Where to Stay in Paros Greece: Area Guide + Best Hotels in Paros

where to stay on paros

You’ve decided to visit one of my favourite Greek islands, but now you need to figure out where to stay in Paros and the best hotels. I’ve got you covered.

Paros Island has something for everyone. From where to stay on Paros like the trendy harbour town of Naoussa Paros, with upmarket shopping, chic bars and great beaches, to Lefkes Paros, the verdant hilltop town full of charm and Greek authenticity. Plus, the chilled-out port town of Parikia Paros should be on your list of where to stay Paros, because of its convenient location and amenities. 

You can also find some of the best hotels in Paros Greece in smaller towns along the coastline like Alyki, and Chrissi Akti which are becoming more popular amongst windsurfers and families, or in quieter locales like Parasporos and Drios Paros. Don’t forget about the serene island haven on Antiparos, too! 

You spend 3 nights in Paros on this gorgeous Greece itinerary for the Cyclades

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The best place to stay on Paros and the best hotel in Paros Island Greece really depend on your priorities and preferences, but there’s definitely something here for you. Accommodation in Paros ranges from budget backpacker hostels to luxury boutique hotels in Paros and so many choices in between. 

This guide on the best place to stay Paros will give you all the information you need to book your dream Paros holidays including the best place to stay Paros (and my recommendation on best hotels Paros), best beaches in Paros, best restaurants in Paros, how to get to Paros, and so much more!

Paros Quick Guide

Planning a last-minute trip to Paros Island? Here are the best resources for Paros Greece, plus top Paros tours and the best places to stay in Paros.

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Where is Greek Paros Island

The island of Paros Greece is located in the centre of the Cycladic Island group in the beautiful Aegean Sea. With Mykonos to its north, Naxos to its east, Santorini to its south and Milos to its west, The Greek island of Paros makes a great base for your Cycladic island hopping adventure or for taking day trips to neighbouring Greek islands. 

To reach Paros, you can either take a 45-minute flight from Athens or a leisurely ferry ride from mainland Greece of 3.5 to 5 hours. So, if you are wondering where to stay in Greece, Paros should be at the top of the list.

Click on the Paros map below to be taken to an interactive version of Google Maps to see the location Paros and to peruse Paros Greece map.

where to stay in Paros
where to stay on Paros

About Paros Greece

Dating back as far as 3200BC, Paros has had a long and prosperous past. Of course, with any history that is ancient, there was also turmoil. Over centuries the Greek island Paros was ruled by the Cretans, Minoans, Arcadians, Macedonians, Byzantines, Romans and many more. 

Due to its strategic position in the centre of the Cycladic islands, it became a naval power and because Greece Paros island was more verdant than other neighbouring islands, it became prosperous for metal deposits, and high-quality marble. The latter was used to make masterpieces like the Temple of Apollo on Delos and Venus of Milos. 

In the 14th century, the port of Naoussa was built by the Venetians to keep pirates at bay before the Turkish took over. In 1821 the Greek revolution cemented Paros and the rest of the Cycladic islands as part of modern-day Greece.

Best Time to Visit Paros Island Greece

In terms of the best time of year to visit Paros Greece, it’s always a great idea to plan your trip to the Greek islands in the shoulder months of April/May or September/October

These months bring pleasant (and not boiling hot) weather, great for meandering the alleyways, plus most tourists visit the Greek islands during the summer months of June-August. So, you will have more quiet while visiting Paros island. Another perk of visiting in the shoulder months is lower rates on places to stay in Greece Paros, too. 

If you do plan to visit the island in the summer months, just make sure to book your accommodation Paros in advance, I’m talkin’ springtime. This includes both boutique hotels in Paros and apartments in Paros, but even the budget accommodation options. As the popularity of Paros grows, it will get harder to nail down your favourite Paros hotel if you don’t plan ahead.

In regards to winter months, November through March, ferry and flight itineraries will drastically reduce, plus a lot of the island’s shops and accommodation shut down for the season. So, if you do decide to visit Paros island in the winter months, prepare for a very quiet trip.

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How Many Days
Should I Spend in Paros Greece

Gosh, Paros is one of those islands you could probably stay for a month, but if you are trying to make the most of your yearly vacation time, I would say 4-5 days is a good amount of time. You could visit Paros in 2-3 days if you really needed to, but you may end up missing a couple of Paros attractions.

I’d recommend renting a car once you land by ferry in Parikia. And because Paros is a popular island, I suggest booking in advance. With a car, you can visit highlights like Lefkes, Naoussa, Chrissi Akti’s Golden Beach and make a trip around the island. When my friend and I did this, the drive was one of my favourite parts of my stay in Paros. 

Exploring Naoussa and the surrounding beaches like Santa Maria Beach, Lageri Beach and Monastiri Beach will take a full day if not two. The hilltop town of Lefkes Paros takes a half-day to wander the charming alleyways, and a drive around the island takes a full day, too. 

Plus, don’t forget about Paros’ little sister Antiparos. Take the 10-minute ferry across and enjoy a day lounging on the beach and eating traditional Greek food. 

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Should I Stay in Paros or Naxos?

Can’t decide between Paros or Naxos? Well, depending on your priorities, whether you like to party, or you want a quiet beach holiday, or you want to hike and seek adventure around the island will depend on which island you choose. After spending more than a week on each island, this is my take:


Naxos is well known for being one of the best Cycladic islands for beaches. Long stretches of soft golden sand dot the entire coast of Naxos. Paros, on the other hand, has smaller sandy beaches carved into the books and crannies of the coastline. 

Both have beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas and beach bars, and both have beaches with zero amenities and barely anyone around.

best place to stay in paros


Paros is less than half the size of Naxos making it easier to explore by car. You can also circumference Paros island, whereas there are large parts of Naxos that aren’t navigable by car.

Party Vibes vs. Seclusion

If you are looking for party places Greece with a good mix of socializing, trendy bars, Naoussa Paros is the choice for you. What’s great about Paros though, is it has something for everyone, including more traditional villages like Lefkes, Marpissa and Aliki. 

Whereas Naxos is for quieter beach vacations and island life. Naxos is also more family-friendly in this regard.

where to stay on paros


Both Paros and Naxos are known for kitesurfing and windsurfing at beaches like Chriss Akti on Paros and Mikri Vigla Beach on Naxos. If you are into hiking, Paros has the beautiful Byzantine route that takes you from the inland town of Lefkes and ends at the sea in Piso Livadi.

Which Island is more Touristy?

After spending a good amount of time on each island and exploring everything they have to offer, I can, without a doubt, say both give you a more authentic Greek island experience than neighbouring islands like Santorini and Mykonos. 

Because Paros has a party element, I would conclude that Naxos is the least touristy of the two, but I wouldn’t let the ‘touristy’ factor persuade you from visiting Paros Greece.

best place to stay paros

Where to Stay in Paros Greece:
Parikia or Naoussa or Lefkes?

Alright, so you’ve decided to spend a few days or a week on the island of Paros, but what are the best places to stay in Paros? Well, while spending 10 days on this beautiful island, I visited Lefkes, Naoussa and Parikia at length and can give you my recommendation based on your travel style and priorities:

Parikia Paros | Convenient, loads of amenities

Lefkes Paros | Quiet, authentic, traditional

Naoussa Paros | Lively, upscale, metropolitan

All in all, I’d recommend Parikia for first-timers (this is where I stayed), Naoussa for people who want to enjoy nightlife and shopping, and Lefkes Paros for a more authentic Greek experience. Plus, no matter where you decide to base yourself on your trip to Paros, you can reach Parikia to Naoussa or Parikia to Lefkes in under 20 minutes by rental car anyway.

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How to Get to Paros

You will either be arriving in Paros via the Parikia ferry port or the Paros airport, both of which are located on the western part of the island of Paros. So, I’ve outlined here the best ways how to get to Paros Greece, including by guided tour, ferry and plane.

By Guided Tour

If you are limited on time and you already have accommodation on nearby islands like Naxos, Mykonos or Santorini and at least want to experience a day on Paros island, then a full-day guided tour of Paros Greece is for you.

Catch an early morning ferry to the Parikia Paros port. Your full-day guided tour will start at 9AM by meandering the alleyways of Parikia Paros.

Then take the 10-minute ferry to Antiparos to see the Venetian fortress. After lunch in Piso Livadi, spend the rest of your day discovering the highlights and hidden gems of the hilltop town of Lefkes and the stylish port town of Naoussa.

Taking a guided tour is one of the best ways to see Paros if you are short on time. Plus you get to learn the local history and culture from a knowledgeable guide.

Flights to Paros

A flight to Paros is pretty easily come by from hubs like Athens. Flights to Paros from Santorini and Mykonos during the high season are also plentiful. I use Skyscanner.

Paros Airport

The small airport Paros is located on the southwest side of the island. It takes approximately 15 minutes to drive to the ferry port town of Parikia.

You can either grab the KTEL bus to reach the Parikia bus station for €3 (runs 4 times a day) or arrange a private taxi service to anywhere on Paros island. The bus runs from 9AM – 7:30PM daily.

accommodation in paros

Ferries to Paros

Travelling by ferry is the main means of transport in the Cycladic islands. I used ferries for my two months spent in Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, Naxos and Paros and can recommend it to you. A ferry to Paros from neighbouring islands is common and plentiful

The nice thing about staying in Parikia is the ferry port is conveniently located in the centre of town. Making it easy to reach your accommodation on foot or a short taxi ride or via a Parikia car rental.

Based on your budget, you can choose from multiple ship sailings a day. Speed boats are the most expensive but will get you from island to island quickly. If you would rather be spending your hard-earned money on Paros island experiences, slow ferries are also available. 

I used Ferry Hopper for the entirety of my trip in the Cycladic Islands and booking a ferry Paros was no exception.

where to stay in paros

How to Get Around Paros

For islands like Paros, Naxos and Milos, I will always recommend renting a car as your best means of getting around. This is simply the most convenient, comfortable and efficient way to see what Paros has to offer. But, of course, you can also rent yourself an ATV or scooter if that speaks to you more. 

Renting a Car in Paros

Car rental Paros Greece is pretty easy to find at the port town of Parikia, but if you are planning your trip to Paros Greece, I recommend booking in advance with Discover Cars

What’s great about Discover Cars is they compare local, national and international rental companies to give you the best price, plus they give you full insurance coverage for only $7USD a day (30% lower than booking directly with a local company). You can expect to pay approximately $280USD base for a one-week economy car rental via Discover Cars

Arriving in Paros Island Greece to find that all the car hire Paros companies are sold out would be devastating to your trip to Greek Paros. And, since exploring Paros by car is the best way to see the island, you want to make sure you book in advance!

Remember to check if you need an international driver’s permit before booking a car rent Paros Greece.

If you do decide to wait and book a car rental Paros Greece when you get there, you will find a huge concentration of companies close to the ferry port to find a rental car Paros.

Paros ATV Rental

If driving a car in a foreign country is not your jam, or if you like the maneuverability of a smaller transport, then I’d recommend hiring an ATV through DK Scooters ATV Rental Paros. You can find this Paros ATV rental company within a 3-minute walk from the Paros port. They are open weekdays from 9AM-6PM. 

Make sure you have a properly classified driving license specifically for ATV or quad rentals. You will be denied a rental if you don’t have this. 

TIP | Negotiate the price! There’s always a little wiggle room when it comes to prices on the Greek islands, especially if you offer to pay in cash. If you are renting a scooter, don’t pay more than €20 a day in cash.

Bus Paros

Although I recommend renting a car, ATV or scooter for your time in Paros due to well-maintained roads, you can always board the bus in Paros instead. The bus system services the Naoussa to Parikia route multiple times a day. 

The Paros bus schedule will give you the latest times for the bus route of your choosing.

In general, if you are worried about renting a car, ATV or scooter in a foreign country, you can definitely make due taking the Paros bus from town to town. 

The bus runs from main villages such as Parikia, Naoussa, Lefkes, Drios, Aliki, Antiparos Port, and Paros airport. It’s doable, just make sure to plan out your trip based on the bus schedule in advance, if possible. 

You can find tickets at the Parikia and Naoussa terminal stations as well as stores and mini markets in Parikia, Naoussa, Lefkes, Prodromos, Marmara, Marpissa, Piso Livadi, Drios, Aliki, Punda, Voutakos and Antiparos.

Paros bus tickets range from €1.80 to €3.00 based on the route.

Taxi Paros

Private transfer services are plentiful in Paros, just search in Google and you can have your pick of the litter. I will warn you now though, private taxi services are offered at a pretty high price here in Paros, so I’d opt for a car rental or hop on the local bus.

best hotel in paros

Where to Stay in Paros

Now, are you wondering what the best area to stay in Paros is? Or perhaps the best hotel in Paros Greece? Well, here I will break down each area and accommodation in Paros Greece, plus things to do in Paros and the best restaurants in Paros. After reading this, you will know exactly Paros where to stay.

Most of the best hotels in Paros Greece are located in Parikia, Naoussa, Lefkes, Chrissi Akti and Alyki, with some exceptions for Drios and Prosporos offer some charming Greece beach hotels. 

There aren’t many Paros resort-type accommodation options on the island per se, rather smaller independent Greek beach hotels and apartment-style accommodations on Paros.

I found all of my Greek island accommodation on Booking Paros.

1. Parikia Paros

BEST FOR | First Timers, Convenience, Loads of Amenities, Beaches

where to stay on paros

Parikia is the main tourist town in Paros and the ferry port for all of the island. Once you land at the port, located in the centre of town, Parikia spans out to the left and right. Because of its central location, making it from the Parikia port to your Paros hotel will be a breeze, plus the town’s geographical makeup is mainly flat. 

Just right of the Parikia port is the charming old town sector. At its peak is the Frankish Castle and picturesque blue and white Church of Agios Konstantinos. When visiting make sure to stay for sunset facing west of the church. Peruse the whitewashed alleyways and colourful boutique shops of Parikia’s old town. 

Parikia Paros has a population of 4,500 residents, so the town possessed a laid-back but lively vibe. You can find everything from authentic Greek seafood joints, to bustling street food to fine dining and trendy bars in Parikia. 

Or, simply laze at the beach all day. You can also find two main beaches gracing the shoreline in each direction from the port, Livadia Beach being the most popular. 

Parikia is a perfect base for first-time visitors to Paros because of its convenient location and loads of amenities like hotels and ATV and car rentals. 

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Where is Parikia Paros Greece?

best area to stay in paros

Parikia Paros is the port town where you will land by ferry. It’s located on the central western coast of Paros island nestled into a bay of the same name.

Parikia Greece is built up along a flat stretch of land with two large beaches and hills as a backdrop.

Things to Do in Paros Parikia

When it comes to things to do in Paros Parikia, it has something for everyone. From an archaeological museum, a church with a hundred doors, charming old town to expansive beaches and picturesque windmills.

  • Parikia Old Town
  • Holy Temple of Zoodochos Pigi
  • Parikia Windmill
  • Church of the Virgin Mary Ekatontapyliani

Best Restaurants in Paros Parikia

HELLAS | the best handheld takeaway Greek gyros with vegetarian options
BOUNTARAKI | deeply traditional Greek cuisine with charming digs featuring seafood
ENJOYMENT | underrated breakfast spot with a view of the Holy Temple of Zoodochos Pigi
NICK’S HAMBURGERS | large-sized hamburgers if you are craving western cuisine

Other noteworthy restaurants in Paros Parikia are Evinos Paros, Ephesus Paros and Cuore Rosso Paros.

where to stay paros

Best Hotels in Paros Parikia

Parikia Paros is the main hub for visitors to the island, therefore the hotels in Parikia Paros come in every budget range and comfort level. Anything from Greece hotels on the beach with great views to luxury boutique hotels, to economical apartment-style homestays.

I’ve included Paros Parikia hotels that are aesthetically pleasing places with small luxuries that won’t break the bank. But, of course, I had to throw one in there for all you upmarket accommodation seekers:

parikia paros greece
Argonauta Hotel via Booking.com

Argonauta Hotel | $$

Top Pick! – Smack dab in the middle of Parikia Paros within a 2-minute walk of the ferry port, Argonauta is my absolute top pick. This boutique-style offers personalized service, a relaxing courtyard and bright modern Greek decor. Argonauta even has its own restaurant on-site and offers free parking for your Paros rental car.

paros parikia
Paros Palace via Booking.com

Paros Palace | $$$

Paros Palace is just a 5-minute drive east of the centre of Parikia Paros and comes with a beautiful view of the harbour. All whitewashed tastefully designed suites come with a balcony and some even come with a private pool with views. An excellent breakfast is included in your stay to be enjoyed on your balcony.

paroikia paros greece
Doukissa via Booking.com

Doukissa | $

Located right behind the famous Parikia church and walking distance to everything in town, Doukissa offers cozy rooms that come with a small fridge and TV. Each room comes with either a balcony or terrace with views of town or garden. You can enjoy a fabulous breakfast during your stay.

parikia paros greece
Roses Beach Hotel via Booking.com

Roses Beach Hotel | $

Located on the far north of town, you can walk to the beach from Roses Beach Hotel in 5 minutes flat. If the beach isn’t really for you, you can also enjoy the onsite pool area with multiple loungers and a drink bar at your disposal. Rooms are basic but give you everything you need for a comfortable stay in Parikia.

2. Naoussa

BEST FOR | Social Butterflies, Trendy Bars + Restaurants, Upmarket Shopping

best place to stay paros

Naoussa is the prettiest harbour town on the island. Similar to islands like Mykonos, Naoussa Paros offers chic upmarket shops and restaurants among its picturesque whitewashed and bougainvillea-strewed alleyways

With trendy bars scattered throughout the main part of town and onto the harbour’s promenade, Naoussa can be considered a Greece party place. We aren’t talking backpacker vibes with cheap booze, we are talkin’ sophisticated locales with craft cocktails and comfy lounge seating that spill into the streets. Make sure to book a tasting at the Moraitis Winery, too.

Naoussa village sits directly on Naousa Cove, with sugar-cube Greek architecture and splashes of blue throughout. With the prominent Agioi Anargyroi Church perches on the hillside to the east giving beautiful panoramic views of Naousa Paros and beyond, Naoussa is a feast for the eyes. 

Naoussa Paros has a couple of beaches in town, but the best beaches can be found within a 10-15 drive west and east of the town centre. If you don’t have a rental car, you can take a boat shuttle from Naoussa’s harbour to these epic beaches, too. Spending a day at Santa Maria Beach, Monastiri Beach or Lageri Beach has to be put high on your list of things to do in Paros Naoussa.

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best place to stay in paros

Where is Naoussa Paros?

best paros hotel

The focal point of the picturesque Naoussa Cove along the northern shoreline of Paros is the trendy harbour town of Naoussa.

Flanked by some of the best beaches on the island including Santa Maria Beach, Montasiri Beach and nudist Legari Beach, you can have the best of both worlds. 

You can reach Naoussa Paros from the port of Parikia within a 15-minute drive.

best hotel in paros

Things to Do in Paros Naoussa

Naoussa Paros itself is a top attraction, so meandering the whitewashed alleyways, people watching from a cafe, or perusing the trendy shops should take up most of your time visiting Naoussa. There are also a couple of archaeological sites worth mentioning.

  • Alleyways of Naoussa
  • Naoussa Harbour
  • Trendy Naoussa Bars
  • Agioi Anargyroi Church

Best Restaurants in Paros Naoussa

SOUSOURO | Upscale new-age cuisine in the charming alleyways of Naoussa
ALMOND IN PAROS | Boho chic global restaurant known for brunch
MINOA | Whitewashed stylish interior open for upscale modern Greek cuisine
BARBAROSSA PAROS | Modern seafood with outdoor dining and picturesque views of the harbour

Best Bars in Naoussa Paros

COSMO PAROS | Craft cocktails with alleyway seating. Opens at 8PM
SANTE COCKTAIL BAR | Buzzing courtyard with simple global cocktails. Opens at 6PM
AGOSTA PAROS | Sophisticated cocktails and sunset harbour views. Opens at 6:30PM

best hotels in paros

Best Hotels in Paros Naoussa

Due to Naoussa’s trendy nature, you will be able to find boutique hotels with pools and beautiful decor in most parts of Naoussa (it’s a small town). But, it’s not all upmarket stylish digs in Naoussa, you can also find something to suit your budget in cozy apartments and homestays, too.

If you enjoying a more rustic stay, you can stay at the Blue Aura Camping Paros property just a 7-minute drive west of Naoussa. Other than what I’ve listed below, you can also book a stay at the Astir of Paros property located in nearby Kolimpithres.

naoussa hotel paros
Cove Paros via Booking.com

Cove Paros | $$$ 

Top Pick!Located a stone’s throw from Agioi Anargyroi Beach in the centre of Naoussa, Cove is my top pick for the best place to stay in Paros Naoussa. With perfectly manicured gardens and pool area, designer decor and a selection of suites with private or a shared pool, Cove Paros is a winner in my book. Cove Paros also provides a delicious onsite restaurant and restorative healing centre.

naoussa hotels paros
Bohemian Paros via Booking.com

Bohemian Paros | $$

Bohemian Paros is an Adults only hotel in Naoussa Paros. Located in the centre of Naousa Paros, a couple of minutes walk away from the town’s best bars, this hotel Paros Naoussa also has a happening scene of its own. Congregate by the large shared pool, take in the view of Naoussa cove, and meet a few fellow vacationers.

paros naoussa hotel
Augusta Studios & Apartments via Booking.com

Augusta Studios | $

If you want to experience the liveliness of Naoussa without breaking the bank, then Augusta Studios is for you. Augusta Studios is a Naoussa Paros apartments complex within walking distance of everything Naoussa Paros has to offer. Free parking is available on site.

3. Lefkes Paros

BEST FOR | Authentic Greek Experience, Charming Alleyways

best hotels paros

When you think of a charming hilltop town in Greece, you most likely are thinking about Lefkes. The small town of Lefkes sprawls across the crest of a verdant hill with a statuesque Agia Triada Church standing guard over the people of Lefkes.

 Lefkes Paros is a pedestrian-only village with one main alleyway running from the top of the town to the church. Along the way, you will discover picturesque nooks and crannies, amongst charming courtyards and authentic shops and cafes

If you enjoy hiking, Lefkes is home to one of the best hikes in the Cycladic islands called the Byzantine Route. The hike starts at the base of the church and runs to the harbour town of Piso Livadi at the Aegean Sea. Throughout the leisurely hike, you will roam through olive groves and quaint villages like Marpissa and Prodromos. 

One of my favourite things to do in Lefkes is sitting with a coffee in a courtyard and people watching. It’s such a serene life in Lefkes Paros.

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accommodation in paros

Where is Lefkes Paros?

where to stay in paros

Lefkes Paros enjoys a prominent location amongst the hills of central Paros. With views of the Aegean Sea to the east, sunrises in Lefkes are fabulous.

You can reach Paros Lefkes from the Parikia port in a 20-minute drive along a scenic uphill road.

where to stay on paros island greece

Things to Do in Paros Lefkes

Even though the Lefkes Paros itself is relatively small, it has a few experiences not to be missed on your visit. From munching on traditional baked goods, perusing handmade souvenirs, meandering the picturesque alleyways and hiking to the sea, there is something for everyone in Paros Lefkes.

  • Lefkes Alleyways
  • Agia Triada Church
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Byzantine Route Hike

Best Restaurants in Paros Lefkes

RAMNOS CAFE | Traditional charcuterie boards and craft cocktails with alfresco dining
AGIAZI CAFE | Traditional Greek cuisine on a picturesque square
KAFENION | Traditional Greek share plates and wine with a view of Agia Triada Church
THE BEAUTIFUL SQUARE CAFE | Coffee and light snacks on indeed a beautiful square
AGGELANTONIS AEGEAN COFFEE LAB | A great place to grab a coffee on your visit to Lefkes

best hotels in paros greece

Best Hotels in Lefkes Paros

Lefkes Paros offers charming accommodation options, from modern villas with pools to, homestyle guest houses and unique Paros hotels like a traditional windmill. 

Book yourself a stay in Lefkes Paros for a quiet getaway by the pool, or wandering the cute alleyways. If you are writing a book or need a mental break, staying in Lefkes Paros is for you.

paros lefkes
Sweet Path Villa via Booking.com

Sweet Path Villa | $$$

Top Pick! – This well-located modern villa has everything you could possibly need for a great stay in Lefkes Paros. Lefkes Sweet Path comes complete with a private pool, an outdoor lounge area and dining. With gorgeous views over the valley all the way to the sea, this 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment with equipped kitchen and washing machine means you never have to leave.

lefkes paros greece
Traditional Windmill on Paros Island via Booking.com

Traditional Windmill Paros Island | $$

A stunning traditional windmill gives a truly unique and quintessential Greek experience. This holiday home comes with 1 bedroom, bathroom, small kitchenette, and living space. The traditional windmill also has a quaint private outdoor garden, private parking, and a washing machine.

lefkes village paros
Villa Byzantino via Booking.com

Villa Byzantino | $

Byzantino Villa located in the centre of Lefkes combines modern and traditional decor with boutique detailing. Most villas at this property open out to private furnished verandas and boast hot tubs. Cozy into your complimentary robes and slippers and enjoy the quiet of Lefkes Paros.

4. Chrissi Akti Paros

BEST FOR | Beach Dwellers, Wind-Surfers

where to stay paros island greece

Chrissi Akti Paros is the trendiest little beach town on the island. Think Bali surf vibes. The focal point of Chrissi Akti is the expansive golden sand beach literally called Golden Beach or Chrissi Akti Beach. Due to its location, the beach is well known for windsurfing and kite surfing because of the weather patterns that touch the east coast of Paros. 

All along the beach, you will find beach clubs that offer sunbed and umbrella rentals. The water here is crystal clear and beautiful. Chrissi Akti really is the top beach destination in Paros for people who want to laze the days away under the Greek sun but don’t want to give up on quality hotels on the beach in Greece.

Where is Chrissi Akti Paros?

best paros hotels

Situated on the picturesque southeastern coastline of Paros island, Chrissi Akti is famous for its Golden Beach. The coastal road of Paros runs right past Chrissi Akti, and you can enter the small hamlet within 30 seconds from the main road. 

You can reach Chrissi Akti from the Parikia port in 30 minutes with a scenic drive through the hills of Paros.

Things to Do in Paros Chrisi Akti

  • Wind Surf or Kite Surf
  • Spend the Day at Golden Beach
  • Day Trip to Lefkes or Naoussa

Best Restaurants in Paros Chrissi Akti

THE BEACH PROJECT | Healthy eats and Aperol Spritz on the beach
GOLDEN GARDEN COCKTAIL BAR | Good music and craft cocktails in a Greek courtyard
VERANDA BLUE RESTAURANT | Simple upscale seafood dishes with sea views

best place to stay in paros

Best Hotels in Paros Chrissi Akti

All Hotels in Chrissi Akti are within a 5-minute walk to a golden stretch of sand, so you won’t have to fret about whether you can move from room to beach quickly or not. 

What I’ve found about hotels in Paros Chrissi Akti is that the town is mainly for long-term travellers that spend a week or a month by the beach. Therefore, you’ll find more apartment-style accommodations that come with kitchenettes for making your own meals.

where to stay in paros
Poseidon of Paros Hotel & Spa via Booking.com

Poseidon of Paros Hotel & Spa | $$$

Poseidon of Paros Hotel and Spa is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Paros by a beach. This Greek beach hotel comes with suites that fit 2-4 people with a private room, bathroom and sofa bed in the living room. Each suite opens up to a private veranda with Aegean Sea views. The property offers a beachfront swimming pool, tennis courts and fabulous breakfast from the world-class restaurant.

where to stay in paros
Golden Beach Hotel via Booking.com

Golden Beach Hotel | $$

Top Pick! – Golden Beach Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Chrissi Akti due to the value it offers at the price point. The beachfront hotel offers rooms with a mountain view, sea view or suite-style accommodation with a kitchenette. All rooms come with light, bright and trendy decor. If I was going to stay in Chrissi Akti, it would be here. Book early!

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Seample Studios via Booking.com

Seample Studios | $

A one-minute walk to the beach, Seample Studios is perfect for people looking to stay for a long-term vacation. The apartment-style accommodation comes with a kitchenette, dining table, lounge and private bed and bath. The property comes with free parking and even offers a car rental service.

5. Piso Livadi Paros

BEST FOR | Quiet Harbour views, Large Boat Anchorage, Beach

best hotel in paros

Piso Livadi Paros is a quiet harbour village centred around a large boat anchorage. You can find a row of great Greek food restaurants to one side of the town centre and a small golden sand beach. 

Piso Livadi is so small you can walk anywhere in 5 minutes, with budget-friendly apartment-style hotels and vacation homes taking up the majority of Paros accommodation options. If you walk further south around the peninsula, you can find a larger beach to set up shop for the day. 

Where is Piso Livadi Paros?

best areas to stay in Paros

The harbour town of Piso Livadi is tucked into a cove on the central east coast of Paros, on the opposite side from the Parikia Port.

Even though Piso Livadi is located on the other side of the island, it still only takes 25 minutes by car to get there.

best hotels in paros

Things to Do in Paros Piso Livadi

  • Eat Greek Cuisine at the Harbour Restaurants
  • Laze on Logaras or Punda Beach
  • Explore Nearby Marpissa and Prodromos Villages
  • Day Trip to Lefkes or Naoussa

Best Restaurants in Paros Piso Livadi

PISO PISO BAR | Creative Greek cuisine and meze plates with shoreline views
MARKAKIS | Large airy venue with Greek seafood dishes and views of the harbour

best hotels paros

Best Hotels in Piso Livadi Paros

Hotels in Piso Livadi usually clock in at the midrange price point and are scattered along the cliffside and beachfront. Piso Livadi enjoys a lot of space for privacy is likely.

best hotel paros
Cleopatra Seaside Homes via Booking.com

Cleopatra Seaside Homes | $$

Top Pick! – Cleopatra Seaside Homes is a self-catered accommodation with a full kitchen, including a stove, refrigerator and coffee machine. You can choose from 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with partial or full sea views. The living space, both indoor and outdoor, are complete with cozy seating, you’ll never want to leave. A superb breakfast can be enjoyed at the restaurant located 100m away.

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Aloni Hotel via Booking.com

Aloni Hotel | $$

This classic Cycladic hotel with whitewashed sugar-cube-type architecture sits tiered on the hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. Located a 2-minute walking distance from the main Piso Livadi harbour, you can enjoy Greek food at its finest. All rooms come with a furnished balcony with sea views and some come with a private pool or indoor hot tub.

best paros hotels
Londos Hotel via Booking.com

Londos Hotel | $

Londos Hotel comes with bright and airy standard-style hotel rooms with either a garden or sea view. Great for shorter stays in the harbour town of Piso Livadi Paros. Breakfast included.

6. Drios

BEST FOR | Off the Beaten Track, Beach

accommodation in paros

Dryos Paros is a sleepy seaside hamlet in southeastern Paros. Just a 5-minute drive south from the more lively Chrissi Akti. The village of Drios is spread out along the coastline with the southernmost part overlooking a cliffside and the northern part featuring a small golden sand beach with views of Drionisi island

What Drios has in spades is a higher-end boutique hotel and restaurant scene.

Where is Drios Paros?

hotels paros

Drios Paros can be reached from the Parikia port in 30 minutes, or from the Paros airport in 15 minutes drive.

The small town is just off the main coastal road and very easily accessible by car, ATV or scooter.

Things to Do in Paros Drios

  • Windsurf or kitesurf in Chrissi Akti
  • Hang out at Drios Beach
  • Day trip to Lefkes or Naoussa

Best Restaurants in Paros Drios

KIMA | Modern taverna with fish and meze plates using local ingredients and producers
RESTAURANT ANNA | Great selection of traditional Greek cuisine and wine
YIASOU CAFE | Bakery with coffee, bagel sandwiches and dessert
THE GREEN PROJECT | Global cuisine in a large Greek courtyard with vegetarian options

Best Hotels in Drios Paros

If Naoussa Paros seems too busy for you but you still are looking for top-quality accommodation, Drios is for you. For such a small town most hotel options here come in the luxury price point with only a couple in the midrange and budget range.

Because Dryos Paros is for longer-term visitors, you can find apartment-style accommodation and vacation homes here.

best area to stay paros
Blue Waves Suites via Booking.com

Blue Waves Suites & Apartments | $$$

Top Pick! – Blue Waves Suites offers self-catered apartments to fit up to 6 people. These suites come with a kitchenette, tasteful decor, and furnished balconies on which you can enjoy complimentary breakfast. Great for families or groups of friends and located steps away from Drios Beach.

where to stay paros
Drios Luxury Studios via Booking.com

Drios Luxury Studios | $$

Drios Luxury Studios is located on the quiet main coastal road, just a short 10 minute walk to Drios Beach. A great place to stay if you have a car. With its high-end decor and large shared pool, you can either enjoy peace on your private veranda or sit poolside, enjoy your complimentary breakfast and socialize. Suites can fit anywhere from 1 to 4 people.

accommodation paros
Kleanthi studios via Booking.com

Kleanthi Studios | $

Situated along the coastline just north of Drios Beach, Kleanthi Studios offers apartment-style accommodation with verandas that open out to garden and sea views.

Each unit has a self-catered kitchenette with a mini-refrigerator and cooking stove.

7. Alyki Paros

BEST FOR | Families, Boat Vacationers, Beach Lovers

where to stay in paros greece

Alyki Paros is a small beach town just west of the southernmost tip of the island of Paros. Tucked into a protected harbour allows boats to moor in the inlet with protection from the wind. When visiting Alyki, you will notice quite a few boats moored randomly throughout the harbour. 

The beach at the centre of town is flanked by a row of restaurants and shops to one side and open space to the other. Alyki Beach is a great beach for young families and boaters to spend the day frolicking in the waves and playing on the golden sand. Around to the left of the harbour past the restaurants is the hidden gem of Piso Alyki beach, giving you a choice of two beaches in Alyki Paros. 

Have lunch at Apoplous Greek restaurant and grab a treat at Sophie’s Homemade Delicacies. If you are up for some adventure, you can book a time at the Cycladic Diving Center which offers introductory experiences for kids and adults alike, and full PADI certification, too. 

Where is Aliki Paros?

boutique hotels in paros

Just a quick 7-minute drive south of the Paros airport, Alyki Paros is convenient to get to. If you arrive on Paros by ferry, you can take a bus or shuttle from Parikia to Alyki in 15 minutes flat. Along a scenic coastal road, I may add. 

Aliki is located on the southern tip of the island in a small protected harbour popular for sailors and families. The quiet roads leading into Alyki from the main coastal road all converge on the main Alyki Beach as its focal point.

Things to Do in Paros Aliki

  • Diving with Cycladic Diving Center
  • Laze about on Aliki Beach
  • Enjoy seafood at the harbour-side restaurants
  • Day trip to Parikia

Best Restaurants Paros Alyki

MANOLIS CAFES | Traditional Greek food with global options right on the promenade
PELA LUZ PAROS | Beer and cocktails with harbour views
APOPLOUS | Traditional Greek and wine steps from the sand
SOPHIE’S DELICACIES | Homemade Greek pastries and pies

Best Hotels in Paros Aliki

Because Alyki Paros caters more to families you will find a higher concentration of 2-3 bedroom vacation homes and suites with pullout beds in the living room. Alyki is also a budget-conscious locale, with most Paros accommodation options landing in midrange and budget price points. 

Of course, if you are craving luxury on your Greek Island trip, I’ve included one option for you, too.

best hotels paros
Villa Le Sable via Booking.com

Villa Le Sable | $$$

Situated on a quiet street a block away from the beach, Villa Le Sable offers a home for the whole family or group of friends. The 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa comes with a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room, furnished patio with garden views and laundry machine. The whitewashed Cycladic architecture is just a bonus.

paros resorts
Acoya Suites Paros via Booking.com

Acoya Suites Paros | $$

Top Pick! – Located right on Aliki harbour, Acoya Suites is great for couples. The suite comes with a quaint balcony with sea views and a cozy bed and linens, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

The designer decor is the cherry on top!

hotels paros
KR Apartments via Booking.com

KR Apartments | $

KR Apartments offer a view of the harbour with a private kitchenette, private bathroom and small balcony for enjoying your coffee in the morning or glass of Paros wine in the evening to watch the sun over the Aegean Sea.

8. Parasporos

BEST FOR | Quieter Alternative to Parikia, Beautiful Beach

where to stay on paros

Situated on the west coast a 5-minute drive south of the port town of Parikia, the quiet village of Parasporos enjoys a small beach with crystal clear water nestled into an alcove. Relatively unknown to the average tourist, you can find a lot of local Greeks and long-term travellers in the know here. 

Parasporos enjoys a couple of local restaurants but is mostly comprised of holiday homes and apartments and a grocery store or two. What’s nice about Parasporos’s location is it enjoys the convenience and amenities of Parikia with a quieter island life vibe. 

Where is Parasporos Paros?

where to stay in paros

Easily accessible from the Paros airport or the Parikia ferry port, you can reach Parasporos in less than 10 minutes when you arrive on the island.

The secluded Delfini Beach is the focus here tucked into a little picturesque bay with a backdrop of the Paros hills behind.

Things to Do in Paros Parasporos

  • Spend the Day at Delfini Beach
  • Day Trip to Parikia
  • Take a Boat Cruise Around the Island

Best Restaurants Paros Parasporos

MAGAYA | Modern Greek and Global cuisine steps from Delfini Beach
ZAZALA BEACH BAR | Modern sophisticated cuisine in upmarket beachy digs
NAMI | Japanese and Chinese food in cozy Greek space

Best Hotels in Parasporos Paros

Parasporos offers vacation homes and apartments for locals and long-term travellers that happen to know about the beauty of Parasporos. Most apartments and homes come self-catered for making your own meals and doing your own laundry. There is a resort too if that floats your boat.

where to stay in Paros
Ramnos House via Booking.com

Ramnos House | $$

Top Pick! – An entire 3 bedroom holiday home located 4 minutes away from the beach amongst private arid vegetation. The light and bright Cycladic architecture enhance the cozy living room and dining room and fully furnished patio. Because Ramnos House offers a fully equipped kitchen and laundry, you can concentrate on spending your days relaxing and enjoying island life.

best area in paros
Paros Bay via Booking.com

Paros Bay | $$

One of the only traditional hotels in Parasporos, Paros Bay offers hotel rooms with cozy beds and private bathrooms. The second-floor rooms come with a balcony for watching the sunset and all rooms surround the large shared pool. Located steps away from Delfini Beach, Paros Bay is great for a short-term stay.

best place to stay in Paros
Marili Apartments via Booking.com

Marili Apartments | $

Marili Apartments are budget-friendly studios amongst the vineyards and olive trees of Paros. Offering self-catering studios that can accommodate 1-4 people, and come complete with kitchenette, private bathroom, terrace and BBQ for use. Great for a small family or group of friends.

9. Antiparos

BEST FOR | Off-the-grid Luxury

Antiparos is one of those Greek islands you always picture when thinking of a wonderful Greek holiday. Beautiful beaches, quaint alleyways, and luxury boutique hotels, yet still holds that authentic Greek feeling. Even though the island is known to home movie stars like Tom Hanks, it’s an island made for everyone. 

Spend at least a night here if you can so you have time to explore the many beaches dotted along the coastline, the romantic bougainvillea-strewed alleyways of Chora and more adventurous activities like a trip to Antiparos Cave and trying your hand at wakeboarding.

Where is Antiparos?

best area paros

Located off the main island of Paros to the southwest, you can reach the small island via a ferry out of the port of Pounta Paros. The ferry journey takes approximately 10 minutes and can accommodate your rental car, which I highly advise bringing with you. You will land in Antiparos’s main town (or Chora) with many restaurants and cafes concentrated here. 

With your car, you explore the many pristine beaches of Antiparos and stop along the way for picturesque views of the bay and the Aegean Sea beyond.

where to stay paros

Things to Do in Antiparos

  • Castle of Antiparos
  • Wellness day at The Rooster
  • Spend the day at one of the islands nudist beaches
  • Try waterskiing or wakeboarding
  • A trip to Antiparos Cave

Best Restaurants in Antiparos

SCENT | Authentic Vietnamese cuisine in modern Greek digs
YAM | Great brunch spot with global cuisine
ARGOS | Traditional Greek food in a large trellised courtyard
LITTLE FROG | Craft cocktails in buzzing modern Greek space

best hotels in paros

Best Hotels in Antiparos

You will find the most budget-friendly accommodation focused in the small port town with more luxurious places scattered through the rest of the island of Anti Paros.

where to stay in Paros
Agapi’s Houses via Booking.com

Agapi’s Houses | $$$

Top Pick! – Just outside of Antiparos town, Agapi’s Houses offers homes to accommodate 6-8 people with 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom options. Overlooking the arid landscape of Antiparos, you can sit on your balcony and enjoy views of the Aegean Sea. The self-catering homes come with a full-sized kitchen, laundry and free parking. You can walk to Psaraliki Beach in 5 minutes flat.

best hotels in Paros
ThalaSEA Village via Booking.com

ThalaSEA Village | $$

A 1-minute walk to the beach and 150m from the port of Antiparos, you can’t get more well-located than ThalaSEA village. This Paros hotel offers split-level studios that accommodate up to two people. Perfect for a small family or group of friends. This property also rates very high with couples. The kitchenette comes with a fridge, stove and kettle. Most units have a balcony overlooking the sea.

where to stay in Paros
Asteras via Booking.com

Asteras | $

Just a 2-minute walk to the beach and 100m from the port, you get all the conveniences of staying in Antiparos Chora when you book a stay at Asteras. This budget-friendly accommodation comes with double occupancy rooms, private bathrooms and covered patios.

best place to stay in paros

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Best Tours of Paros Island Greece

Like most Cycladic islands in Greece, you will find much to do upon the water. Boat tours Paros are common and I’ve rounded up the top choices to enjoy everything that Paros island has to offer. If you are wondering what to do in Paros, then one of these tours should be at the top of the list. 

Here is my shortlist of tours to enjoy during your holidays to Paros Greece:

Best Boat Tour Paros

This highly reviewed 10-hour full-day boat tour starts in the port town of Piso Livadi on the west side of Paros. From here you will board the beautiful sailing boat you will spend your day on. Depending on weather conditions, you will sail to Iraklia Island to snorkel through a WWII shipwreck in a secluded bay. 

Spend the rest of the day swimming in the turquoise waters of Schinoussa or Koufonisia and taking lunch off the coastline of Naxos. With a visit to the hidden gem of Antiparos, you will return to the Paros by 7-7:30PM in the evening.

best hotels in paros

Best Paros Island Tour

Whether you are coming for a day from a neighbouring island like Naxos, Mykonos or Santorini, or don’t feel the need to rent a car to explore Paros, this full-day Paros island tour is for you. 

Starting at 9AM in the port town of Parikia, you will first explore the highlights of Parikia town itself including the famous church and whitewashed alleyways of the old town. Then, you will hop on board a bus for the day

You will explore the top attractions of Paros island including the charming town of Lefkes, the stylish harbour village of Naoussa and the quiet luxury of Antiparos. Enjoy a greek lunch in Piso Livadi

I spent 10 days on this gorgeous Greek island, and I can recommend the stops included on this tour.

accommodation in paros

Paros Island Private Photoshoot

Sometimes you just need a professional to capture amazing shots of your Greek holiday, or you want to take beautiful photos for your social feed, either way, this private photoshoot will be a fun time and leave you with photos to look back on fondly.

This Paros island private photoshoot is completely customizable to your preferences and can be taken place at the beach, or any specific location on Paros or Antiparos. 

Easy Day Trip from Paros Options

A great way to experience the Cycladic islands in a short period of time is to book a week or two’s stay on one of the islands and take day trips from there. The island of Paros is the ideal base for this because of its central location amongst the Cycladic islands, making it easy to visit neighbouring islands like Naxos, Mykonos and Santorini.

Here are my recommended options for a day trip from Paros:

Paros to Naxos Tours

best place to stay paros

Naxos Island Highlights by Bus

Arrive at the Naxos port via Ferry Hopper ferry tickets from the Parikia port. The trip is only 25 minutes. Get a full Naxos experience with iconic temples, picturesque villages, local food tastings and a scenic swimming stop in famous Apollonas Bay. If you want to cover the highlights of Naxos in a day, this is the tour for you!

Boat Tour of Naxos + Koufonisia

Make your way via the Parikia Port to Naxos Chora through Ferry Hopper. The tour will start in the Naxos port at 8:30AM and cruise along the coastline stopping in secluded bays to swim and relax. 

Visit idyllic islands like Koufonisia and others depending on the weather conditions. Get treated to a traditional Greek meal made by the crew. This sailing tour is shared with 17 individuals.

Paros to Mykonos Tour

best place to stay in paros

From Paros Island, enjoy a full-day boat tour of nearby Delos and Mykonos Islands. Spend a free 3 hours on Delos, the birthplace of Apollo, and then spend another 3 hours of free time on Mykonos to explore the charming whitewashed alleyways. You will return to your accommodation in Paros in the early evening.

Paros to Santorini Tour

best hotel in paros

Disclaimer: I highly advise booking one or two nights on the island of Santorini to really enjoy the ambience and to properly see the highlights. If that is simply not an option for you and you can’t leave Greece without seeing Santorini, you can opt for a boat trip from the island of Paros to Santorini and back.

where to stay on paros

Best Beaches on Paros Island

Paros isn’t as well known for its beaches as neighbouring Cycladic islands like Naxos, but gosh, you can still find some beautiful gems here. Beaches Paros can be found all over the circumference of the island and aren’t necessarily concentrated in one area.

Rent a car to visit all of the best beaches in Paros and make the most of your sun-drenched Greek holiday on the island of Paros.

The best beach in Paros Greece, in my humble opinion, is either Lageri Beach (a quiet nudist beach near Naoussa) or Chrissi Akti’s Golden Beach.

Here is my shortlist of the best beaches in Paros:

Lageri Beach

where to stay in paros greece

Located on the same peninsula as Santa Maria Beach on northeastern Paros, you will find the secluded Lageri Beach. If you are looking for quiet, this is the place for you. Do note, that Lageri (one of the best beaches in Paros) is classified as a nudist beach, but you are welcome either way. 

Lageri Beach also doesn’t have much access to amenities, so bring water and snacks with you. Park your car at the Lageri Beach access point, and make the 10-minute walk to the beach. Because a day at the beach equals rest and relaxation for me, this was definitely my favourite Paros beach. 

WHERE | Lageri Beach Paros

Chrisi Akti (Golden Beach)

where to stay in paros greece

Chrisi Akti Beach, otherwise known as Golden Beach due to the deep golden colour of the sand, and complemented by the very clear Aegean sea. Its located centrally along the eastern coast of Paros. You can reach Paros Golden Beach via car through the verdant hills of central Paros in about 30 minutes. 

One of the trendier beaches on Paros in my opinion, you have access to sunbeds with umbrellas, cute shops, restaurants, and bars plus you can trip your hand at kitesurfing, too. 

WHERE | Chrisi Akti Beach, Paros

Monastiri Beach

where to stay in paros greece

You can reach the secluded inlet of Monastiri Beach from Parikia in 25 minutes by car. Tucked into a shallow cove, the Monastiri Beach Bar Paros features a sandy inlet with loungers and umbrella rentals (€25 a day). Due to the shallowness of the cove, you can walk out quite far from the beach. You can even rent a paddleboat to float around the cove.

Make sure to take the short walk up to the Monastery of St. John’s of Deti, just above Monastiri Paros for great views of Naoussa Cove and Naoussa Paros Island as a whole. 

WHERE | Monastiri Beach Paros

Santa Maria Beach

where to stay in paros greece

Located at the far northeast corner of Paros, you can find the white sands of Santa Maria Beach. From Parikia, it can be reached in 25 minutes via rental car. This is one of the largest and most expansive beaches on all of Paros island, and you can find everything you need here. 

Park your car or ATV in the ample dirt parking lot and either take up one of the many lounger and umbrella rentals (€9 a day) or throw a blanket on the soft sand. You can also find a couple of restaurants and beach bars at the southern end of the beach. The clear blue waters are so inviting.

If you are up for something more adventurous, you can try diving with ProDivers Paros

WHERE | Santa Maria Beach Paros

Drios Beach

where to stay in paros greece

Just a 5-minute cruise south of Golden Beach is the quiet stretch of sand called Drios Beach. Attached to an even quieter township, the small beach is perfect for those seeking relaxation. The town of Dryos Paros offers some pretty upscale dining experiences and villas. 

WHERE | Drios Beach, Paros

Aliki Beach

where to stay in paros greece

Aliki Paros, located on the south end of the island is a popular place to stay for long-term ex-pats and travellers. Of course, a decent beach is offered in the town, too. The harbour in Aliki also attracts many sailors that moor their boats there to enjoy the amenities in town. 

My friend and I stopped here while touring the entire island and really enjoyed lunch at Apoplous Greek Restaurant and time at the beach. 

WHERE | Aliki Beach Paros

Parasporos Beach

where to stay in paros greece

Located in the small village of Parasporos Paros, just a 5-minute drive south along the coast from Parikia, you can find the tiny but idyllic Parasporos Beach tucked into a harbour. This beach seems to be for people ‘in the know’ as when we visited, we only saw a few locals and long-term visitors. 

The water was such a beautiful turquoise blue colour and crystal clear. I think this was the biggest surprise when it came to the best beaches in Paros and a must-visit

WHERE | Parasporos Beach Paros

Piso Livadi Beach

where to stay in paros greece

It’s worth mentioning the small town of Piso Livadi when it comes to Paros beaches. The small stretch of sand is smack dab in the middle of the seaside restaurants and boat docking. It still looks like the perfect spot to catch some sun if that’s the goal. 

WHERE | Piso Livadi Beach, Paros

where to stay paros

Practical Information:
Paros Island Greece

Paros Island is not considered touristy. Of course, the stylish harbour town of Naoussa can be considered more catered to tourists, but the island as a whole has a lot of Greek authenticities to experience.

Paros is not considered expensive, especially in comparison to neighbouring islands of Mykonos and Santorini. The harbour village of Naoussa will offer the highest budget items like chic bars and boutique hotels. 

You can find accommodation on Paros for as low as $40USD for a decent homestay and as high as thousands of dollars for a luxury resort. A beer costs just over $1USD and an average Greek meal is $9 USD.

Paros Greece accepts euros and credit cards from your home country.

I wouldn’t say the internet on Paros was particularly reliable especially if you are hoping to make video calls. Ask your hotel before booking to send you a screenshot of the internet speed from your room of choice, just in case.

Yes, you can buy a SIM Card on the island of Paros. Just stop by the Vodafone store in Parikia and purchase a prepaid tourist SIM. Purchasing a SIM card in Greece is usually more economical than roaming from your home country.

Depending on where you are flying in from, you may need a power adaptor for your electronics. Greece and in particular Paros takes the 2 round prong Type C and F. If you are coming from North America, make sure to purchase a power adaptor before your trip.

Paros is more traditional when it comes to offering vegan and vegetarian food options. You can peruse most menus and find one or two vegetarian options pretty easily but vegan is a bit more difficult. Make sure to ask the server whether they can accommodate you before sitting down.

The island of Paros is for everyone. From party animals to families and to retired people seeking peace and quiet. Each Paros town is known for something different and accommodates most, if not all, travel types.

Paros is not as pumping as say Mykonos, but the harbour town of Naoussa sure is a great second choice. If you are into nightlife, I’d suggest staying in Naoussa or in the newer part of Parikia.

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