Best Bruny Island Day Trip Itinerary + Things to Do on Bruny Island Tasmania (2024)

bruny island day trip
Bruny Island Tasmania

A day trip to Bruny Island from Hobart is a common way to experience this gourmet haven. If you don’t have a night or two to spend on Bruny Island Tasmania, you can opt to explore this Bruny Island itinerary with your own rental car, or take a Bruny Island tour for a no-hassle visit. 

A Bruny Island day trip sits at the top of my list of things to see and experience while on a grand Tasmania road trip, or just weekending from the mainland. Things to do on Bruny Island in Tasmania are numerous, but the real feature here is the Bruny Island food. 

From incredible leatherwood honey at Bruny Island Honey, the morsels of goodness from Bruny Island cheese, to the famous Bruny Island oysters from Get Shucked, you will end your day on Bruny Island full and incredibly satisfied.

Oh, and don’t forget to stop for a packet of the whisky chocolate fudge from Bruny Island Chocolate Co. and wine tasting at Bruny Island Premium Wines overlooking their beautiful vineyard.

Beyond the gourmet delights (which is reason enough to visit Bruny Island in my humble opinion), you will find a few natural and manmade attractions worth your time. My particular favourite was the Bruny Island lighthouse, with epic views over the southern coastline and The Neck Bruny Island lookout which is a must see when driving from north to south Bruny Island.

There’s a plethora of fantastic Bruny Island walks for the more adventurous traveller, too.

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This detailed guide to the perfect Bruny Island day trip is based on my firsthand experience and will outline how to get from Hobart to Bruny Island, the ferry to Bruny Island, my recommended Bruny Island tours, and a step-by-step guide to the ideal Bruny Island itinerary. And, if you have enough time for an overnight stay, the top Bruny Island accommodation and restaurants.

So, is Bruny Island worth visiting? If you are a foodie like me, without a doubt it’s one of the top things to do on the entire island of Tasmania.

Now, let’s dig into this exciting food-filled day trip to Bruny Island Tas.

A Bruny Island day trip is one of the best day trips from Hobart

Getting to Bruny Island Tasmania

Wondering how to get to Bruny Island from Hobart? I have you covered. Are cars allowed on Bruny Island? Yes, and it’s one of the best ways to see the island. 

The two most common ways are by rental car (with a scenic trip on the Bruny Island ferry) or by an organized and guided Bruny Island tour or Bruny Island cruise. 

By Car from Hobart to Bruny Island

If you intend to travel to Bruny Island by car (this is what I did!), I suggest getting a start out of Hobart around 8AM. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the Bruny Island Ferry Terminal in Kettering down the coastline. Is Bruny Island free? No. But a return ticket is only $46 AUD including passengers for a typical-sized car. There’s no need to buy a ticket ahead of time, just purchase one when you get there. 

The scenic crossing only takes 20 minutes. Bruny Island ferry times run every 20 minutes and start at 7:10AM (6:10AM Monday through Friday). The last departing ferry from Bruny Island back to the mainland is at 7:15PM, so don’t miss it!

bruny island itinerary
Bruny Island Ferry

NOTE | The island only has one petrol station at the Bruny Island supermarket in Adventure Bay. Make sure to fill up your car in Hobart before venturing out.

NOTE | All Bruny Island roads are paved. You do not need a 4×4 vehicle to visit Bruny Island.

Don’t worry about keeping your ticket from the morning when arriving at the ferry port on Bruny Island to sail back to the mainland (they don’t check it!). Just line up, drive on and bob’s your uncle. Allow approximately an hour to get from Bruny Island to Hobart at the end of your epic day.

By Hobart to Bruny Island Tour

Experiencing a day trip to Bruny Island is commonly done by an organized Bruny Island tour. The great thing about purchasing a tour is they pick you up at your hotel in downtown Hobart, take care of transportation, and you have access to a knowledgeable local guide. It really is the most fuss-free way to tour Bruny Island.

This Bruny Island Gourmet Tour is my top recommendation

Map of Bruny Island Day Trip from Hobart

This Bruny Island map gives you a good idea of unmissable Bruny Island things to do along your Bruny Island itinerary. These Bruny Island attractions follow a logical driving route if you decide to visit the island with the flexibility of a rental car. Otherwise, your Bruny Island tours guide will take care of it for you. 

Map of Day Trip to Bruny Island Itinerary Route
Day Trip to Bruny Island Itinerary Route

Day Trip to Bruny Island Itinerary

My recommended day trip from Hobart to Bruny Island includes gourmet food stops (I’ve tried them all!), natural attractions and man-made, alike. I’ve also included some walking and hiking stops for the more active travellers. 

This really is the ideal Bruny Island itinerary to visit Bruny Island. Make sure to be on the island by 9AM, since this is a jam-packed day! Your last stop will be at 5PM, so you can expect to spend a solid 8 hours exploring this beautiful gourmet mecca.

Is one day enough on Bruny Island? A resounding yes. While of course, there is plenty to do on Bruny Island if you have more time, too.

Bruny Island Day Trip: Morning

View from Bruny Island Lighthouse
View from the Bruny Island Lighthouse

1. Coffee & Cheese at Bruny Island Cheese Company

This stop was on the top of my Bruny Island to do list. I mean, you can’t go wrong with coffee, cheese and beer. And it truly didn’t disappoint! The Bruny Island Cheese Company is about a 15-minute drive from the Bruny Island ferry port, and will be the first stop along your Bruny Island day trip. 

The shop opens at 9AM which means you can grab a delicious coffee made from Tasmanian dairy. Since you are likely on holiday, you can accompany your coffee with a beer flight (4 tasters come with the beer-tasting board) or choose to return in the afternoon if beer before noon isn’t really your style. 

Bruny Island Cheese Company a top Bruny Island things to do
Bruny Island Cheese Company

Of course, you can’t leave without digging into some samples of Bruny Island cheeses. Whether you love a creamy camembert, sharp blue cheese or aged cheddar, you will find a top-notch rendition here. 

Take a peek inside their cheese room to see little baby cheeses aging to perfection. We took two cheese wheels to go and enjoyed it as part of a larger Bruny Island smorgasbord for our overnight stay, but you can always bring them back to Hobart or enjoy them on their plentiful outdoor patio.

WHERE | Bruny Island Cheese Company


2. Bruny Island Honey Tasting

A 4-minute drive south you will find Bruny Island Honey on the right-hand side. 

Something you can find in plentiful amounts all over Tasmania is incredible honey, and Bruny Island Honey is no exception. I fell in love with the local leatherwood honey in all its forms – raw and whipped. Please, do me a favour and don’t leave the island without tasting this magical epicurean delight (they offer complimentary tastings of all their top sellers).

Bruny Island Honey also offers honey in all sorts of different flavours and forms for every taste and preference. I also took a small honey ice cream to go – yum!

WHERE | Bruny Island Honey


3. The Neck & Truganini Lookout

The Neck Bruny Island to do
The Neck & Truganini Lookout

The Neck is a thin piece of land and a beautiful white sand beach that connects North Bruny Island to South Bruny Island. Here you will find the Truganini Lookout located in The Neck Bruny Island Game Reserve.

Almost 300 wooden steps will take you up to the Truganini Monument and lookout where you will be greeted by stunning views over The Neck and South Bruny Island. You can see a long strip of white sand beach on the left-hand side and on the right-hand side a cove where you can see black swans. Make sure to safely cross the road after arriving back at the car park to see these majestic creatures a little closer.

The Truganini Monument is dedicated to Truganini, the daughter of the chief of Lunnawannalonna (now Bruny Island) before the European settlement in the early 1800s. She did tremendous work unifying what was left of Tasmania’s remaining indigenous communities.

Truganini Lookout on Bruny Island
Truganini Monument

If you are staying overnight in one of the idyllic Bruny Island accommodations, you can travel back to The Neck Observatory Platform at the beach when dark falls to witness the incredible Bruny Island penguins (aptly named Ferry Penguins) come ashore in thousands. You have to be very patient, and very quiet if you decide to visit. Any noise or light and the penguins won’t come onto the beach. 

What time of year are penguins on Bruny Island? You may ask. Well, most waddle ashore between July and March. But as the climate shifts and the ferry penguin’s behaviour changes, you may get the odd chance to see them from April – June.

WHERE | The Truganini Lookout at Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve

4. Pick up a Loaf at Bread Fridge

This is an optional stop along your Bruny Island day trip for anyone looking to take a loaf of bread home with them. This charming little business is a vintage fridge located on the side of the road, full of freshly baked bread. The Bread Fridge runs on the honour system, so you can throw your cash in the money slot or even transfer your payment online. 

You can’t go wrong with any selection here, I thoroughly enjoyed my loaf with some Bruny Island honey and butter – delish!

WHERE | Bread Fridge

5. Explore Bruny Island Lighthouse

Bruny Island Lighthouse
Bruny Island Lighthouse

When it comes to Bruny Island activities that don’t involve food, the Bruny Island Lighthouse was my favourite. Perched on a peninsula at the southernmost tip of Bruny Island, the lighthouse has stunning views of the picturesque coastline and beyond. To reach the lighthouse, travel southwards about 45 minute’s drive from The Neck.

Originally erected in 1836 and first lit in 1938, the Bruny Island lighthouse guided ships along the southern coastlines of Tasmania and has since been heritage-listed. The lighthouse stands at a dominant 114m height.

About 5 minutes before reaching the Bruny Island lighthouse, you will come across the Mabel Bay Lookout on the left. Here you will find a sign that states that visiting the lighthouse requires a Tasmanian National Parks Pass

Do note, that most cellphone plans and SIM cards will not receive an internet signal out this far, so purchasing a pass on your phone will likely not work. To this end, make sure to purchase a Tasmanian National Parks Pass before visiting Bruny Island.

I will have to admit, that we didn’t have a pass when we pulled up to the iconic Bruny Island lighthouse and there was no one there checking for passes in your window. This doesn’t mean it will always be the case, though. If you decide to risk it, you do it at your own discretion. 

You can reach the top of the hill where the lighthouse sits within a 5-minute walk. But if you want to climb to the top of the lighthouse, you will require an organized 30-minute tour which can be purchased in advance or on the spot at the building across from the parking lot. The tours run every half hour.

green and blue cliffs on a Bruny Island day trip from Hobart Tasmania
Insane Landscapes at Bruny Island Lighthouse

NOTE | The road leading out to Bruny Island lighthouse (just south of Lunnawanna) is unpaved and riddled with potholes. Make sure to schedule enough time to drive slowly along this road

NOTE | If you are self-driving this Bruny Island itinerary, most tours will arrive and stay at the lighthouse between 11:30AM – 1PM. It’s best to avoid this time.

WHERE | Bruny Island Lighthouse


Bruny Island Day Trip: Afternoon

Beach at Adventure Bay on Bruny Island Itinerary
Beach in Adventure Bay, Bruny Island

6. Lunch + Wine at Bruny Island Premium Wines

You’ve made your way back up the bumpy road from the lighthouse and now its time to dig into a plate of mussels or an Island Tasting Platter ripe with local hot smoked salmon, oysters, cured wallaby, cheese, chorizo, olives, breads and spreads. The platter is perfect for sharing. 

Of course, you can’t visit this Bruny Island winery without pulling up to the tasting bar. Serving up some light and bright chardonnay and sauvignon blanc or reds like cabernet merlot and pinot noir

Bruny Island Premium Wines vineyard
Bruny Island Premium Wines Vineyard

TIP | Make sure to try Bruny Island Premium Wines’ Bruny Island cider (the apple variety) – a surprising treat on this Bruny Island day trip.

After a leisurely lunch, take a few photos of the vineyard and pop back into the car to head to your next stop.

WHERE | Bruny Island Premium Wine


7. Whisky Fudge at Bruny Island Chocolate Co. 

It’s time to head over to the east side of South Bruny Island. 

First things first, a Bruny Island what to do that can’t be missed – the whisky fudge at Bruny Island Chocolate Co.! This was definitely the best fudge I’ve ever had. Creamy, smooth and not incredibly sweet like more traditional types of fudge. Plus the whisky balances it out nicely. I bought a few to take home for family and friends because it makes a great gift, wrapped up in really cute tins.  

You can find a plethora of other flavours of truffle chocolates and bars here too, there’s something for everyone!

WHERE | Bruny Island Chocolate Co.


8. Adventure Bay & Optional Fluted Cape Walk

Adventure Bay and Fluted Cape Bruny Island walks
Adventure Bay on Bruny Island Tasmania

It’s time to get that body moving after a leisurely lunch, wine and chocolate tasting. After a meandering drive along the east coast of Bruny Island, you will find yourself in Adventure Bay. This small hamlet only offers up one general store (where you can find the only petrol station) and a small eatery attached. 

But what Adventure Bay has in spades is beautiful secluded beaches and trails made for scenic walking. Make stops at Coal Point, Two Tree Point and the Bruny Island globe before heading towards the Fluted Cape parking lot at the southernmost end of Adventure Bay. 

I recommend partaking in the first part of the Fluted Cape Walk that takes you out to Grass Point. The walk should take approximately 45 minutes along a flat trail. For something more challenging you can complete the entire Fluted Cape walk. The track takes about 2.5 hours to complete along a 6km loop with steep sections.

Feeling peckish after your hike? You can grab a sweet treat at Bruny Island Raspberry Farm on your way out of Adventure Bay.

More Optional Bruny Island Activities in Adventure Bay:

  • Bligh Museum of Pacific Exploration: Open 10AM – 4PM
  • Mavista Picnic Area & Walking Track
  • Bruny Island Raspberry Farm: Open 9AM – 5PM

WHERE | Fluted Cape Parking Lot

Can you swim on Bruny Island? In the summer months, you most definitely can enjoy a dip in the clear waters of Bruny Island. I can recommend beaches in Adventure Bay, and Cloudy Bay Lagoon on your way to the lighthouse.

Beach in Alonnah on Bruny Island Tasmania
Beach in Alonnah, Bruny Island

9. Cape Queen Elizabeth Track

After you’ve crossed The Neck for the second time, you will find the trailhead to Cape Queen Elizabeth Track opposite Bruny Island Honey. This is an optional activity along your day trip to Bruny Island itinerary since it does take 2 hours return to walk out to Blighs Rocks and The Arch.

If you have more time on your hands, continue your walk out to Cape Queen Elizabeth for stunning views of the eastern coastline. This walking track is deemed easy difficulty and takes about 3.5 hours return.

WHERE | Cape Queen Elizabeth Trailhead

10. Bruny Island Oysters at Get Shucked

Bruny Island Oysters
Mixed dozen of Bruny Island Oysters

Last, but certainly not least, is chowing down on a plate of incredible Bruny Island oysters at Get Shucked. 

Make sure to get here before they close at 4:30PM, since this is a Bruny Island day trip must. I recommended ordering a dozen of mixed oysters. This plate comes with 4 fresh oysters, 4 Kilpatrick oysters and 4 crumbed oysters. Wash it down with a Tassie wine or beer and it makes the perfect ending to your Bruny Island day trip.

Ultimately, the fresh oysters, picked daily from the Bruny Island oyster farm were my favourite, so I can highly recommend committing to a dozen of fresh oysters when you visit.

WHERE | Get Shucked

HOURS OF TRADE | 9:30AM – 4:30PM

11. Whisky Tasting at Bruny Island House of Whisky

If you are a fan of the deep toasty spirit, you can make this optional stop along your day trip to Bruny Island from Hobart. It’s conveniently located along the road on your way back to the Bruny Island ferry terminal. 

Here you can taste a delicious rendition of Tasmanian single malt whisky or for something more light and herbal, their limited-release gins. Choose from over 150 varieties of Tasmanian whisky for your whisky tasting flight, and then simply sip and enjoy the views over Bruny Island.

WHERE | Bruny Island House of Whisky 


Bruny Island wildlife
Spotted a Wallaby on Bruny Island Tasmania

Other Things to Do on Bruny Island Tasmania

Things to do on Bruny Island are plentiful. You can easily spend a couple of jam-packed days here and not be disappointed. I’ve tried to give you my top recommendations of Bruny Island attractions (from my firsthand experience) to make up this epic Bruny Island day trip, but ultimately it’s up to you! Here are a few other suggestions to include in a Bruny Island to do list.

South Bruny Island

  • Grass Point Walk
  • Bligh Museum of Pacific Exploration
  • Ashdale Miniature Farm
  • Court House History Room in Alonnah
  • Inala Nature Museum & Jurassic Gardens
  • Dennes Point Heritage Trail
  • Labillardiere Peninsula

North Bruny Island

  • Bruny Island Quarantine Station
Bruny Island Ferry times and port
The Bruny Island Ferry Port at Kettering

Best Bruny Island Walks

My favourite thing (other than the food) about Tasmania as a whole is the incredible nature and trail walking possibilities. Of course, Bruny Island is no exception. It’s a great opportunity to see Bruny Island wildlife, like the elusive Bruny Island white wallaby, and explore the beautiful flora and fauna and views of the region. 

Bruny Island hikes vary in length and difficulty, with some taking up to 3.5 hours to complete with steep ascends, and others an easy 35-minute stroll along flat terrain. Whether you are a casual trail walker or an avid adventure hiker, Bruny Island has something for you. 

I have suggested the Fluted Cape Walk, Grass Point Walk and optional Cape Queen Elizabeth Track along this day trip to Bruny Island as I feel they cover the best terrain and views the island offers. All times below are return:

  • Grass Point – 45 minutes (easy)
  • Fluted Cape Walk – 2.5 hours (challenging)
  • Cape Queen Elizabeth Track – 3.5 hours (easy)
  • Mavista Nature Walk – 35 minutes (easy)
  • Truganini Memorial & The Neck Lookout – 5 minutes (moderate)

Best Bruny Island Day Tours

If you don’t plan on renting a car for your visit to Bruny Island Tasmania, you can choose to explore by an epic full-day Bruny Island tour from Hobart. Most Bruny Island day tour options will have a nice balance of gourmet, nature and man-made attractions to make the most of this epic Bruny Island day trip.

All Hobart to Bruny Island tour options include pick up at your hotel in Hobart, transportation to and from the island (including ferry ride), entrance fees and food tastings.

Bruny Island Gourmet Tour (top pick!)

When it comes to Bruny Island day tours from Hobart, I have a hard time not recommending a food-packed option. This gourmet rendition is my top pick for the best way to see Bruny Island. This Bruny Island food tour doesn’t just include food stops though, except an exclusive tour of Bruny Island lighthouse and a stop at The Neck for epic views from Truganini Lookout.

The best Bruny Island tour duration is a whopping 10.5 hours – a jam-packed day!

Bruny Island Cruise

Cruise Bruny Island Tour

A Bruny Island boat tour is a great way to see the island from the water. For all of you ocean lovers, spend the day aboard a comfortable sea-born vessel, exploring the picturesque coastline from Hobart to Bruny Island. This Bruny Island cruise includes morning tea and lunch. The Cruise Duration is 9.5 Hours.

Best Bruny Island Restaurants

When it comes to food Bruny Island has to offer, you can absolutely fill your stomach by just enjoying small tastings at least of the gourmet Bruny Island itinerary stops. But, if you are looking for a substantial meal, you can grab them at these great Bruny Island restaurants that include the ever-popular Hotel Bruny, a top Bruny Island pub.

  • Hotel Bruny (Alonnah)
  • Bruny Island Premium Wines (Lunnawanna)
  • Mary Bruny (Adventure Bay)
  • Get Shucked (North Bruny Island)

Bruny Island Weather

Bruny Island is blessed with a refreshing cool temperate climate with mild summers and cold winters. The summer months of December through February are the best time to visit Bruny Island for warm pleasant weather and the chance to swim in the ocean. 

The summer months also bring the best chance for blue skies, which is a major plus considering Tasmania’s weather is notoriously unpredictable. You can expect temperatures that reach a high of 17°C – 23°C.

If you plan to visit Tasmania and Bruny Island during the spring or fall months you can expect intermittently cloudy, rainy and sunny days with highs of 16°C. The early mornings and evenings bring lows of around 8°C. There is a chance of snow and below-freezing temperatures in the winter months of May-August.

I visited Bruny Island in November and can recommend bringing layers. I wore a sweater and light linen pants for the majority of my stay on Bruny Island. A few times I needed to take my sweater off because the sun came out. I also made use of my rain jacket on the very same day.

Day Trip to Bruny Island from Hobart Tasmania

Best Bruny Island Accommodation

Can you stay on Bruny Island? Yes. The island is home to many Bruny Island luxury accommodation options including boutique eco villas and cabins. If you are planning to spend a leisurely Bruny Island long weekend, you have many options at your fingertips. If you’d like to be even further bonded with nature, you can choose one of the top-notch Bruny Island campsites, too.

Most Bruny Island Tasmania accommodation options will be found in Adventure Bay, Lunawanna, and Alonnah. Here is my recommended list of the best Bruny Island hotels and villas:

Secret Spot

Located in Lunawanna

Bruny Island Accomodation
Secret Spot Bruny Island via

43 Degrees Bruny Island

Located in Adventure Bay

Luxury Bruny Island Accommodation
43 Degrees Bruny island via

Adventure Bay Retreat

Located in Adventure Bay

Bruny Island hotels
Adventure Bay Retreat via

Blyth Retreat

Located in Simpsons Bay

bruny island tasmania accommodation
Blyth Retreat Bruny island via

Adventure Bay Holiday Home

Located in Adventure Bay

bruny island caravan park
Adventure Bay Holiday Home via

Captain Hook Holiday Park

Located in Adventure Bay

bruny island campsites
Captain Hook Holiday Park via

Day Trip to Bruny Island Itinerary Conclusion

So, there you have it, my recommended day trip to Bruny Island itinerary with all of the top things to do on Bruny Island Tasmania. From penguins at The Neck to the Bruny Island lighthouse, there are natural and manmade Bruny Island attractions galore.

My particular favourite was to stop at all of the gourmet shops and try all of the beautiful Bruny Island food.

From Bruny Island oysters at Get Shucked to cheese and beer at Bruny Island Cheese Company, sipping wine at Bruny Island Premium Wines, to lapping up the whisky fudge at Bruny Island Chocolate Co., there is something for everyone here.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Safe travels and I hope you enjoy your epic Bruny Island day trip!

Tasmania Travel Planning Guide

Is it safe to rent a car in Tasmania?

Absolutely, it is safe to rent a car in Tasmania. In fact, renting a car in Tasmania is the best way to see and explore the island.

You can make a very scenic lap of Tasmania in 10 days with your own rental vehicle. Plus public transportation between major tourist hubs in Tasmania is relatively limited.

What is the best way to book my Tasmania accommodation?

I always use for all of my accommodation worldwide, and Tasmania is no exception. I stayed in some really epic places on my adventure around the island.

For more cozy apartment-style accommodation try VRBO (better and safer than Airbnb).

Can you drink tap water in Tasmania?

Heck yes! Tasmania has some of the cleanest tap water in the world. Outside of a few small rural areas where this might not be the case, I really enjoyed drinking straight from the tap in Tasmania.

If you plan to do a lot of hiking in Tasmania, I recommend bringing my favourite self-filtering water bottle with you, just in case.

What are the best day tours in Tasmania?

Taking a day tour in and around Tasmania is a must when visiting the island.

I highly recommend (and have been on!) the Tasman Island Cruise, the gourmet Bruny Island day tour, the Tamar Valley wine tour and the Gordon River Cruise.

More Tasmania Travel Guides

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