towns and cities, but services can be limited in rural areas and a car is required for some tourist attractions.

What Months are Best in Tasmania?

The best months to visit Tasmania for milder weather are during Australia’s spring and autumn, specifically October, November, March, and April. However, a Tasmania winter road trip can also offer unique experiences like winter festivals, snow-covered landscapes, and the possibility of seeing the Southern Lights.

What is the Best Month to Visit Tasmania?

February is often cited as the best month to visit Tasmania, as it’s typically the warmest and driest month. This makes it a great time for outdoor activities and exploring sites on your Tasmania trip itinerary. However, each season offers its unique charm and experiences, so it largely depends on personal preference.

What is the Coldest Month in Tasmania?

July is generally the coldest month in Tasmania, with average temperatures ranging from 3-12 degrees Celsius. Winter can be a magical time for a Tasmania 10 day tour, with snowy mountain peaks, crisp air, and fewer tourists. However, some attractions may have limited access, so be sure to plan accordingly.

10 Days in Tasmania Itinerary Conclusion

As we draw to a close on our 10-day Tasmania itinerary, I hope this extensive guide, a true best Tasmania itinerary, has inspired you to undertake your own Tasmanian adventure.

Whether it’s exploring the charming corners of Hobart, immersing yourself in the stunning landscapes of the Bay of Fires, or journeying through history at the Port Arthur Historic Site, there’s something for everyone in Tasmania.

Armed with essential tips for renting a car, an understanding of the Tasmania National Parks Pass and insights on the best time to visit Tasmania, you’re now ready to undertake your own Tasmania road trip 10 days journey. Remember, Tasmania’s beauty is endless and diverse, thus our Tasmania itinerary 10 days offers just a taste of what you can explore in this incredible destination. 

The island awaits you, promising a trip full of unforgettable memories and breathtaking sights. 

Safe travels!

Tasmania Travel Planning Guide

Is it safe to rent a car in Tasmania?

Absolutely, it is safe to rent a car in Tasmania. In fact, renting a car in Tasmania is the best way to see and explore the island.

You can make a very scenic lap of Tasmania in 10 days with your own rental vehicle. Plus public transportation between major tourist hubs in Tasmania is relatively limited.

What is the best way to book my Tasmania accommodation?

I always use for all of my accommodation worldwide, and Tasmania is no exception. I stayed in some really epic places on my adventure around the island.

For more cozy apartment-style accommodation try VRBO (better and safer than Airbnb).

Can you drink tap water in Tasmania?

Heck yes! Tasmania has some of the cleanest tap water in the world. Outside of a few small rural areas where this might not be the case, I really enjoyed drinking straight from the tap in Tasmania.

If you plan to do a lot of hiking in Tasmania, I recommend bringing my favourite self-filtering water bottle with you, just in case.

What are the best day tours in Tasmania?

Taking a day tour in and around Tasmania is a must when visiting the island.

I highly recommend (and have been on!) the Tasman Island Cruise, the gourmet Bruny Island day tour, the Tamar Valley wine tour and the Gordon River Cruise.

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