Where to Stay in Naxos Greece: The Best Naxos Hotels + Areas

Best places to stay in Naxos

Alright, you’ve planned your dream trip to the Cycladic islands, and are planning to stay on the island of Naxos Greece for a few days. Well, now you need to figure out where to stay in Naxos, and you’ve come to the right place. 

This guide will answer all your questions about what the best Naxos towns are, where are the best hotels in Naxos Greece, and all the nitty-gritty details to make your Greek vacation the best it can possibly be!

First, you’ve made a really great decision to visit Naxos. There is so much to explore on the largest island in the Cyclades. Start by spending a day in the historic Naxos Chora (the main town of Naxos). Next, cruise up to the charming hilltop villages of Filoti and Halki Naxos and end your trip on the pristine beaches of Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna Naxos and Plaka Beach.

Stay in Naxos for 3 nights during this awesome Cyclades Greece itinerary 

Naxos towns

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While I believe any of these destinations are among the best place to stay in Naxos and will be a good base for your Naxian adventures, Chora Naxos is my top pick for first-timers to Naxos. It’s the main port town, so getting to your accommodation is a breeze, and it has the highest concentration of options for the best hotel in Naxos, Greece. Plus, it has its own beautiful beach, Agios Georgios Naxos. 

Now it’s important to note, that Naxos is a chill island with very few of the party vibes of neighbouring islands like Mykonos (which in my opinion, adds to the charm of Naxos). So accommodation in Naxos consists mainly of holiday villas, apartments and guesthouses. You won’t find all-inclusive resorts here. 

Okay, it’s time to dig into this guide on where to stay on Naxos!

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Naxos Guide Quick Guide

Planning a last-minute trip to Naxos Island? Here are the best resources for Naxos Greece, plus top Naxos tours and the best places to stay in Naxos.

Map of Naxos Greece

Where is Naxos? Naxos has the fortunate situation of being located smack dab in the centre of the Cycladic islands of Greece. With islands such as Paros and Milos to its west, Mykonos to its north and Santorini and Ios to its south, Naxos makes a great base for your adventures around the Cyclades. 

To reach Naxos, you can take a 45-minute flight from Athens or a scenic ferry ride from mainland Greece that makes approximately 3-6 hours depending on what ferry line and route you take. 

Click on the Naxos Island map below to be taken to an interactive version of Google Maps Naxos.

Map of Naxos places to stay

Best Time to Visit Naxos Greece

Because Naxos island is growing in popularity, I’d recommend visiting the island in the shoulder seasons of spring (late May and June) and autumn (September and October). This will also allow you to get better prices on Naxos hotel offerings. 

If you are visiting Naxos for its beautiful beaches (and I suggest you should!), then catching the best rays will be between June-August. 

Best hotels in Naxos
Agios Prokopios Beach, Naxos

Weather in Naxos

Do note, that Naxos also experiences the Meltemi winds, a severe dry northerly wind felt all over the island, and especially on the coastline. What is nice about the Meltemi winds is the ‘cooling off’ effect they can have on the hot, hot Greek sun, making for a pleasant visit to Naxos.

The Meltemi winds are at their worst in the summer months of July and August and can potentially ruin a day at the beach, so make sure to check the Naxos weather before venturing out. 

Overall, Naxos Island experiences a mild Mediterranean climate with warm, sunny summers. If you decide to visit in the off-season (winter), you can expect rain.

Where to stay on Naxos
Naxos Chora Promenade

How Many Days in Naxos

You can have plenty to do for a week or longer on Naxos, but if you are attempting to make the most of a week or two vacation in the Cycladic islands and want to experience other spots, then spending 3-4 days on Naxos island Greece is best

A 3-4 day Naxos itinerary can look something like this:

Day 1: Enjoy a day in the historic Castro of Naxos Chora
Day 2: Rent a car and stroll the charming villages of Halki and Filoti
Day 3-4: Beach Hop along the coastline: Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna + Plaka Beach

Or, simply follow this gorgeous 10 days in Greece itinerary

Where to Stay in Naxos

If you are feeling a bit confused as to where to stay Naxos, and still searching for the best hotels Naxos has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. 

The island of Naxos is the largest island in the Greek Cyclades but the majority of the island is unpopulated. You will find best places to stay in Naxos either in Naxos Chora, the main port town or along the southwestern coastline where you will find the top beaches in Naxos. 

Now, I’ll pre-warn you, that there are not a lot of 5 star hotel Naxos options or all inclusive Naxos options on the island. You will mainly be greeted with friendly apartments, guesthouses and Naxos holiday villas spattering the shores. 

If you want to explore while camping Naxos, there are also a few campgrounds to choose from.

Where to Stay in Naxos: Top Pick!

Naxos Chora

Where to stay in Naxos Chora

BEST FOR | First Timers, Short Stays, History Lovers


Is it Easy to Get to Chora?

Chora Naxos is the easiest and most accessible area to stay in Naxos. Since Chora (the main town on Naxos) is where ferries arrive on the island, you can find your accommodation on foot within 15 minutes. 

Ferries are the most common way to arrive in Naxos, and Naxos Chora makes a great base for your adventures. If hauling your bags through Chora sounds like a nightmare, you can always grab one of the standing taxis at the port, no problem.

If you arrive via airplane, you can hop in a taxi and be in Chora within 10 minutes.

Is it Easy to Get Around Chora?

You can walk from one of end of Chora (Temple of Apollo) to the other (Agios Georgios Beach) within 20 minutes. I recommend walking as the best way to see Chora and its historic centre.

Naxos Chora: Location

The town of Chora is located along the western coastline of the island of Naxos, Greece. Protected by a peninsula to the south, you can see the island of Paros from the shoreline. 

Because of its location on the middle of the west coast, Chora Naxos makes a great base for renting a car, ATV or scooter. 

To the north end of the town, you will find the Temple of Apollo atop a small spit of land. The main historic centre of Naxos Chora is located just south of the temple, with white-washed Cycladic architecture spilling down from an ancient castle. Along the water is a wide promenade graced with many restaurants and shops

To the south end of the sprawling Chora, you will find the quiet, relaxing beach of Agios Georgios. The main beach of Naxos old town. Here you can rent a sunbed and umbrella, float in the calm clear water and take part in water sports.

best hotels in Naxos Chora

Naxos Chora: The Town

Chora is the number one place to stay on the island for first-timers and tourists. Because of this, you will find many restaurants and shops catering to foreign visitors along the main promenade. Just behind the promenade, you will find winding alleyways leading up to the historic castro. This is where the authentic Naxos Chora experience can be had. 

You can find a large array of food options in old town Naxos, from traditional Greek to Japanese, to healthy to indulgent, you name it. Food is available for most diets and preferences. One of my favourite places to visit in Naxos town is the Naxos Bakery. Grab yourself a coffee and treat to go and walk the promenade in the morning. 

From the Temple of Apollo, you can follow the promenade, past the main bus station and ferry port, down toward Agios Georgios. Most amenities in Chora are highly accessible. Chora is also the main town in Naxos to rent a car, ATV or scooter. 

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Best Hotels in Naxos Chora

As the main tourist hub of the island, Chora has a lot to offer in regards to the best places to stay Naxos. From higher-end sea view suites in the centre of Chora like Argo Hotel Naxos, hotels that offer large shared pools like Anatoli Hotel Naxos, to spacious apartments with kitchenettes located throughout the town like Euphoria Naxos, there is definitely something for everyone. 

I stayed at the simple Depis Apartments Naxos for my one-week stay in Naxos, and can definitely recommend it. Depis Studios Naxos has a great location smack dab in the middle of Chora old town and Agios Georgios Beach.

best hotel in Naxos
Euphoria Naxos via Booking.com

Euphoria Naxos

Anatoli hotels in Naxos
Hotel Anatoli via Booking.com

Anatoli Hotel

Best Things to Do in Naxos Greece: Chora

  • Temple of Apollo (Portara)
  • Alleyways of Naxos Old Town
  • Sunset on the Promenade
  • Naxian Cooking Class
  • Agios Georgios Beach

Best Restaurants in Naxos Chora

  • To Elliniko Restaurant
  • Ayaki Sushi + Asian Bar
  • Melimilon Bistro
  • Naxos Bakery
  • Bossa Cafe
  • Little Mix

Where to Stay in Naxos: Beaches

Agios Georgios Beach Naxos

sandy Agios Georgios one of the best places to stay in Naxos

BEST FOR | Beach Goers, Lots of Amenities, Close to the Ferry Port

THE VIBE | Laid-back

Is it Easy to Get to Agios Georgios Naxos?

Similar to Chora Naxos, Agios Georgios beach can be reached from the ferry port within a 15-minute walk. You can also ask your hotel about arranging a pickup or take a taxi from the port to your Naxos hotel. 

Is it Easy to Get Around St George Beach Naxos?

The accommodations available around Agios Georgios are located steps away from the sand, so you don’t have to worry about trudging up a hill to go from water to door. If you want to explore more than just the beach, you can make your way into historic Chora, which should take 15 minutes at a leisurely pace. 

Saint George Beach Naxos: The Location

Tucked into a protected bay just over a small populated peninsula to the south of Naxos Chora, you will find the small beach community of Agios Georgios.

For all intents and purposes, you can consider Saint George Beach the main beach of Chora and a continuation of Chora itself. But, I’ve added the town of Agios Georgios as a separate area from Chora because they provide different experiences.

While the location of Agios Georgios Beach is great (because it’s close to the amenities of Chora),  it still maintains a quieter atmosphere. Because the beach is located in a bay, you can take part in water sports like paddle boarding. Plus, this beach has incredibly shallow waters. I’m talking 2 feet of water for metres and metres of wading. 

Agios Georgios Naxos beach bars

St Georges Beach Naxos: The Town

You will find Agios Georgios full of holiday apartments and villas. Whitewashed architecture with bougainvillea strewn streets. While it doesn’t necessarily have the charm of old town Mykonos or Santorini, it provides a unique and authentic Greek experience. 

The top end of the beach is closest to the amenities of Chora for small restaurants and bars, while the further you walk down the promenade, you reach more high-end beach lounges scattered between fields of hearty plants and shrubbery.

Flisvos Sportclub, at the end of the promenade, will provide watersport rentals and great global food options. A great way to spend a day in Naxos.

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Best Hotels in Agios Georgios

If you are looking for the best hotel Naxos has to offer near Agios Georgios beach, you have a few great options available to you. 

If you love the service of a hotel, look no further than Astir of Naxos. This economical hotel provides spacious suites with a large shared pool. Located at the far south end of the beach, you can be at the lapping waves within a three-minute walk. 

If apartment-style living is more your speed, seek out a place at Antonia Studios Naxos. These light and bright studios provide a small kitchenette, desk and couch for lounging. Walk for about two minutes and you are in the centre of the action at Agios Georgios Beach. 

Antonia Studios via Booking.com

Antonia Studios Naxos

Astir of Naxos via Booking.com

Astir of Naxos

Best Things to Do in Naxos Greece: Agios Georgios

  • Water sports at Flisvos Sportclub
  • Sunbeds at Vammos Beach Bar
  • Sunset cocktails at Naxaki Beach Lounge + Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Naxos: Agios Georgios

  • Oasis Restaurant
  • Nissaki Restaurant since 1971
  • Naxaki Beach Lounge & Restaurant
  • Vammos Beach Bar
  • Flisvos Sportsclub

Agia Anna Naxos

Agia Anna harbour a great place to stay in Naxos

BEST FOR | Charming Beach Village, Day Trips by Boat

THE VIBE | Family Friendly

Is it Easy to Get to Agia Anna Naxos?

From the ferry port at Naxos old town (Chora), you can either catch the bus leaving the main bus station right by the port, or you can hop in a taxi. The journey is quick and will have your feet in the sand in 15 minutes. 

The bus will drop you at the main Agia Anna port station, which is a hop, skip and a jump from the beach and the majority of Agia anna villas and apartments. You can check the KTEL website for timetables and serviced routes of your choosing.

Is it Easy to Get Around Agia Anna Beach Naxos?

Agia Anna Beach community is small, I mean approximately 3 streets, so you can explore its extent in 10 minutes or less. If you are wanting to venture further afield to beach towns like Agios Prokopios, you can also make the scenic walk along the coastline on foot. It takes a leisurely 15 minutes as the communities are well connected.  

accomodation in Naxos Agia Anna

Agia Anna Beach: The Location

Agia Anna Beach and the village is the most protected beach on the southwest coastline of Naxos, nestled nicely inside the Agia Anna harbour. Just down the coast from another famous Naxos beach, Agios Prokopios, it’s well located as a base for your beachy adventures. 

Agia Anna is also located a 10-15 minute drive south of Naxos Chora and the ferry port. You can reach Agia Anna by car on the well-maintained roads, or on one of the many bus routes that pass through. 

beach clubs in Agia Ana Naxos

Agia Anna Naxos: The Town

Agia Anna Naxos is comprised of many whitewashed apartments and villa blocks for long-term travellers. Along There are only a few streets in the community, and they lead to the main attraction, Agia Anna Beach. The beach consists of beautiful golden sands, crystal clear waters and calm lapping waves. It’s incredibly family-friendly

Along the small driftwood promenade, you can find a concentration of small beach bars and lounges. Some offer sunbed and umbrella services. The beach itself is not as large as neighbouring beaches like Agios Prokopios or Plaka Beach, but it definitely offers everything you need for a beach holiday. 

To the south of town is the Agia Anna port. This port acts as Naxos island’s secondary port and houses many day trips to Naxos alcoves and caves

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Best Hotels in Agia Anna Greece

Suites are all the rage in Agia Anna, perfectly equipped for a week by the sea. Majo Suites Hotel is one of the best as it’s only a one-minute walk to the beach. The suites can accommodate up to six people, or be a nice intimate experience for two. You can also choose from a private hot tub or pool with your suite

Naxian Breeze is also a top pick and is located right on the beach. I recommend booking the sea view room and taking part in the grocery delivery service they offer. 

Majo Suites via Booking.com

Majo Suites Hotel

Naxian Breeze via Booking.com

Naxian Breeze

Best Things to Do in Naxos Greece: Agia Ana

  • Laze about on the beach (that’s what staying in Agia Anna is for)
  • Walk along the coastline to Agios Prokopios Beach
  • Visit Saint Nicolas Church for great views over Agia Anna
  • Take a boat trip

Best Restaurants in Naxos: Agia Anna Beach Naxos

  • Paradiso Taverna
  • Ostria
  • Akrogiali
  • Avli

Agios Prokopios

agios prokopios beach one of the best places to stay in Naxos

BEST FOR | Beach Walkers, Long-Term Visitors

THE VIBE | Read a book on a sunbed

Is it Easy to Get to Agios Prokopios?

Agios Prokopios Beach and village are located a 5-minute drive from the airport or a 10-minute drive from the ferry port in Chora old town. Agios Prokopios is also well located along the island’s bus system with many lines stopping in the Agios Prokopios village. 

Is it Easy to Get Around Agios Prokopios?

Agios Prokopios consists of a long beach with a small community of amenities at one end. The beach is very easy to stroll, one of the best beaches in Naxos for beach walkers. You can explore the Agios Prokopios community in less than 10 minutes. When visiting Agios Prokopios, beach time is the priority.

Agios Prokopios Beach: The Location

On the upper end of a peninsula located on the south end of Chora in Naxos on the west coast, you will find the large stretch of sand called Agios Prokopios. Situated a 10-minute drive south of Chora and a 15-minute walk north of Agia Anna, you can find anything from seclusion to beach bar vibes in Agios Prokopios. 

While you can make the 15-minute walk to Agia Anna, most other places in Naxos will require a rental car from Agios Prokopios. You can indeed take the bus, but I wouldn’t want you to spend your Greek holiday fussing over bus schedules.

Where to stay in Naxos Agios Prokopios beach clubs

Agios Prokopios Naxos: The Town

Agios Prokopios town is a small beach community with a few beach bars and restaurants lining the far south end of Agios Prokopios beach. You can also find most amenities here like ATMs, groceries and car rentals. 

Agios Prokopios beach in Naxos spans a large piece of the coastline heading north with secluded stretches of sand.

At the far end, a singular family-run Greek restaurant stands as one of the only amenities on the beach, with a backdrop of the hill community of Stelida. You can find a plethora of dirt parking at the top end of the beach, and a few locals selling sunbed services and beverages out of their coolers

Plan at least a full day to discover the perfect golden sand and clear azure waters of Agios Prokopios Beach, Naxos.

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Best Hotels in Agios Prokopios Greece

Villas, apartments and holiday studios are on offer in Agios Prokopios, you won’t find all-inclusive hotels here. Most accommodations along the beach and in the village are catered to longer-term visitors. Local tourists and Europeans that come every summer to spend a week horizontal on a sunbed. 

But, if it’s your first time in Naxos and all you want is lovely sand, water to float in and a few amenities at your disposal, you can definitely consider Agios Prokopios. 

What makes Agios Prokopios great, and the rest of Naxos for that matter is that seaside views and beachfront apartments don’t come with a hefty price tag. Especially in comparison to neighbouring Cycladic islands like Mykonos and Santorini. A couple of top contenders are Nikos Apartments + Studios and Naxos Petite Studios.

Nikos Apartments and Studios via Booking.com

Nikos Apartments and Studios

Naxos Petite Studios via Booking.com

Naxos Petite Studios

Best Things to Do in Naxos Agios Prokopios

  • Prop onto a sunbed with cold drink in hand
  • Walk the expanse of Agios Prokopios Beach
  • Visit neighbouring Agia Anna Beach and Village

Best Restaurants in Naxos: Agios Prokopios

  • Symposium
  • Taverna O Giannoulis
  • Del Mar Cafe
  • Macao Beach Project

Plaka Beach Naxos

sunbeds of Plaka Beach where to stay in Naxos

BEST FOR | Seclusion Seekers

THE VIBE | Remote Paradise 20 minutes from the Port

Is it Easy to Get to Plaka Beach?

Similar to beach communities like Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios, you can reach Plaka Beach from the ferry port in approximately 20 minutes. Although Plaka Beach is not really a community per say, you can reach its expanse along the Naxos bus route, stopping at the Plaka Beach bus stop at the far north end. 

Is it Easy to Get Around Plaka Naxos?

An ATV or car is best to get around Plaka Beach. Most back roads in the area are dirt, which can make it a bit slippy for a scooter. Plus all of the limited amenities in the area are few and far between, making the journey by foot not that enjoyable. If you just plan to stroll along the water’s edge, obviously on foot would be best.

Plaka Beach: The Location

The island of Naxos is graced with a southwest coastline chock full of plush beaches. Plaka Beach is at the far south of the main drag, with Mikri Vigla further south and Maragas Beach and Agia Anna village and beach to the north.

It’s important to note that Plaka Beach is not a part of the Maragas Beach community, which is full of beach clubs, it’s its own entity. 

Similar to Agia Anna, you can find Plaka beach nestled in the crook of a large harbour making for great swimming conditions. 

hotels in Naxos on the hills of Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach: The Town

I wouldn’t fib you and say there is anything like a town near Plaka Beach. It truly is just a beach. There are a couple of apartment buildings and studio complexes along its stretch and tucked up into the hills but mainly you can find arid shrubbery and serene quietness. 

If you are looking for amenities like a simple greek family-run restaurant or beach club, you can find it at the farthest north end near the bus stop and Maragas Beach. 

There is no main drag that runs parallel to the beach here, so parking is hidden away at the end of roadways perpendicular to the sand. You can find Artos Lagogianni Bakery back on the main dirt road, a great place to pick up picnic pastries and beer for your day at Plaka Beach.

Plaka Beach is truly a great destination for those seeking seclusion.

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Best Hotels in Plaka Beach

Medusa Beach Resort & Suites is one of the more popular resort-style accommodations on Plaka Beach. Offering many different room types, guests can enjoy the shared pool, the onsite beach bar, and can even rent canoe and snorkelling equipment.

I’m also a fan of Dream On Plaka because of its beautiful interior and proximity to the beach.

Medusa Beach Resort via Booking.com

Medusa Beach Resort & Suites

Dream On Plaka via Booking.com

Dream On Plaka

Best Things to Do in Naxos Plaka Beach

  • Grab a cocktail and watch the sunset at Rooftop Bar 
  • Read a book on a sunbed at Mandala 
  • Spend time by the pool at Medusa Beach Resort

Best Restaurants in Naxos: Plaka Beach

  • Artos Lagogianni Bakery
  • Earth Bar
  • Rooftop Bar Naxos
  • Mandala Beach Club

Mikri Vigla Naxos

where to stay on naxos greece

BEST FOR | Snorkellers, Kite + Windsurfers

THE LIVE | California (laid-back) Sporty

Is it Easy to Get to Mikri Vigla Naxos?

You can reach Mikri Vigla from the Naxos port within a 25-minute drive. Either hop in a taxi at the port or arrange a pick up with your Naxos hotel or accommodation. 

The bus system also runs a few routes through Mikri Vigla, so check the KTEL website for the latest timetables and serviced routes of your choosing. Do note, that because Mikri Vigla is a beach community, bus routes dramatically decrease in the winter months of November-April.

Is it Easy to Get Around Mikri Vigla Naxos?

Heck, yes. You can walk everywhere in Mikri Vigla. It’s a very walkable little beach village. If you do decide to rent a car or ATV for your stay on Naxos Greece, there is also plenty of parking available to you. 

Mikri Vigla Beach: The Location

The small village of Mikri Vigla is located on the western coastline, south of the main ferry port. 

Along the same coastline, you can find famous beaches like Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Plaka Beach to the north.

If you have more time to spend in Naxos, you can find hidden gems like Glyfada Beach, Alyko Beach, Pyrgaki Beach and Hawaii Beach (my fave!) a 10-15 minute drive south down the shoreline. Ultimately, this is a beach hopper’s dream location.

Due to its situation on a peninsula, you can find stronger wind conditions here, making it ideal for water sports like kite surfing and windsurfing

mikri vigla coastline naxos where to stay

Mikri Vigla: The Town

Mikri Vigla town has one main road that runs parallel to the main Mikri Vigla beach. You can find a few spatterings of traditional Greek restaurants, a greek bakery and a couple of global beach restaurants. 

The main attractions here are the Kitelife kitesurfing school and Flisvos Kitecentre located right on the main drag. When you drive into town, you will see most of the action surrounding these hot spots. 

What’s great about Mikri Vigla town is its choice of beaches. Within a 10-minute walking radius, you can be either at the famous kitesurfing beach of Paralia Mikri Vigla or at the secluded Orkos Beach. Just 10 minute’s walk south is the Limanaki Bay and cliff jump. Just 5 minutes more and you reach the far north end of Kastraki Beach

All beaches around this area feature clear blue waters and perfect golden sand, making for one of the best areas to stay in Naxos.

mikri vigla accommodation in Naxos

Best Hotels in Mikri Vigla Naxos

Mikri Vigla hotels and accommodation come in at a higher-end boutique style. You can find Naxos hotels on the beach with pool like Oasis Studios, or a well-curated villa up in the hills with a view like Orkos Naxian Wave.

Oasis Studios via Booking.com

Oasis Studios

Orkos Naxian Wave 2 via Booking.com

Orkos Naxian Wave

Best Things to Do in Naxos: Mikri Vigla

  • Windsurfing + Kitesurfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Limanaki Bay Cliff Jump
  • Laze away at Orkos Beach

Best Restaurants in Naxos: Mikri Vigla

  • Kontos Taverna
  • Arto Viglismata Bakery
  • Victoria Cafe
  • Thalasea Bar + Restaurant

Where to Stay in Naxos:
Hilltop Villages

Halki Naxos

charming halki best area to stay in Naxos

BEST FOR | Cafe-goers, Leisure Hikers

THE VIBE | Charming Greek Village

Is it Easy to Get to Chalkio Naxos?

Chalkio (Halki) is a 30-minute drive along well-maintained mountainous roads. I highly recommend renting a car if you are staying in the hill region of Naxos. There are a few remote places worth seeing in the area and they are harder to get to by bus.

Is it Easy to Get Around Chalki Naxos?

While Chalki is located in the hill region of Naxos, its geography is relatively flat. From the charming centre of town, you can walk through olive groves to see historic churches. If you do decide to hike out from town further, you will encounter the surrounding rolling hills. 

The population of Halki fluctuates from around 350 to 500 depending on the season. That should give you a good reference as to how small the village is and how easy it is to get around.

The main bus station is located in the centre of town and can be easily taken back to the ferry port in Chora. 

Halki Village Naxos: The Location

Head southeast from the Naxos port about a 30-minute drive and you will find yourself amongst the arid landscape of inner Naxos. 

Here you will find singular historic towers gracing the hills, with nothing but low shrubbery and undulating landscapes as far as the eye can see. Take the well-maintained paved road through the twists and turns of Naxos to reach Halki. 

Chalkio is a haven of charm in the otherwise deserted hilltops. 

beautiful apartments and hotels in Naxos Halki

Halki Naxos Greece: The Town

When entering Halki, you will go from deserted landscapes to a concentration of small buildings that seem to come out of nowhere. Halki is the most popular hill village in Naxos, and for good reason. This charming little town offers cobblestone alleyways, overgrown flowers spilling from balconies and cute cafes at every turn. 

Spend an afternoon exploring Halki in this epic Cyclades Greece itinerary

Since Halki is a working community, you will find schools and hospitals along its main drag. If you walk a block into town on your left (when entering from the port), you will find the fairytale vibes you came there for. 

Take a seat at one of the sidewalk cafes and sip on an espresso and watch fellow tourists roam the streets. Take the trail leading north out of town through ancient olive groves to visit the Church of Saint George Diasoritis

Best Hotels in Halki 

Fitting for such a charming town, you can find small family-run guesthouses and apartments here. Naxos Chalkion Beautiful Detsis House fits the bill with a light and bright space, an outdoor spa and a great location in the heart of town.

Chalki Apartments is a great option for something just a short walk from downtown. Halki is the best place to stay Naxos if you are looking for a charming romantic village vibe.

Naos Chalkion Beautiful Detsis House via Booking.com

Chalkion Detsis House

Chalki Apartments Naxos via Booking.om

Chalki Apartments Naxos

Best Things to Do in Naxos: Halki

  • Walk to the Church of Saint George Diasoritis
  • Sip Coffee and People Watch
  • Taste Citron cocktails at Kitron Bar
  • Visit nearby Filoti village

Best Restaurants in Naxos: Halki

  • Dolce Vita Cafe
  • Kitron Cocktail Bar
  • Cafe Greco

Filoti Naxos

hilltop Filoti Naxos where to stay

BEST FOR | Traditional Greek Experience

THE VIBE | Authentic Greek Hillside Village

Is it Easy to Get to Filoti Naxos?

Filoti is easy to get to and is a 35-minute drive from the ferry port in Naxos. I recommend a rental car or scooter to reach Filoti, but overall the roads are in great shape and it should be smooth sailing.

Is it Easy to Get Around Filoti Naxos?

The town of Filoti is located on a hillside, so climbing stairs will be a daily exercise while staying here. Most apartments and guesthouses will be located up a set of stairs or two, but with that comes lovely views. If you are not surefooted, I wouldn’t recommend staying in Filoti.

where to stay in Naxos Filoti courtyard

Filoti Naxos: The Location

FIloti is located southwest inland of the ferry port. You will start to climb gradually up the winding single-lane highway almost immediately after exiting Chora. You will pass through arid hillscapes with a sparse spattering of old buildings along the way. Once you’ve passed through charming Halki, you will head further uphill to Filoti. 

At some point, you will turn a corner in the road and see the village of Filoti draping down the hillside. You can find parking at the base of the village, with your own two feet the best mode of transportation. The landscape continues to be arid with low shrubbery just outside the white-washed architecture of the village.

Filoti Village Naxos: The Town

Filoti has one main road running through it like a throbbing vein of activity. The word ‘activity’ can be taken lightly here. It’s likely to find older gentlemen playing card games in a quiet sidewalk cafe, or women hurrying about their errands for the day. 

With a population of 1,800, it’s a much bigger village than neighbouring Halki, yet you wouldn’t know it. There is a noticeable lack of tourism, so you can find a truly authentic Greek experience here. Filoti does have its charms though. The walkway leading up to the courtyard surrounding the Church of Panagia Filotitissa is a highlight. 

If you are of the hiking persuasion, try the trail up to the Prophet Elias Church, bound to give you epic views over FIloti and the countryside beyond. 

traditional filoti village best hotels in Naxos

Best Hotels in Filoti

Charming fully equipped studios and apartments can be found throughout Filoti, with Dreamcatcher of Zeus being my top pick. Grab a hanging chair in the gardens and enjoy a novel. Try Aunt Anneza’s Village House for a true step back in time.

Dreamcatcher of Zeus via Booking.com

Dreamcatcher of Zeus

Aunt Anneza’s Village House via Booking.com

Aunt Anneza’s Village House

Best Things to Do in Naxos: Filoti

  • Stroll the charming alleyways
  • Church of Panagia Filotitissa
  • Monastery Fotodoti
  • Climb up Mount Zas
  • Aria Spring

Best Restaurants in Naxos: Filoti

  • Plantanos – The Puressence Cafe
  • Ambrosia
  • Karra’s Corner
  • Cavo D’Oro

Hawaii Beach in Naxos best hotels
Hawaii Beach, Naxos

Spending some time in Athens before your trip to Naxos? Book a stay at one of these Athens hotels with rooftop pools

Should I Stay in Naxos or Paros?

Can’t decide between Paros or Naxos? Well, depending on your priorities, whether you like to party, or you want a quiet beach holiday, or you want to hike and seek adventure around the island will depend on which island you choose. After spending more than a week on each island, this is my take:


Naxos is well known for being one of the best Cycladic islands for beaches. Long stretches of soft golden sand dot the entire southwest coast of Naxos making for beach hopping. Paros, on the other hand, has smaller sandy beaches carved into the nooks and crannies of the coastline.

Both have beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas and beach bars, and both have beaches with zero amenities and barely anyone around.

where to stay Naxos
Drios Beach in Paros


Paros is less than half the size of Naxos making it easier to explore by car. You can also circumference Paros island, whereas there are large parts of Naxos that aren’t navigable by car.

Party Vibes vs. Seclusion

If you are looking for party places Greece with a good mix of socializing, trendy bars, Naoussa Paros is the choice for you. Whereas Naxos is for quieter beach vacations and island life. Naxos is also more family-friendly in this regard.

best places to stay in Naxos
Naoussa in Paros


Both Paros and Naxos are known for kitesurfing and windsurfing at beaches like Chrissi Akti on Paros and Mikri Vigla Beach on Naxos. If you are into hiking, Paros has the beautiful Byzantine route that takes you from the inland town of Lefkes and ends at the sea in Piso Livadi.

Which Island is more Touristy?

After spending a good amount of time on each island and exploring everything they have to offer, I can, without a doubt, say both give you a more authentic Greek island experience than neighbouring islands like Santorini and Mykonos. 

Because Paros has a party element, I would conclude that Naxos is the least touristy of the two.

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Filoti Naxos places to stay

How to Get to Naxos Greece

You’ve decided to visit Naxos as part of your Cycladic island-hopping adventure, now, how to get there? For most Cycladic islands including Milos, Paros, Santorini and Mykonos, I’d recommend taking the ferry. The ferry is the main transport option, and most frequently used option, in the Cycladic islands and has loads of routes and sailing times. 

Of course, flying into Naxos is also an option, especially from the main international airport in Athens.

Flights to Naxos

A flight to Naxos is totally possible, especially from the international hub of Athens. Naxos flights are provided by airlines like Aegean, Olympic and Sky Express fly this route daily in the summer months of May-September and the flight takes a quick 40 minutes. 

I use Skyscanner to book all of my short-haul flights.

Does Naxos have an airport? Flights Naxos arrive at the Naxos Airport Apollon conveniently located an 8-minute drive south of Naxos Chora (the main town). You can grab a taxi from here costing roughly €15 to Chora. 

Do note, that flights that come into Naxos from other islands usually have to redirect and transfer through Athens anyway, so it’s best to take the ferry in those cases. Flights Athens to Naxos are fast and convenient.

naxos greece
Vivlos, Naxos

Ferry to Naxos

Transport by ferry is the most common way to get from island to island in the Cyclades. With multiple sailings daily and multiple routes, especially from neighbouring islands like Paros, Milos, Mykonos and Santorini, you will always have an option available to you. Ferry Naxos routes land at the Naxos port located in Naxos Chora (the main town). 

Based on your budget, you can choose from a few different options. Seajets Naxos will get you from island to island the fastest but are the most expensive. Blue Star Naxos will be the slower boat (not that much slower) and will be more economical for your pocket. I used a combination of each of these companies throughout my six weeks in the Cyclades.

You can purchase your tickets ahead of time via Ferry Hopper (this is what I used!), which I highly advise since demand skyrockets in the summer months. It’s not uncommon for sailings to sell out. 

NOTE | Ferries can be cancelled at the last minute due to inclement weather, so make sure to schedule a couple of days buffer into your Greek Islands trip, just in case. 

NOTE | The availability of ferry itineraries to the Cyclades will decrease dramatically in the winter months (November-April).

Naxos best hotels

Ferry Athens to Naxos

There are a few different ferry ports offering services from Athens to Naxos, but the main and most convenient one is Piraeus. From the city centre of Athens, take the M1 metro to the port of Piraeus

If you’d like to reach Naxos island as quickly as possible, the speed ferries Athens to Naxos take approximately 3.5 hours. Of course, with the convenience of getting from Athens to Naxos by ferry quickly, you will pay twice as much as ferry lines like Blue Star ferries Naxos. I used Blue Star via Ferry Hopper for the majority of my ferry crossings in the Greek Islands and can recommend them. A ferry to Naxos from Athens via blue star will take 5.5 hours.

Mykonos to Naxos Ferry

Ferries from Mykonos to Naxos run multiple times daily during the summer months of the year. Because Mykonos is located a short distance north of Naxos, you can take a ferry Mykonos to Naxos in a breezy 40 minutes. 

If you are travelling from Mykonos to Naxos, remember that the ferry port is located outside of Mykonos Chora and you will need to either take a taxi for the 10-minute journey, or the local shuttle boat that departs from the Chora harbour.

Ferry from Santorini to Naxos

A ferry Santorini to Naxos is common, especially due to the popularity of Santorini on most people’s Greek island trip. Depending on what ferry itinerary you choose, you can make it from the Santorini port to Naxos port in 1.5-3 hours, with multiple direct Santorini to Naxos ferry options daily. 

You can either book your tickets with a local office on Santorini or Naxos, or book in advance with Ferry Hopper, which is advisable in the busy months of summer. 

NOTE | If you are staying in Oia on Santorini, and you’d like to purchase ferry Santorini Naxos tickets, you will have to transport to Fira to purchase locally.

naxos island greece

Ferry from Paros to Naxos

You can reach Naxos from the neighbouring island of Paros in as little as 30 minutes via a Paros Naxos ferry on Ferry Hopper. If you opt out of the more expensive jet boats, you can arrive in Naxos from Paros in less than an hour. The proximity makes it easy to visit Naxos on a day trip from Paros, too.

Ferry Milos to Naxos

Milos is located on the far west of the Cycladic island group in Greece. Therefore ferry itineraries between these two islands are not as plentiful.

In the summer months, you may be able to find one or two trips a day, and they may be indirect sailings. The sailings between Milos and Paros are also more expensive, coming in at 70-80 euros each.

Ferry from Crete to Naxos

Located in the far south of the islands in Greece, Crete is the furthest island in the country. A direct ferry from Crete to Naxos is hard to come by. You may find a single sailing a day in the high season. 

Indirect options that transfer through Santorini or Athens are more common, yet take a long time. If you do decide to try your luck via a Crete Naxos ferry, you will most likely be paying upwards of $100 USD +. I’d recommend planning your trip so that you can spend a night or two on Santorini halfway through your trip from Crete to Naxos.

where to stay in Naxos

Best Tours of Naxos

If you are one of those people who just want someone else to take care of the planning so you can spend your hard-earned vacation time on things that actually matter (I don’t blame you!), then guided Naxos island tours and Naxos day trips are for you. 

Whether you want to stick to land and enjoy the historic sites that Naxos tours has to offer, or want to take to the sea on one of the Naxos boat tours, you will have access to a knowledgeable guide and a local’s perspective on what makes Naxos great.

Full-Day Historical Bus Tour

day trips in Naxos

Enjoy the historic sites of Naxos from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus. This 8 hour Naxos excursion will have you visiting highlights like Demeter’s Temple, Citron distillery, the famous marble village, old emery mines and the 10-metre tall Kouros Statue. 

Catamaran Day Cruise with Lunch

naxos boat trips

Swim, sunbathe and snorkel in the picturesque secluded bays of Naxos. Enjoy stops for snacks, coffee and local wine, beer and raki. You will also enjoy a delicious lunch prepared on board made up of local products and ingredients. Returning to port at 5PM.

Half-Day Cooking Class at Family Greek Tavern

naxos tour

Enjoy a 4-hour cooking demonstration and class exploring the secrets of Naxian cuisine. With plenty of hands-on cooking time, you can take what you learn home with you and cook for your friends and family! Take a short walk to the river with the instructor and collect the ingredients straight from the garden.

Sunset Castle Walk Tour of Naxos Chora

Take a leisurely evening stroll through the highlights of Naxos Chora. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who will speak to you about the past and present of Naxian culture. Visit sites like the Naxos Old Town, Naxos castle and Glezos Tower.

Spend sunset at the famous Portara (Temple of Apollo) overlooking Naxos Chora and the Aegean Sea. 

Best Day Trips from Naxos

Due to the convenient central location of Naxos to neighbouring islands like Paros, Mykonos and Santorini, Naxos day trips are common. Especially because compared to other islands Naxos enjoys lower accommodation prices, so many visitors decide to base in Naxos and travel elsewhere on day trips.

Koufonissi Island Boat Trip from Naxos

Catch the 2-hour boat from Naxos to Koufonissi to explore this little island paradise for the day. Explore the sea caves of secluded Kato Koufonissi, hike or rent a bike to see the east side of Pano Koufonissi, walk through the centre of town to discover beautiful Cycladic architecture.

Delos + Mykonos Day Trip from Naxos

naxos hotels

Explore Delos, the birthplace of Apollo for 3 hours then move on to discover the whitewashed alleyways and windmills of Mykonos for 3 hours. Have access to a knowledge guide for any questions you may have about culture in the area. Sail back to Naxos in the early evening.

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