Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica: A Foodie Guide

healthy food at one of the best restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica? Well, when it comes to the Santa Teresa Costa Rica restaurants scene you can imagine a combination of new-age international cafes boasting trendy decor and a dash of cheerful Costa Rican fare.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica grew in popularity recently due to its epic and consistent surf breaks, expansive white sand beaches and relative ease of living. Although it’s a bit of a hike to get to, the restaurants Santa Teresa offers are reason enough to visit.

Drawing a young and international crowd, the laidback, yet lively, beach town quickly diversified its restaurant offering. Adding sushi joints, vegan cafes, and upscale Italian to name a few. One of my fave vegetarian haunts is Drift Bar Santa Teresa (a must for brunch!).

building facade with picnic table at one of the best restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

This detailed guide to the best restaurants Santa Teresa Costa Rica has to offer will cover all my favourites including something for every budget and palette. I’ve gone ahead and broken them down into different areas of town since most Santa Teresa hotels are scattered throughout the 10km of coastline.

Honestly, eating at epic restaurants would be near the top of my list of things to do in Santa Teresa, for sure along with day trips to Montezuma and Tortuga Island. So, without further ado, here are my recommendations for the best Santa Teresa restaurants. Bon appetite!

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Map of Santa Teresa Costa Rica Restaurants

The best restaurants in Costa Rica Santa Teresa are spread out along the 10km coastline that makes up the town of Santa Teresa. From the surf village of Mal Pais to the south to the paradisical beach of Playa Hermosa to the north.

It takes 30 minutes by rental car or ATV to reach one tip of the town to the other. If you find yourself without a car or ATV and are staying in a certain neighbourhood for the duration of your Costa Rica itinerary, you can find the restaurants suited to you and your location in this guide.

So, what are my recommendations for the best restaurant Santa Teresa Costa Rica offers? Click the interactive Google Map below to find out, or simply read on.

map of best restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica: Santa Teresa Beach

The Santa Teresa Beach area is home to backpackers and young international travellers and digital nomads. Party, sleep, eat, party, and repeat is basically the motto here. So, if you find yourself in this area and are looking for some trendy cafes serving up avocado toast and a decent coffee to cure your hangover, or want something a little more lively for your after-hour cocktails, I got you covered:

Ani’s Bowls & Salads – Best Healthy

bowls and smoothies at one of the best restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Located in the heart of the Santa Teresa beach community, Ani’s boasts an outdoor patio hidden away by lush greenery. The industrial-style decor of medium wood tables and black metal finishings make it a timeless space.

Ani’s Bowls & Salads, in my humble opinion offers the best assortment of healthy meal options and is one of the best restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica for healthy fare. And, beyond that, you’ll definitely find the who’s who of Santa Teresa at Ani’s.

For breakfast after an epic Santa Teresa surfing session, indulge in a chock-full breakfast burrito or salmon bagel. For something lighter, opt for refreshing tropical fruit-packed smoothies, frozen fruit soft serve or nice-cream bowls, layered with toppings like grated coconut, granola and chia.

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For lunch, select any of their hearty salad bowls, and you’ll be a happy camper, I really loved the Poke Bowl.

Of course, like any trendy new-age restaurant, Ani’s offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menu options. Make sure to arrive with a bit of patience, since tables are rarely open and staff takes on an island-time style of service.

Type of Cuisine | Healthy Global Fare
Average Menu Price | ~$6 USD per breakfast meal, $10 USD per lunch meal
Opening Hours | 8AM – 5PM Daily

Where | Ani’s Bowls & Salads

The Somos Cafe – Best Vibes

courtyard and vintage airstream at the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica restaurants

Come to The Somos Cafe if you’re looking for one of the best restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica with a vibe to match. With a never-ending buzz and energy, The Somos Cafe is a popular hangout for young travellers and digital nomads.

Long community-style picnic tables grace an open-air courtyard. At any moment of the day, you can find people playing cards with a beer in hand or chowing down on an epic American-style hamburger.

The shining beacon here though is the vintage airstream offering up cocktails and beers. As the day goes on, the courtyard will fill with energy, and once after-hours hits, the place will be crowded with trendy people from all over the world, with a DJ playing some good beats for background.

If you aren’t convinced already, Somos Santa Teresa offers a brunch-style breakfast menu until 2PM boasting tropical smoothie bowls, avocado toast with poached eggs and a banger sourdough tostada. The dinner menu starts at 5:30PM offering share plates like crispy polenta and ceviche. For something more substantial opt for a taco trio (yes, there is a vegan taco option!) or Shortie short rib burger. You can expect ingredients to be fresh, organic and locally sourced.

The Somos Cafe also serves up some really creative cocktails, with a chocolatey spin on a classic negroni, tropical rum Old Fashioned, hibiscus Paloma, plus more.

Somos also offers a great accommodation option for surfers and digital nomads. > Book a few nights at Somos.

Type of Cuisine | Western & Global
Average Menu Price | $7.50 USD for breakfast, $11 USD for dinner
Opening Hours | 7:30AM – Midnight Daily

Where | The Somos Cafe

Vermu – Best Brunch in Santa Teresa Beach

interior with red chairs at the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica restaurants

If you’re in search of one of the best restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica for brunch, look no further than Vermu. This cute, wood-slatted, slightly vintage-style cafe is a brunch staple in town and especially on the weekends. You will also find quite a few solo digital nomads tucked into corners with their headphones on during the day.

The star of the Vermu brunch is the Huevos Vaqueros. This delight comes with avocado, cream cheese, crispy bacon, ripe plantains and fried eggs topped with pico de gallo and huancalma mayo on toasted homemade bread. It definitely packs a punch in the substantial meal department, so it’s a great one for after a surf session or a night of socializing.

food close up at the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica restaurants
Caesar Salad at Vermu

I also enjoyed the local caesar salad with red beans, plantain chips, goat cheese and avocado. I also added extra falafel for a bit more heft. Yum!

With a number of outdoor tables, this place is perfect for catching some rays while you sip on your golden mylk latte, or for light people-watching. Be sure to get here early on the weekends as it does fill up fairly quickly.

Type of Cuisine | New-Age Brunch
Average Menu Price | $10 USD for brunch
Opening Hours | 8AM – 4PM Daily

Where | Vermu

The Earth Cafe Santa Teresa – Permanently Closed

burrito and salad bowl at best restaurants santa teresa costa rica

One of my top picks for the best Santa Teresa restaurants for vegan and vegetarian eaters, The Earth Cafe offers up some really great earthy grub. From poke bowls to substantial smoothies and a killer pancake stack, you can eat breakfast, lunch and coffee break here daily.

Eat Street – Best Variety

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop of sorts, Eat Street is going to be your jam. This cafeteria-style open-air restaurant has a wide range of food options from all over the world. From American Tex-Mex, and Asian glory bowls, to burgers and cocktails, there’s definitely something for everyone here.

During the day, it’s not uncommon to find people working away on their laptops, under the shade of the large vaulted rooftop. Besides the free wifi offered up, the Eat Street menu offers up some downright delicious breakfast too, like smoothie bowls and french toast.

Dinner time is when Eat Street gets really vibey, with long line-ups forming for each restaurant. Tables are harder to come by the later into the evening you arrive, so arriving early (right after sunset!), is my recommendation.

Eat Street is a great option among Santa Teresa Costa Rica restaurants if you’re travelling with a larger group with different tastes, as there’s something for everyone here.

Type of Cuisine | American & Global
Average Menu Price | $11 USD for dinner
Opening Hours | 7AM – 10PM Daily

Where | Eat Street

Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica: Playa Carmen

When it comes to Playa Carmen and the best restaurants in Santa Teresa, the name of the game here is diversity. Playa Carmen makes up the central and southern parts of the town of Santa Teresa and you’ll find a really great assortment of cuisines along its length.

Everything from the best sushi Santa Teresa offers at Katana, to the hoppin’ morning joint called The Bakery, to upscale Italian at Angelina. And, don’t forget to grab a cup of the best coffee in Santa Teresa at The Roastery at least once on your Costa Rica adventure.

The Bakery – Best Breakfast + Baked Goods

counter with baked bread at bakery one of the best restaurants santa teresa costa rica

The Bakery can only be described as a Santa Teresa restaurant hotspot, and for good reason. While gaining popularity quickly due to a couple of big Instagrammers promoting it on their accounts, The Bakery, nevertheless, holds its own and delivers a top-notch breakfast experience. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a slower and more substantial meal, The Bakery has you covered.

You wouldn’t necessarily hope to find it in the middle of a tropical Central American country, but The Bakery serves up a mean shakshuka, comparable to some of the renditions I had in Israel, too. Delicately poached eggs snuggled into a bed of rich tomato sauce, served up with beautiful sourdough bread, what’s not to love? I especially enjoyed the Greek version, with kalamata olives, spinach, eggplant, feta and herbs, *chefs kiss*.

Now, of course, a restaurant called The Bakery no doubt offers up some of the best baked goods in town. Try the classic croissant, chewy cheese stick or sweet brioche.

The Bakery has both indoor and outdoor seating, but expect it to be jam-packed for most of the morning and early afternoon. Line-ups form at the front door and continue throughout the day. Don’t expect to seat 2 people at a table for 4.

popular restaurants in Santa Teresa have amazing baked goods
Mouthwatering Baked Goods at The Bakery

Type of Cuisine | Bakery, Global
Average Menu Price | $9 USD for breakfast
Opening Hours | 7AM – 10PM Daily

Where | The Bakery

The Roastery – Best Coffee

baristas serving up the best coffee at the best restaurants santa teresa costa rica has

Directly sourced, single origin, organic and sustainable coffee, roasted in-house.” That’s The Roastery’s slogan, and it definitely holds true. The coffee here is sourced from a top coffee-producing farm in the Occidental Valley, inland Costa Rica. Hitting a sweet spot medium-dark roast, you can expect complex flavours of cashew, red grape and prune, beautifully soft and floral on the nose.

Serving up lattes poured over ice, blended mocha or caramel chai frappes, to traditional espresso and cappuccinos. The Roastery has almond mylk and coconut mylk for vegan alternatives to dairy at an extra $0.60 USD charge.

Besides the best coffee in town, The Roastery offers up some simple accompanying breakfast and lunch items. From breakfast bagel sandwiches to traditional ham, turkey and veggie sandwiches made from local bread. For something comforting, opt for the oatmeal bowl with blueberries, bananas, almonds and maple syrup. Of course, avocado toast is also available.

It’s 100% worth making a second stop after your morning breakfast for a coffee specifically from The Roastery. Plus, the family that owns this joint are fellow Canadians. Canada, represent!

Type of Cuisine | Coffee, Sandwiches
Average Menu Price | $4.50 USD for breakfast, $3.50 USD for a cappuccino
Opening Hours | 7AM – 5PM, 7AM – 12PM Saturdays, Closed Sundays

Where | The Roastery

Drift – Best Vegetarian

brunch at one of the best restaurants in santa teresa costa rica
Brunch menu at Drift Bar Santa Teresa

Hands down the best when it comes to vegetarian restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica. This restaurant is perfect for those that want healthy, but filling and flavourful meals. Offering a menu of iconic dishes from around the world like chana masala, margherita pizza, gyoza and fish and chips, all vegan or vegetarian. Drift is my top recommendation for veggie eaters in town.

For a hearty yet healthy dinner, try one of the Indian curries or bowls – I really loved the vegan bowl, poke bowl or Asian salad. And yes, I went here multiple times during my one month in Santa Teresa.

I also really love Drift for brunch. Their special brunch menu is only available on Sundays, offering their spin on local Gallo pinto (the traditional Costa Rican breakfast), and eggs benedict with vegan bacon (so good!).

Drift Santa Teresa also has a small market boasting ready-made meals, vegan desserts and fresh baked goods. You can also take one of their cold-pressed juices or cocktails for takeaway. Perfect for watching the sunset from the beach! The Drift bar menu also offers up classics like margaritas, mojitos and G&Ts.

Take a seat in their primarily outdoor seating area with large U-shaped booths and cozy lounge chairs. A great spot to connect with friends and family.

comfortable exterior seating at one of the best restaurants in santa teresa costa rica

Type of Cuisine | Vegetarian, Vegan, Global Fusion
Average Menu Price | $14 USD for dinner meal
Opening Hours | 11AM – 11PM daily

Where | Drift

Katana Santa Teresa – Best Asian

This dinner-only best restaurant Santa Teresa Costa Rica has is the creme-de-la-creme when it comes to Asian cuisine in town. Reservations are highly recommended here as the lineup starts just after opening time at 6PM. After making a reservation myself, I saw countless people turned away at the door for not making one, so be prepared.

When it comes to the best sushi Santa Teresa can muster, this is your spot. From fresh and simple nigiri to specialty maki rolls, and everything in between, it’s a true delight. Of course, sushi is not the only thing on offer at Katana, they also do up some mean bowls like green curry and pad thai. For smaller bites to share, try the pulled pork bao buns or gyoza.

Katana also has a great exciting cocktail menu, so if you aren’t hungry, saddle up to the large wooden bar and sip away. Try the Kissie Suzuki!

Type of Cuisine | Asian
Average Menu Price | $12 USD for dinner meal
Opening Hours | 6 – 10PM daily

Where | Katana Asian Cuisine

Good Munchies –  Best Arepas

If you are unfamiliar with arepas, a Latin American staple, here is your chance to give it a try. Grilled corn flour pockets, stuffed with your choice of veggies, cheeses, beans and slow-cooked meats (if you desire). It’s comparable to bao buns from Asia or burritos from Mexico (without the rice), but of course, completely different, as well. Good Munchies has the best arepas in Santa Teresa.

I had a few of the different arepas on their menu, and I couldn’t get over the freshness and heftiness of the vegan arepas. Homemade black beans, sweet plantain and guacamole, finished off with a spicy mango sauce. It was an absolute marvel in my book. I had it several times. They offer traditional arepas dough or your choice of spinach, whole grain or carrot.

exterior seating at Santa Teresa restaurants

Of course, this Latin kitchen also offers other local favourites like Gallo pinto, huevos rancheros, and their rendition of western pancakes. The smoothie bowls are surprisingly something to write home about, with the acai bowl being the favourite.

Type of Cuisine | Latin
Average Menu Price | $6 USD for an Arepa
Opening Hours | 8AM – 10PM Daily, Sunday Closed

Where | Good Munchies – Latin Kitchen

Angelina – Best Italian

interior seating at Santa Teresa restaurants that offer Italian cuisine

Transport yourself to the Italian countryside with a meal at Angelina. Located right on the main drag in southern Playa Carmen, this charming, yet trendy Italian restaurant offers an indoor to outdoor transitional seating set up with a bank of booths (European-style) on the main wall and a large wooden communal table. A large bar runs the length of the opposite wall, where you can saddle up and sip on a glass of Italian red wine, or enjoy an Aperol spritz.

I took a seat at their small eating bar by the window and enjoyed a rigatoni al ragu de salsiccia with fennel leaves, herbs and Parmigiano. The ragu paired really nicely with a glass of Italian Rosso and finished my spectacular meal off with an indulgent and authentic tasting tiramisu. You can find the wine and dessert menu listed on blackboards.

Rigatoni al Ragu de Salsiccia at Angelina

Angelina offers a small curated menu of antipasti, primi and secondi courses. The menu changes regularly and offers vegan and gluten-free when requested. Angelina is a great date night or solo dining option.

Wash it all back with a limoncello digestivo.

Type of Cuisine | Italian
Average Menu Price | $13.50 USD for a main
Opening Hours | Noon – 11PM Daily

Where | Angelina Santa Teresa

Taco Corner – Best Tex-Mex

late night eats at Taco Corner one of the best restaurants in Santa Teresa

After spending the night socializing to the wee hours of the morning, there is no better place to come for some munchies than Taco Corner, one of the best late-night Santa Teresa Costa Rica restaurants. Order and pay at the bar, keep your receipt and find a seat at one of their picnic tables out front.

You can turn any of Taco Corner’s fillings, like chicken, falafel, stewed beef, BBQ pork, and grilled fish into either a taco, burrito or quesadilla. Each comes with its own toppings and at its own price point. Beyond the Tex-Mex menu items, you can try one of their classic beef, chicken or falafel burgers, or dig into a big plate of french fries with meat toppings.

If you want to keep the party going, you can opt for a selection from their Tiki Bar. Margaritas, Palomas and gin & tonics come in at $6 USD each and a bottle of beer at $2.50 USD.

Taco Corner is cash only!

Type of Cuisine | Tex-Mex, Late Night
Average Menu Price | $7.50 USD for a meal
Opening Hours | 8AM – 3AM Daily

Where | Taco Corner

Hotel Tropico Latino – Best Beachfront Cocktails

I’ve included this Santa Teresa bar more for the cocktails on offer than the actual food. Hotel Tropico Latino is a beachfront property located on Banana Beach, a subsection of the greater Playa Carmen, at its most northern end. Hotel Tropico Latino offers the perfect lounge seating for sunset watching.

The restaurant that is a part of the hotel is called Shambala, with a mix of local fish, meat and vegetarian dishes on its menu. But, where Tropico Latino shines is its bar offering. Craft cocktails, including the best margarita in town, can be found here. Sip away and watch the sun sink below the horizon. I’d say the atmosphere is romantic, rather than buzzy.

The service at this Santa Teresa Costa Rica bar can be spotty, so don’t expect promptness. I’d recommend just walking up to the bar, ordering and paying for your cocktail on the spot, before finding your seat.

If you’d like to make this your regular haunt for the duration of your trip to Santa Teresa, you can book a few nights at Hotel Tropico Latino and enjoy the beachfront vibes. They also offer a great spa and outdoor yoga studio. Or, simply check out my guide to the best hotels in Santa Teresa to find the perfect home away from home.

Type of Cuisine | Craft Cocktails
Average Menu Price | $10 USD for a cocktail
Opening Hours | Noon – 10PM Daily

Where | Hotel Tropico Latino

Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica: Mal Pais

Mal Pais is a small surf village south of the main town of Santa Teresa. It takes about 10 minutes to get to via rental car or ATV on a mainly desolate dirt road. Along the way, you can find small pockets of hotel and restaurant offerings tucked into the jungle (we are talkin’ 1 or 2 spots).

Mal Pais is where most longer-term visitors stay and has some of the most challenging (and rewarding) surf conditions in Santa Teresa. When it comes to the restaurants Costa Rica Mal Pais offers, you can expect plant-based, a bit hippie and local types of cuisine.

Nula Plant-Based Kitchen – Best Vegan

outdoor seating at one of the top vegan Santa Teresa restaurants

Nula is a bit of a destination restaurant, taking 10 minutes to get to from the centre of Santa Teresa, but dang, is it ever worth it. With large low round tables surrounded by pillow seating under a jungle canopy and twinkly lights, a meal at Nula is something special. Just a couple-minute walk to the water’s edge, Nula offers trendy upscale plant-based cuisine.

Breakfast is served between 8-10:30AM and serves up dishes like banana peel arepas, toast with avocado and carrot hummus, and breakfast tacos full of plant-based protein and veggies. Try their superfood iced bullet coffee or matcha latte to go with your delicious brekkie.

The lunch and dinner menu feature vegan tuna sashimi, Tamago rice bowl, and wood-fired oven pizza with great combinations like butternut squash, almond cheese and sage. Of course, you can’t leave without a good look at the cocktail, wine and dessert menus.

For a quick meal, try one of Nula’s superfood smoothies like the chocolate mono with banana, raw cacao, lucuma powder, hemp seeds, almond butter, dates, coconut water and cashew seeds. In my humble opinion, Nula is one of the top restaurants in Costa Rica when it comes to vegan fare.

Type of Cuisine | New-Age Vegan
Average Menu Price | $13 USD for a main
Opening Hours | 8AM – 8PM Daily

Where | Nula Plant-Based Kitchen

smoothie bowl and coffee at one of the best Santa Teresa Costa Rica restaurants

Tierra Mar – Best Costa Rican

Tierra Mar is a charming little roadside joint, perfect for some reasonably priced tico food (local food). All of the meals here are made and served up by Mayli (the owner), a really friendly host. Try a classic Costa Rican Casado, or rice meal, washed down by a tropical fruit smoothie.

Type of Cuisine | Costa Rican
Average Menu Price | $6 USD for a main
Opening Hours | 10AM – 7PM, Closed Sundays

Where | Tierra Mar

Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica: Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa, one of the best beaches in Santa Teresa, not to mention the entire Nicoya Peninsula, has a small hamlet with a few restaurant options. Located a 15-minute drive from the northern edge of Santa Teresa town, you can find most amenities (there aren’t many!), away from the water’s edge along the main road. Restaurants here are tucked into the shade of the Costa Rican jungle canopy.

Couleur Cafe – Best Breakfast

Picnic table seating at best Santa Teresa restaurants in Playa Hermosa

Couleur Cafe is a surprisingly happening place given that the hamlet of Playa Hermosa is relatively quiet. With a plethora of outdoor seating in the form of long picnic benches, the communal tables create a lively, casual and sociable ambience.

Offering a separate breakfast and lunch menu, you can find french toast with bananas and coconut, savoury and sweet crepes, sandwiches, wraps, burgers and pasta dishes.

Type of Cuisine | American Deli
Average Menu Price | $7.50 USD for a meal
Opening Hours | 9AM – 3PM, Closed Mondays

Where | Couleur Cafe

Reds Cafe – Best Mexican

exterior with pink flowers at best Santa Teresa restaurants in Playa Hermosa

With a friendly Canadian owner, Reds Cafe offers a laidback environment to enjoy some delicious burritos, tacos and quesadillas. With some great tunes pumping in the background, Reds Cafe also offers a few vegan dish options and some local Costa Rican fare like Gallo pinto and ceviche.

Type of Cuisine | Mexican
Average Menu Price | $6 USD for a meal
Opening Hours | 8AM – 2AM, Closed Sundays

Where | Reds Cafe

Tp8 Pizza Bar – Best Italian

This dinner-only Playa Hermosa restaurant offers some great wood-fired pizza and homemade pasta, plus a few upscale mains and global dishes.

Type of Cuisine | Italian
Opening Hours | 5 – 10PM, Closed Mondays

Where | Tp8 Pizza Bar

Costa Rica Food you Need to Try while in Santa Teresa

You can’t visit Costa Rica without trying some of the best Tico food (local cuisine). Besides visiting the best places to eat in Santa Teresa, which are majority global and new-age food offerings, you can scope out these recommended typical local fare items.

Gallo Pinto

Costa Rican gallo pinto available at Santa Teresa restaurants

Gallo Pinto is the typical Costa Rican breakfast meal, meaning ‘spotted rooster’ for the speckled appearance of the beans mixed into the rice. Similar to the Casado, you will get a mixture of ingredients that all marry well together. 

The Gallo Pinto meal includes a rice and beans portion, usually mixed together, local cheese, eggs, fried plantain and a side of mayo. Common add-ins are bacon and avocado.


casado available at Santa Teresa restaurants

Served for lunch and dinner, this typical Costa Rican meal consists of a plate of rice, surrounded by side servings of beans, plantains, salad, tortilla and optional protein choices like beef, pork, chicken or fish.

The term Casado means ‘married’, just like the ingredients on the plate.

Salsa Lizano

Everyone’s favourite condiment in Costa Rica goes on absolutely anything! I enjoyed it several times on my Gallo Pinto and Casados. 

Salsa Lizano is basically a brand of bottled salsa, except the consistency is smooth and not chunky. Most people stash a few of these bottles away in their suitcases to take home.


Patacones are essentially large flattened fried plantain that is used like a nacho chip and dipped into salsa, guacamole and beans. Can be eaten as a starter or main.

Fruit (Fresh + Smoothies)

Gosh, one of the best things about travelling to a tropical country is the plethora of juicy, ripe fruits available to you. We are talkin’ more recognizable fruits like mangoes, bananas, pineapple, watermelon and papayas, but also less familiar fruits like rambutans, mangosteens and passionfruit. 

Stop into any of these best restaurants Santa Teresa Costa Rica offers, and they usually have a fruit smoothie (Batidos) on the menu. Do note that this isn’t the type of smoothie you are likely used to at home with a ton of ingredients. They are simple and straightforward. Juicy, ripe fruit and either water or milk. 

Best Restaurants in Santa Teresa Costa Rica Conclusion

So, there you have it, friends. A comprehensive guide to the best restaurants Santa Teresa Costa Rica has to offer, as well as some other foodie recommendations. Now go forth and enjoy all the amazing eats this beach town has in store for you!

Don’t forget to check out my other Santa Teresa Costa Rica travel guides like a first timers guide to surfing in Santa Teresa, the best hotels in Santa Teresa and my number one recommendation for day trips from Santa Teresa, Tortuga Island! A tropical paradise.

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