Plaka Milos: Complete Guide on Where to Stay + Things to Do

Milos Plaka

Plaka Milos, the charming capital of the Cycladic island of Milos, is situated on a picturesque hilltop with stunning views of the entire island. In medieval times, the town of Plaka was once the buzzing fortified village of Kastro. Building Plaka on the highest point of the island allowed the Milos people to heed frequent pirate and enemy attacks. 

Although there are only ruins left of the ancient fortified castle at the apex of Milos Plaka, the town boasts many outstanding viewpoints, charming alleyways, colourful cafes and two beautiful churches to explore.

Whether you plan to spend 3 days in Milos, 4 days in Milos, a week or longer, you need to add Plaka village Milos to your itinerary. 

Now, let’s explore wonderful Plaka Milos, Greece!

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Plaka Milos

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Milos Quick Guide

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Where is Plaka Milos

Milos is graced with a unique horseshoe-shaped landscape in the Cycladic island group of Greece. Plaka, situated on the highest point of the island enjoys panoramic views from its location in northwest Milos. 

Click the Plaka map below to access an interactive Google Maps version of Plaka in Greece.

Plaka Milos

How to Get to Plaka Milos

How do I get to Plaka Milos? Well, you have plenty of great options at your disposal to reach this charming hilltop locale. 

The best way to visit Milos Plaka is via car, ATV, scooter, bus, or taxi which you can pick up in the port town of Adamas Milos. Plaka, in particular, can be explored during a pretty epic organized day tour, too where you will visit some of the highlights of the island including Plaka!

Organized Day Trip of Milos Highlights Including Plaka

This is one of the best ways to see Milos if you are limited on time and don’t want to rent a vehicle. Plus, the addition of an expert Milos guide to provide you with in-depth information into the culture and history of Milos will amount to a more fulfilling experience. 

This epic 4-hour organized day trip takes you to highlights of the island including Plaka Milos, the ancient ruins of the Milos theatre and Phylakopi and the picturesque village of Klima. Along the way, you will see how local dairy and wine products are made, and of course, one of the best beaches in Milos, Sarakiniko

BOOK | Milos Archaeology + Culture Tour

Car Rental Milos Plaka

One of the best ways to get to Plaka Milos is by car. 

If there are more than 2 of you, or you love the comfort and convenience of a full-sized vehicle, then a car rental is for you. If driving on unknown roads frightens you a bit, don’t be worried, the roads in Milos are smooth and well divided. Milos Plaka can be reached on the main road from Adamas through a few scenic small towns. 

Where driving in Milos can get a bit tougher is near the best Milos beaches like Firiplaka and Tsigrado, this is when a car hire Milos comes in handy.

Check out Car Rentals in Milos for pricing and availability.

Scooter + ATV Rental Milos

If there are only two of you, or you decide to visit Plaka Milos solo (highly recommend!), then a scooter or ATV rental is just the ticket. 

We rented from Apollonos Sunshine which I believe was the best ATV rental Milos could possibly offer. The bikes and helmets were in mint condition, and the customer service was great. 

TIP |  Do remember there is always a little room for negotiation, don’t pay any higher than €20 in cash.

The island of Milos can experience some really windy conditions, especially in summer, so when considering renting a scooter, make sure you are comfortable on roads with high crosswinds.

Bus to Plaka Milos

If renting a vehicle isn’t on the cards, Milos, fortunately, has a well-established and smooth running bus system. To get yourself to Plaka Milos from anywhere on the island, you can check out the Milos Bus Schedule for the best route. 

As a note, in high season, the bus services Plaka from Adamas, in particular, runs upwards of 11 times a day starting at 6:30 AM and running as late as 10:30 at night.

Taxi to Plaka Milos

Like most places, a taxi is one of the quickest ways to get from A to B, and Milos is no exception. Especially once you consider that taxi drivers are locals and know all the fastest roads. 

If you have cellular service or WiFi and are uncomfortable driving on unknown roads to get to Plaka village, you can call a Milos taxi at +30 22870-22219.  

I’d recommend taking a taxi as a last resort to get yourself to Milos Plaka. While taxi drivers on Milos are honest people, they do like to charge a premium to tourists for this service.

Plaka Milos village

Where to Stay in Plaka Milos

Looking for the best place to stay in Milos? From extensive research during my 2 weeks on Milos, I have narrowed down the best towns for accommodation Milos options. Everything from Air BnB Milos style apartments, to luxury boutique Plaka accommodation, to economical Plaka Suites Milos, Plaka Milos accommodations are plentiful. 

Plaka is high on my list of the best place to stay Milos because of its proximity to quaint white-washed alleyways, cafes, shops and panoramic views. With plenty to do and its central location on the island, you can’t go wrong with booking Milos Plaka accommodations. 

READ MORE | Where to Stay on Milos Island + Area Guide

Halara Studios is my top recommendation for AirBnb Milos style accommodation. This bright, airy studio apartment, beautifully situated at the bottom of the hill of Plaka Milos, boasts stunning unobstructed views, a small patio for enjoying the sun or a cozy book, and a small kitchenette. All the Plaka Milos has to offer is at your doorstep. what else could you possibly need in Plaka?

Located on the outskirts of Plaka Milos, steps away from cute cafes and colourful shops is Plaka Suites. Each suite comes with a kitchenette, expansive patio with stunning views of either the sea beyond or the charming town below.

Plaka Milos

Centrally located in Plaka village, yet quiet, Bougainvillea home in Plaka simply feels like coming home. The white-washed walls, cozy decor, and amenities all equal a home-away-from-home vibe. 

This Airbnb Milos Greece also experiences close proximity to all of the cute cafes that the town has to offer, plus steps away from the picturesque Church of Panagia Korfiatissa. 


Captain’s House Plaka Milos is a complete home, featuring a full dining room, kitchen, living space and bedroom. 

Located just up the hill towards the castle and church, this Plaka accommodation enjoys a same-level entry (no stairs!) and simply Greek decor.


Things to Do in Plaka Milos

Gosh, if you are wondering what to do in Plaka Milos or the best places in Milos Plaka, well this little list will have you exploring the beauty of this charming village in no time:

1. Plaka Castle

Plaka Milos
Photo taken from the Plaka castle grounds

As a testament to medieval Greek ingenuity, Plaka Castle is situated at the highest point of the island and is a feature attraction in Plaka Milos. The fortified wall is now crumbled ruins but you can still witness the breadth and grandness of the castle by exploring its foundations. 

Climb the hill from the centre of Plaka village, up past the quaint white church and explore the grounds of the Milos Castle, free of charge! Visiting the Plaka Castle is a highlight of the town and amongst the list of best things to do in Plaka Milos.

WHERE | Plaka Castle Milos, Greece

2. Hike to the Church

Milos Plaka

Plaka Milos features two separate churches on your hike up to the top of Plaka hill. Both churches unfortunately are not named, so giving directions is a bit tough, but both are must see Plaka things to do. 

The first church features a stone bell tower and whitewashed walls synonymous with Cycladic design. 

After checking out the panoramic views from this church, head up past the castle grounds to the very peak of the hill for one of the best Plaka Milos sunset on the island. If you visit during the day, the views from here are still unparalleled. 

This small, more modern Greek church is not quite the highlight here but makes for more scenic photos.

NOTE | It is important to note, that the hike is not quite as strenuous as you may think, although you should be aware of uneven ground and broken apart stone stairs that may make the journey just a tad tricky.

3. Church of Panagia Korfiatissa

Plaka Village Milos

Due to its location at the centre of Plaka Milos, with breathtaking views of the azure Aegean waters, the Church of Panagia Korfiatissa is one of the top Plaka Milos things to do and the most visited. If you’ve looked up Plaka images on the internet, this church is bound to be at the top of your search page. 

Built in 1820 with abandoned materials from the old fortified town of Kastro, the church is solely dedicated to the worship of the Virgin Mary. Make sure to take a peek inside (the only church you can enter in Plaka, by the way!), and check out the many treasures such as wooden epitaphs and 18th-century clothing. 

If you have your camera with you, pictures of the whitewashed church with elegant Cycladic decoration will take up space on your camera roll, I have no doubt.

TIP | When you visit Pollonia Milos, make sure to check out the two beautiful churches there.

4. Archeological Museum of Milos

Milos Plaka

Located in the Plaka Milos town square, the Archeological Museum of Milos not only features a beautiful neo-classical exterior but houses exhibits from the late Neolithic to the Byzantine period. The collection includes Cycladic art, findings from Phylakopi on Milos, Bronze Age artifacts and many more. 

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the history of Milos and the Greek people who inhabited the island, a visit to the Archeological Museum of Milos Plaka, is a must. 

WHERE | Archeological Museum of Milos, Plaka, Greece

5. Sip coffee at the Quirky Phatses Cafe

Plaka Milos

Right across the street from the Archeological Museum of Milos is the quirky and incredibly colourful Phatses Cafe. The cafe extends out onto the courtyard right in front of the museum and can be known to have a musician or two playing out front. 

Milos Plaka

Sit out in the courtyard on a nice day at one of their eclectic tables, order a coffee and watch the people of Plaka go about their business. If you are really hungry, you can order a few greek items off their traditional menu.

WHERE | Phatses Cafe, Plaka, Milos, Greece

6. Peruse the Many Colourful Shops

As the art capital of Milos, Plaka enjoys a plethora of artsy shops to explore. These Plaka shops range from locally made accessories to ceramics, to clothing. Whatever your heart desires, you can find in Plaka. Most of the shop offerings make great gifts for your loved ones back home, too.

Some of the top shops in Plaka Milos include Ceramica Kymbe Workshop, Pliatsiko Clothing Store, and Gaia Accessories Store.

Best Restaurants in Plaka Milos

Milos Plaka

Dubbed the creative hub of Milos, the best restaurants Plaka Milos are no exception. Plaka Milos restaurants range from quaint traditional Greek to contemporary cocktails and beyond. You won’t be disappointed by any Plaka menu from this list of where to eat in Plaka Milos.

UTOPIA CAFE MILOS | Cocktails with epic views

AVRI-MILOS PLAKA | Traditional Greek food in Cycladic digs

BARRIELLO | Contemporary Greek cuisine with patio

Nearby Attractions to Plaka Milos

Due to Plaka’s central location on the north end of the horseshoe of Milos, it enjoys close proximity to some of the best things to do in Milos, including Klima, Mandrakia and Firopotamos. All of these seaside fishing villages boast colourful homes and beautiful views. All of these villages can be reached in under 10 minutes.

A touch further, and you can reach one of the most photographed attractions in Milos, the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko Beach.

Greece Travel Planning Guide

What is the best way to book my Greece accommodation?

I always use for all my accommodations worldwide, and Greece is no exception. I stayed in some really epic places on my adventure around the islands.

For more cozy apartment-style accommodation try VRBO (better and safer than Airbnb).

What are the best day tours in Greece?

Taking a day tour in Greece is a great way to experience the top attractions and learn from a knowledgeable guide.

I highly recommend these Greece tours:

What is the best ferry website in Greece?

Hands down, Ferry Hopper is the best ferry website in Greece for booking your Greek island connections. This is how I booked all my Cycladic island ferries and can recommend them.

Ferries on Ferry Hopper can connect you from Athens to any island in the Cyclades including Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Milos (plus more!).

You can choose from the fast ferry boats or the more economical slow ferry vessels and can compare prices on the website before booking.

Should I rent a car in Greece?

If you are flying in and out of Athens to see the top sights and don’t plan to leave the city, I don’t recommend renting a car. You can easily get around Athens by walking, taking public transportation, like the underground metro or ride-share services like Uber.

If you are heading to the Greek islands, this is where I would highly, highly (did I say highly?), rent a car in Greece. Islands like Milos, Paros and Naxos are best explored by car hire as the roads are more desolate and attractions are further apart.

I always use and recommend Discover Cars for this. Make sure to book early especially if you plan to visit Greece in the summer! Believe me, they sell out fast.

If you are going to plunk down on a beach for a week in the Greek Cyclades, I wouldn’t bother with a car rental. You can take a taxi or local transportation on the island to the beach destination of your choice (after your ferry trip from Piraeus, of course).

What is the best site to buy flights to Greece?

For finding cheap flights to and within Greece, I recommend booking through Skyscanner.

Can you drink tap water in Greece?

Yes! You can drink straight from the tap in Athens, Greece’s capital. Here the water supply is of good quality but may taste of chlorine depending on what area you are staying in.

Some Greek islands will have warnings against drinking tap water, so make sure to bring a self-filtering water bottle with you (LARQ is my fave) instead of resorting to pesky single-use plastic water bottles.

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